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  1. I signed up to Utilities Warehouse last year and provided the rep with the meter readings, I was sold the package by a friend who said I would make big savings which was certainly true, when I queried the monthly outgoing amount i was told that there was probably an overpayment on my previous supplier or something to do with my pre payment meter that I had previously. the low monthly payments continued and I was extremely pleased with the service until around October they tried to direct debit around £700 out of my account for electricity. I now have a huge elect
  2. Ok no probs thanks for help with this this is where Ive got to so far - total claimable £608.55 Claim From: 14/12/2009 Total £608.55 Claim To:
  3. yes only legal charges 7/5/19 Field Agent cost £60.00 10/2/20 Legal Fee £57.50 21/5/20 Legal Fee (I received a court order and was given a hearing date that was cancelled because of covid) £707.80
  4. they stopped charging interest 14 December 2009 - does this mean any legal fees after this cannot be included in the claim
  5. thank you dx on the penalty charges- does this include; legal fees site visits letter telephone call court fees
  6. can you advise best way to respond to their letter posted above as states I have 7 days to respond before they set a new hearing date, 7 days has elapsed
  7. How do i find out the welcome interest charge - is the one on the agreement - as at the bottom of the statements it has different interest rates for different years !
  8. Thank you DX there are some capitalisation charges of £10 or more - am i correct in saying that any capitalisation charged are not claimable
  9. dx I manage to locate quite alot of paperwork from welcome sent previously - what am I looking for? Im a bit worried that they are going to start court proceedings after their letter last week, im not keen to send them bank statements
  10. Thanks Uncle Bulgaria, at the moment Im on an interest only mortgage that is at the end of term in 10 years. I pay around £370 a month for mortgage - at the moment.. I've often thought of selling to access equity but very promptly been talked out of it and told i would be nuts to get off the ladder as would be impossible to get back on.
  11. I am going through a previous SAR response, what is CAPITILISATION? there seems a lot of these.. apart from that thee is charges for letters/phone calls/visits Received attached letter today.. Typical of them to throw in the nasty comment about repossession next month.. These people have filled me with fear for years! Looking back through paperwork - I had forgotten about all the things they had done. It does not surprise me for a period of my life I went into such terrible depression as reading back though everything its absolutely shocking. One thing t
  12. Thanks DX - is a SAR the best way forward for both of these debts. Ive got in a bit of a mess with it all and think i need to start from scratch!
  13. Thanks for reply DX and Renegadeimp - I got a court date through back end of last year and it terrified me the thought of losing my house over this. They did indeed successfully scare me! Due to covid the court date was cancelled (big relief) and I was advised to try and settle the matter directly with them. I have sent SAR but the info they sent doesnt date back as far to the beginning. Am I in my right to send another SAR?
  14. I have sent Coast an Income & Expenditure to hopefully organise a token payment to them but they have replied asking for : 1. 3 months Bank Statements and proof of income, wage slips or benefits' 2. Is 1st charge mortgage on an interest only or repayment and what's the remaining term. I don't feel comfortable sending this information at all especially given the unbelievable tactics they have used before (contacting neighbours) - leaving Royal Mail while you were out cards to get you to call them etc) However, not so long ago I had court date from th
  15. Can anyone offer me any advice in regard to equity. I have small debts but one 20K secured loan. I am in arrears with my mortgage by about 7K and I just wish i could get to the equity in the house so that I could clear this amount. I cannot see how this is possible because of the debts my credit rating is terrible, but if the debts were cleared my credit rating would repair. I understand Equity release is for over 60's (Im 48) - I have an Interest Only mortgage that comes to the end of its term in 9 years - so will need repaying by then! Can anyone advise me if t
  16. I have located the proof of postage from 10th April when I posted my paper tax return but HMRC will still not allow me to have the self employment support grant. The second application is now available and they are now saying that I am not eligible for this either. I think its very unfair to not allow me the grant when I have in my hands the proof that i posted to them way before the deadline date!
  17. Update on SEISS (Self Emplyment Income Support Scheme) - my application refusal as I was not eligible as my tax return was not received by the deadline. I contacted my local MP's office and they have been dealing with HMRC on this matter. I was over the moon that my mum manage to finally locate the proof of postage from the 10th April and my local MP kindly sent this over to HMRC on my behalf. When I initially spoke to HMRC on the phone about this they indicated that as long as I had the proof of postage then I would still be eligible but in HMRC's final response to th
  18. On 10th April 2020 my mum posted my Tax return for me (Computer was not working and was unable to file online). I went online - applied for the government grant : the system said 'im not eligible because I had not submitted my return. PANIC. I called them and they advised they had not received it and I had to do it again. I was self isolating on the 10th April, so Mum had to post the return for me. She got proof of postage but cannot find it - She thinks dad might have binned it Mum wrote a statement to whom it may concern (Shes a Pastoral Assistant at o
  19. I have received the letter from Coast with an income and expenditure and their request for 3 months bank statements but i have not received the SAR they promised to send, I keep chasing this! Ill write again and request they send it
  20. Ill just copy bulk of doc: "Our solicitors were instructed as a result of legal action that took place in respect of outstanding arrears on your account. In accordance with the terms and conditions of your loan agreement, the legal costs incurred below have been applied to your account. This fee will not attract interest and will not affect your current arrears balance. This will remain on your account until you pay the fee or when your account is settled."
  21. 2 weeks ago a car went into the back of me when i was stationary. All OK and despite a massive shunt into the back of us, only one visible neck injury. I had only had the car for 1 week therefore the policy for 1 week.. I called my new insurer Hastings Insurance and asked them what the process was as it was not my fault. They said you need to log it online. I did that - the only method was by submitting a claim, Called and ask them if that was correct as I didn't want to make a claim, it was not my fault. They said this was the way to go
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