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  1. On the 9 Dec I purchased a car from a dealer through hire purchase, the car is 2 years old and had a advertised mileage of 17000 . The salesman informed me that the odometer was faulty, but I could take the car and arrange to have it done at my local Vauxhall garage, as the car was still under warranty and if Incurred any cost they would pay. I did this,only to be told that the instrument panel did not belong to that car and it was second hand. Vauxhalls told me that they had to email Germany to get permission to reprogram the car,it was granted. After they had reprogrammed the car they informed me that the actual mileage was over 34000, I am in the process of rejecting the car. The dealer has admitted the car was mis sold and it was mis sold to him by his supplier. My main concern is that I will be the loser as the finance company will be reimbursed and he will from his supplier. I will be without a car and I will have to reapply for finance with no guarantee of getting it. I will be rejecting under the 6 month rule Any advice please
  2. I have uploaded scans I think, the ticket I purchased shows entry time 15 Jan 09.03. The time issued on the NTK is 10.45 The only photograph on the NTK is front reg
  3. valid ticket displayed yet still got a penalty notice through the post, I still have the ticket, should I appeal or just ignore it? 1 Date of the infringement 15 01 20 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] [scan up BOTH SIDES as ONE PDF- follow the upload guide] 3 Date received 18 01 20 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Front Registration Plate 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] NO Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up 7 Who is the parking company? ukcps 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Woodside Hotel Birkenhead For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. BPA ticket+NTK.pdf
  4. Can a company who have purchased a debt continue with court action if they cannot produce a copy of the agreement for credit card, when requested under cca. They admitted that they did not have it yet still went through with the court claim and got judgement by default.
  5. Well this ones raised its ugly head again. the finance company agreed to a payment of £2000 for the first car and that debt would be cleared. now they have sent a bill via their solicitors for over 10k for the first vehicle this includes interest of over 5k accruing at £4.50 a day. There was originally two entries on their credit file now there are three, they want full payment by the 11 /9 or they will start court proceedings. This has gone on long enough the couple are distraught yet again, but its so hard to help them as lot of the dealings where done over the phone they just dont know where to turn now any help would be gratefully appreciated
  6. The vehicle was purchased from Liverpool, give me an address where to send the information.I will pass it on. There will not be any phone calls, it was dealing with this matter by phone that cost them £2000
  7. Thanks for the reply dx, totally agree with the above, I believe even without all the problems that arose at the inspection they would have had a good case for miselling as the 130 checks could not have been carried out I ts what the finance company offered that's got me confused, Option one : Walk away and owe nothing ? would this mean that they the finance company have rejected the car? Option two : pay £2000 and they would refinance them into another car why would anyone pay £2000 for finance? The credit reference agencies are showing two entries from this finance company. The first is for car no1 which was defaulted for possibly 2 missed payments while the dispute was on. The second is for car no2. The £2000 is broke down into payments of £60 which is shown as payments for car 1 surely this should have its own entry. any thoughts on this
  8. About 3 years ago a car was purchased from carcraft through finance company by way of hp. within two weeks the engine management light kept coming on and all electrics cutting out, car taken back to carcraft who informed them that it was a coil pack fault and it needed replacing, (the coil pack had been replaced 12 months early, this information was supplied with the paper work that came with the car) the faults still continued so back the car went, this time they said the EML came on because there was no fluid in the hand brake system. these cars are supposed to go through over 100 check points. these faults continued so the finance company got them to take the car back and to give it an inspection, The list of faults that came back where, radial arm fault, ball joint fault, brakes 70% worn front 80% worn back, cracked reservoir, tyres illegal, Carcraft maintained this was fair wear and tear over a six month period The couple informed the finance company that they did not want pay to have the car repaired and that they no longer wanted it as it was unfit for purpose, The finance company then came back with this offer, that if they paid £2k at £60 a month off the car they would re finance them into a car of their choice or they could walk away and owe nothing. I` ve told them to sar both companies see what comes back. This doesn't seem right having to pay 2k to get what was theirs by rights, has any body come across this before and do they have any chance of getting back the 2k and any payments made on the car. One other thing their credit file shows a default for the car, any advice or help would be appreciated thank you
  9. Please be careful when dealing with bills of sale, the witness signature is covered in the amended act (1882) They can repossess anytime without a court order after complying with cca (must show all relevant documents ) This is they must have sent yearly statements A notice of default sums A valid default notice set out according to the regs. termination letter if default is not rectified They can apply to the courts for late reg of bos (what excuse they use is beyond me if you have been paying for any length of time)
  10. So its just a case of writing to the head office demanding they remove it? What sort of time frame should she allow them? Will also enclose copy of letter admitting liability
  11. yes the default was added after she was told they owed her 3k, for the ppi. she had already returned the paperwork and was just waiting for the money to go in her account, It took a further 8 months after the fsca got involved for her to clear the account and receive payment. So the last six contractual payments where never made as they owed her 3k and the payments owed where 800
  12. the mrs has just been knocked back for car credit to update her car with a company she`s used for years. was told there is a default on her record, put there by welcome. Here`s her story, just before the fsc a got involved with welcome she started to claim ppi back, she was told she was successful to the tune of 3k and on receipt of the paperwork the money would go in her account, the personal loan had 6 months to run with no missed payments. After about a month no money went into the account so s he got in touch with welcome who told her she would have to now go through the fsca who where dealing with claims, and it didn't matter that they had already admitted liability. She spoke to the fsca who told her the debt would be cleared first and then any money left would be hers, so she told welcome that as they owed her more than she owed them she would not be making any further payments and cancelled her d/d. Welcomes response was to default her credit file, how can we get this removed? I seem to have a vague recollection that if two parties owed each other no default can be entered???
  13. yes thats why I `m trying to see if dn valid or if the agreement should have some discription on it,if she had porn the car under a regulated agreement it would have had to say with pawn ticket in heading
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