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  1. Thanks Bailiff advice The Title Is 'Notice of Enforcement' Issued on 26.4.19 Says time and date needs to be paid is 4/5/19 17:30 I emailed enforcement@harrow on the 6/3/19 when i received their 'Order for recovery' outlining circumstances and requesting arrangement, but had no response whatsoever from them. The next contact I had was the attached 'Notice of Enforecement' and then - before I had a chance to deal with it I had a visit (whilst out thank goodness) before stated date of 4/5/19) - they actually turned up 1/5/19.
  2. Thank you - what i have received is a letter saying they have 'A Warrant on Control issued by the court' but there is not a copy of this document its just stated that they have it Thnks DX - I contacted the local councillor and hes going to contact the local authority council on Monday, meantime he has advised me to contact CAB
  3. I contacted my local Councillor and received a reply this morning, saying the he would kindly contact our local council on Tuesday morning to see if they could offer any advice. He also suggested i contact CAB. It was kind of him to respond so quickly, but unfortunately does not resolve the immediate concern of a potentially scary doorstep visit. My poor mum has been baby sitting this morning and was terrified!
  4. I have a notice of enforcement, dated 26/4/19! This was the correspondence i received following my response to Harrow council detailing my difficult circumstances and requesting time to pay over installments. Following receipt of this Notice of enforcement I had the visit just a few days after and before the said date on the letter. I will do as suggested and contact my local Councillor. Is it worth me sending a text message to the bailiff i spoke to?
  5. Thank you Will, Im often out in the garden with the kids playing so I really dont know how im going to do that, especially with it now being half term! What a nightmare
  6. Its taken my mind off things a bit actually! Looking at cute pics of kittens is quite therapeutic !
  7. Thanks DX, thanks for your help (again!), would that be local councillor or local MEP's? I've found a link to send my local counsillor an email or there is an option to email all the local MEP's Do you think i'm likely to have this chap round as ill be honest i'm really worried hes going to knock at the door and frighten the life of me and the kids
  8. Help! I received a parking fine in 2016. The debt was not paid and amounted (without digging out paperwork) to a bill of over £200. I made a payment arrangement then in 2017 had some really horrible stuff happen to me i ended up not working and going into care to be treated for severe depression. I got a letter from Harrow council fairly recently, April I think saying about the outstanding debt and that it needed to be paid. I emailed them at once and apologised and outlined my circumstances in 2017 and said could i please set up another arrangement as I am unable to pay due to hardship. I did not hear back from them had a letter from equita saying that i had until 5/5/19 to contact them about the debt on the 3/5/19 i came home to find a card that they had been to 'remove goods'. I contact the number on the card and explained that i had contacted Harrow and offered to pay installaments, the man said OK he would not call again and to wait to hear from Harrow. I emailed Harrow said that Id received the card and that i had responded to their letter but had no reply. I have 2 small children both in play therapy at present and having a visitor like that could be extremely distressing for them. TODAY I have received another letter from Equita saying a 'warrant of control has been issued against me authorized under the taking control of goods regulations 2013 to enforce this order, saying they need immediate payment of £513.00. I am in hardship so that is just not even slightly possible. I contacted Equita and they gave me the number of a man, who was not interested in any of the above of my difficult circumstances and was very abrupt on the phone leaving me quite frankly feeling really stressed and upset, I explained i am recovering from sever depression and I need to be careful with this sort of thing as I dont want to slip back, he took no notice and only pursued how I would pay this debt. I told him that i was feeling very nervous on the phone and i said i would go away and come back to him and he put the phone down. I completely understand that this is an old debt, and it should have been paid, i offered harrow council a payment arrangement and they just sent a bailiff round, also after i had explained my difficult circumstances. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could advise me, I dont have £513 to give them, if i did i would just pay and get rid of this situation but i cant
  9. SAR Arrived in he post this morning, very big bundle of papers.. What should i be looking for in this lot, might take a while!
  10. I sent an SAR to COAST originally which has arrived in the for of a CD and a code. Is therre likely to be anything in there that is worth looking at?
  11. Have gone back to Travel Claims Facilities with an official complaint will update this thread with response. I think they deliberately take a long time to respond to claims in the hope people give up! This customer is not going to give up!
  12. Another visit from Excel today! Im wondering if i should call this chap, on the number provided on the letter and tell him i wont be answering the door to strangers. It says on the letter he is going to keep coming back
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