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  1. Just had a letter in the post from We Fight Any claim, saying that an old lender that I had car finance with - Lombard; We have complained about mis sold PPI on your behalf and are in the process of claiming compensation for you. I did actually call Lombard's quite a while ago to ask if I had PPI (Stupid to call I realise now) - they said that I didn't. I thought the PPI claiming deadline had passed now, but is this worth me following up ?
  2. Surrey here! I still need to sort these statements up, scan, edit and upload. I have received a letter today from TLT Solicitors instructed to act on behalf of my lender. They are referring to this as a mortgage. They are giving me 7 days to make an arrangement to pay coast finance before proceeding are issued.
  3. Ok so just statments needed from the DSAR? I have found a brilliant package for editing PDF's, much quicker than photo editing each individual page, you can go though whole document page by page and just erase the personal info - very quick and easy!
  4. The DSAR is a 200 page document, might be a bit big to upload! Is there specific pages?
  5. Thanks DX I have been sent a CD with tons of documents, I can probably convert them all to a PDF and upload them, ill get onto that this evening Thanks for the link to the threads about Welcome/Coast, i think i get the drift
  6. I have read through other threads but not sure if im reading the right things as cant really find anything relating to this. I go to search forum then enter 'coast finance'. Received a letter from Coast saying that unless i resond to their letter with offer of repayment then i will "soon receive Final Notice Letter' before your account is passed to our solicitors to commence legal action for possession of your home. I have not doen the CIS sheet yet ! I have the full response ot the DSAR request and so have all information but still not original copy of CCA. Just worried about the repossession threat.
  7. Ok thanks DX, so i reclaim these charges and default sum fee's Then I guess once/if this is settled and they hopefully refund these charges then I need to make a repayment plan arrangement with them. I think i need to move quickly as they have mentioned legal action which they said would involve property repossesion (so they stated anyway!)
  8. Are the fixed Sum payments things like Letter & Telephone call? Not sure what capitlisation is! PAYMENT £571.10 £16963.26 PAYMENT REVERSAL £284.82 PAYMENT REVERSAL £285.55 PAYMENT REVERSAL £0.73 REJECT CR/DR CARD PAYMENT FEE £5.00 CAPITALISATION £5.00 TELEPHONE CALL OUTGOING £10.00 TELEPHONE CALL OUTGOING £10.00 LETTER £10.00 LETTER £10.00 PAYMENT £285.55 CAPITALISATION £281.76 DEFAULT SUM FEE INTREST £0.04 PAYMENT £285.55 CAPITALISATION £281.24 DEFAULT SUM FEE INTREST £0.65 LETTER £10.00 CAPITALISATION £282.09 DEFAULT SUM FEE INTREST £0.80 LETTER £10.00 PAYMENT £600.00 £285.02 DEFAULT SUM FEE INTREST
  9. I have received statments back to 2008 from them, Its a big file, with lots of the original papaerwork, a lot of this I have not seen for a long time and im sure this wasnt in the previous SAR. There is some information that has been erased, it seems to be the Witness or agents/sales persons name!
  10. Sorry correction : I meant it was not refinanced, unless you mean when Coast took it over?
  11. No it was refinnaced, but coast took it over from Welcome I got statements from Welcome ages ago, am going to dig them out.
  12. Sorry yes its on the land registry, it shows as Coast (and mentions something about it being taken over from Welcome i think, from memory)
  13. Ok thank you DX - how come the CCA is unenforceable I got a report fromt he council and they have a second charge on my little house
  14. Coast have written and asked me to complete an income and expenditure seeing that I am now making any payments. Should I do this?
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