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  1. hi , i have a loan from welcome F (secured) but on the credit agreement my address does not have the flat number of my home , only the address of the whole building as there is 8 houses in the building does this mean the agreement is not complete right?
  2. I would be grateful for any advice or if anyone can point me in the right direction. I have a loan with Welcome finance, secured. Lost my family busines of 20 years in 2009 and things have been a real struggle ever since and im certainly not out the woods. All creditors have been kind and helpful apart from Welcome who have bullied me and really been nasty. After a week of harrasment from them, I folded and ended up on antidpressents. Welcome told me i could not go bankrupt. (I now know different). I got a copy of my loan agreement to find its almost completely unreadable, I have been taking advice from moneysaingexpert which has been great (until last few days) - gave me all the template letters to send with regards to a loan where the CCA is illegible. I have sent these all to Welcome and they continue to send me these bad copies that you cant read the figures on. Last week they posted me a reconstituted copy of the agreement - with no signature, dates etc. Just the figures clearly. (I dont have the agreement at all so I have no idea if these amounts are correct). I went back to the site for further advice on this and it seems now that rather than people help the advisors are just saying why dont i just pay up, dont run away from your debts etc - suggesting im looking at an easy way out. Quite frankly I would love to wipe this debt these people were the final straw when i was desperately trying to cling on and which resulted in serious depression and I dont want to have to deal with them again so yes i do want to wipe the debt if i can. Im terrified of dealing with these people again. I am being told now that a court ruling says that a reconstituted copy of an agreement is acceptable, does anyone know did this court ruling happen recently? Its just everyones advice seems to have all of a sudden changed from illegible loan agreement cant be enforced to now that it can. Will a reconstituted copy stand up in court if Welcome take me to court. Also on the reconstituted copy the figures show i borrowed 15k and that the total charge for credit is 29K.. Meaning the total amount payable is 44K. This is horrendous obviously and i clearly did not check this before i signed the agreement otherwise i would not have signed. I was young and foolish i guess. Any advice on Illegible Loan agreement, Harassment (although it was all done by phone), and unfair interest rates - anyone can give me i would be grateful. I have scanned and attached 1. Bad copy they have posted me of the original agreement 2. Reconstituted copy received in the post recently 3. Statement of account It looks as though an acceptance fee of £235.00 and a broker fee of £1500.00 has both been included in the original loan amount. On the 'original' agreement (although bit difficult to read properly) it shows the broker fee on the right of the agreement, on the recon copy the broker fee has gone but the total amount borrowed is not £15000 but £16500. On the last page of the statement of account (which is the beginning of the agreement back in 2007) it shows; first entry (14.2.07) - Loan Disbursement of £16735.00 (DEBIT) second entry (14.2.07) - Fee Disbursement of £235.00 (CREDIT) but then the total amount does not adjust accordingly with the credit. If you look at the statements that i have scanned and attached i hope you can see what i mean! I have tried to google how to work out interest but i cannot work out if they have charged me interest on the acceptance fee or the broker fee - if anyone can help here i would be really grateful - i do not know what im doing here - its complicated and the information on the agreements differs which i do not know is allowed either. Also on the recon copy it does not mention that the loan is secured on the property. Where it says 'secured on:______' - this section although completed with address on the 'original' is empty on the recon. How can you trust a recon copy when the company is so untrustworthy. Thank you for anyone that can help me! this was Pre 2007, no i have not checked the calculations as I do not know how, I can npost the agreement no problem i have a scanner, how do i post? No it did not include PPI at least its not showing on the reconstituted copy anyway.. - the loan did not include PPI and the loan was taken out Feb 2007. Figures are Amount of loan £15,000 Duration of agreement (minimum) 180 months Monthly payment £235.00 Variable APR 19.50% Total charge for credit £31,232.53 Interest charge £30,997.53 Rate of interest per annum : 19.10% I have taken this info from the reconstituted copy that they have provided but this info seems to be different to that on the illegible agreement. For starters on the illegible agreement there is a broker fee of £1500.00 - this is not shown on the recon copy. Also the APR's are different and the total charge for credit is different. my signature is on there I will scan and upload the doc, do i just blot out my details from prying eyes? - the agreement (the bad copy) is in the 1st post - thank you again for your help surrey36 all welcome docs .pdf
  3. Just come across this post. Can I ask if anyone has been repossessed yet and if not, why not. I noticed a particular post above stating that coast after a court hearing does not attend or respond.
  4. Hi Guys, Today i got a letter to say welcome finance has won the court case and i need to pay full balance of £5000 even thou i got a loan of £2000, I did apply last month online for to hold it off for 28days but as i'm getting redundant and getting all stressed but i have to do 4 week notice period i cant afford the full balance is there a way i can get round this and pay little bit till i get another job? please help im stressed enough,
  5. Hi all, in 2008 I took out a secured loan of over £10k from Welcome and within a few years struggled to make the payments. The loan went to Cabot on Welcome's demise and then to Ascent. 2 years ago, instead of consulting this site(!), I started paying Ascent less than £100 a month (don't want to be specific, in case they're on here) and this has brought the amount down. The balance is still over £10k and there is a charge on my property. Having spoken to Ascent, I have asked for a settlement figure and they want and income/expenditure thing (not something I trust, it's just to see what they can squeeze out of you I think) before giving me one. I have offered around £4k. My main priority is to get the second charge removed. And hopefully for a substantial discount or nothing. Any advice from here please?!? I understand now that I shouldn't have paid them anything but as there is still a charge on my property I felt I had to.
  6. Hi All, I have an old secured loan with Welcome for £7000.00. Since Welcome went bust I've not paid anything (perhaps the odd token payment) and have dodged various DCA's. 2 weeks ago the current DCA holding the account wrote to me to advise that they will no longer rely on the security in my property and will take steps to remove the security from the land registry. This seems like a really odd thing to do but I am highly suspicious? Could they be up to something? Anyone else heard of this? Many thanks, Limelight Bournemouth BTW The account has also disappeared from my credit file (Noddle)
  7. Hi, myself and my wife have a secured loan with welcome finance but due to financial difficulty and other issues we have had with Welcome we have not been paying it since 2010. We have now received letters to say that the debt has now been sold to Cabot and they now hold all rights to the account. They have appointed Marlin as their managing agent. Does this mean that this account is no longer a secured loan? If it is not, does this mean that welcome never executed the loan correctly in the first place because they could have just gone for a repossession. Forgot to add, this account does not appear on our credit file and has not for over a year.
  8. Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help me, as I've received a claim from these also for a loan of £2000 from 2006. I'm 100% certain I was mis-sold the PPI as I sent the forms off with that part unticked, which they RETURNED advising I must tick the box for it in order to complete the loan. I only heard from this IND Ltd in the middle of last month for the first time, I hadn't heard from Welcome for nearly 3 years prior to this at all! I just need to know what to do as I'm certain that the majority of the sum (nearly 3,000-odd at least) is made of interest and charges due to the PPI (I likely would have settled the original loan had the PPI not been bolted on to it!). I actually rang the FSCS number this morning to look into making a claim against Welcome for the PPI, when a woman advised me that I should contact the broker who initiated the loan - they are UCC Plc (Unsecured Credit Company Plc) - which has been in liquidation since May 2010 according to Companies House; also the number given of 0870 7773277 is no longer in service. At work at moment, so if needs be will post docs later - can anyone advise in interim what to do?
  9. Can someone kindly advise how to calculate possible PPI reclaim amount ? I have calculated my monthly PPI interest amount figure using forum details located in which I have already paid over120 months but still have 60 months to expiry. Any assistance would be appreciated as I would like to know a possible figure in order to compare with Welcome's offer if successful.
  10. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?490294-Received-A-Letter-From-Welcome-Offering-To-Give-Refund&p=5172113#post5172113 Hello. What was the outcome of your refund ? Did you get it ? I have received one of these letters today offering a refund. I was surprised as I think they already knocked off the PPI from my original claim from about 8 years ago.
  11. Hi all. Not been on here for quite a while but I am really stumped with this. Between 1995 and 2000 we had 4 loans from Welcome 3 paid off but one we defaulted on because of all the force tactics and extortionate charges for phone calls and letters I just stopped paying, I know it was wrong but thought " sod them they have had enough from me " I did make a successful claim for PPI and got paid out, great i thought. Just received a letter from them today stating irrecords show that I am due a further refund as the original offer did not fully put me back in the position I would have been in if I had never bought PPI in the first place. I have moved recently but it states " we have previously written to you regarding this with a additional offer of compensation which still remains outstanding". Due to the time that has passed we have recalculated our offer to include additional compensatory interest of 8% per annum and I have enclosed a revised acceptance form for you to sign and return to us. Our additional offer of compensation is ££££££££. It states. " Our offer of redress will expire six month from the date of the letter, once signed and dated payment will be made within 15 working days." They are requesting copied proof of identity, bit suspicious of this as it's from WF and could it be a ploy or [problem] for me to recognise the debt I still owe. Has anyone else had this.
  12. Hi everyone,This is my first time on this topic .I am currently paying off two loans on reduced payments, one with Welcome which is almost finished and one with Norwich Union which is halfway through. The Welcome document shows an optional payment protection insurance for £344 and healthcare for £170.The Norwich Union shows an item for Norwich Union Creditcare Gold for £369.Would I have case to reclaim these charges.Both date back to 2001.
  13. I am also posting the same story on other forums this is not to undermine anyone on any of these in any way, but to gauge different options and ideas that people may have when dealing with this. It could be there is stuff that may help others out across all pages and that can only be a good thing for those of us consumers being roally shafted by the establishment!!! 2007 with a growing family I took out a car loan with Welcome Finance (BIG mistake, I know. Never again!) the loan was adjusted late 2008 to reduce the payment amount and supposedly the PPI and insurances were cancelled as mis-sold. 2012 it was my belief that I was paying over the odds for a car that was vastly overinflated price, that the PPI etc although cancelled the costs were not commuted as I was expected to pay almost 12k for a car worth 4500 at purchase. so account was placed into dispute. Dispute was ignored, come march 2013 account was registered default, court threats and a CPR letter was sent requesting all documentation in march 2013. april, may 2013 further correspondence was received clearly the dispute was ignored and so was the CPR until August when the CPR was acknowledged. Nothing! at some point the account was sold to Lowells, Then Cabot, Marlin, back to Cabot but nothing was ever actioned and nothing was posted out that warranted action. As the account was in an ignored legal dispute situation but still had been registered as default and sold to 3rd parties this is a monumental breach! Finally 14/07/15 I received a letter from Cabot the account was being referred to Mortimer Clark. Same day, but postmark 15/07/15 I received a letter from Mortimer Clark stating they were instructed to take court proceedings (Nothing in the letter states clearly this is a LBA) and I was to contact them. The letters appear below Mortimer clark letter so I initially knocked up this response removed fotl rubbish letter - dx oh!.... was it not much better then, got me worried now please ignore spacing and syntax mistakes, this was a draft. Following advice on xxxxxxxx I followed this letter instead
  14. Hi Guys Need your help and advice. I had some old loans with PPI sold by welcome, for which I both was able to claim my PPI! Not just we were told that we had to take those policies as our credit history in the uk was almost non existent, to be able to get the loans! This loans were taken with my ex partner, which now is trying to claim, but they saying that the policy was only to cover the 1st named person, whcih was me, however we both clearly remember that we disclose to sales person my serious liver condition, and we were assured that we were both cover, as stated verbally and as he didn't crossed the i/we wording which he said was to show that we were both covered, Back then this in 2000 our english understanding was not the best and the guy not just spoke 1000 miles an hour as he had a strong accent, he even had the "face to add " a health care product for which he knew at least me I would not be ever able to make a claim! We have the original paperwork which show both our names, the ppi premium-together with healthcare product which we were told was a part of the PPI, and it clearly shows the we not crossed, so I believe that not just serve as proof that the otherwise stated, is in place- I mean we were both covered, as proof that he stated this verbally! We should never been forced to buy those products due to my pre medical conditions, as also this should had never been as a condition to get the loan?! My question, W as my ex partner is trying to get her refund, because she also paid for the loan and her name was in the agreement, does aviva ( underwriter for 1st ppi) and welcome are correct when saying that only me was cover, as technically in the agreement- the we wording was not crossed and left untouched and back then we disclosed my health conditions and were assured by salesperson that was not a problem and that both of us were covered by the ppi, am I correct in my line of thinking and she is entitled to a valid claim, as CAB advisor told her that she had a strong mis selling case? Thanks
  15. Can anyone help me please to a massive question ,,I Hi there , can anyone help me please on what I should do , I have had 2 loans from welcome finance in 2003 , I had 1 in 2004 and also a secured loan in 2005 , I still owe for the secured and haven’t been in touch with anyone since I received it and then sold my house , can I and should I claim Ppi , can any give any answers to this please , thank you
  16. Hi, I am being taken to court by IND/Welcome they issued a Claimform I have replied stating that as far as I was concerned the loan was repaid! Here is my defence, and I'd like your opinion; * In 2010 I recieved a cheque from welcome for about £3,000 for mis-selling of PPI, if the loan still had an outstanding amount, why did they not use this toward the repayment of the loan, as my other Credit cards had? * At the time, and months afterwards my credit file showed all the loans I had with welcome were "Settled". * I recieved sometime afterwards (about a year) a letter saying that I owed £5,900 (approx), i wrote back requesting a wriiten copy of the Credit Agreement, which they never replied to, however I do not have proof of posting! They are disputing this and say I owe the money (I did have this loan with them), and have now added another £1,700 to the loan and more charges, making my loan owing to over £8,000!!! they have written to the Court asking this to be heard, and I think they are going to really fight this, whats your opinion, and what can I do! I don't want another CCJ, as I have just cleared my final one, i am also not in a position to pay this. I did think this loan was cleared as after receiving the payout, i heared nothing for a couple of years.
  17. i had a HP agreement in novemeber 1998 for a car taken with welcome finance. Recently i thought i would try and find out if ppi was included. I was young and silly at the time but needed a car. Through writing to WElcome -i have found out i did have PPI and what the premium was paid including the dates taken out and also a policy number. - all paid off i may add. Welcome have stated they dont know who the underwriter is with?? i have contacted: Aviva Llyolds in relation to this and both even after quoting policy number etc have denied being the underwriter?? I,m not sure who else to contact in regards? anyone else have any underwriters for arround that time that i can contact please? any help would be appreciated. thanks
  18. Firstly i will say hello and thank you for any help i obtain here the basics of what i had are a ppi policy for a car loan with welcome finance from march 1999 i have a copy of the loan agreement i have tried to claim against welcome but have been told to pursue the underwriter i have contacted the underwriter ( a bit confusing Lloyds say they weren't the underwriter but admitted the would pay out the policy if it had been claimed against and said jubilee group were the underwriter which have replied on behalf of lloyds i have had much correspondence from Lloyds mostly contradictory and i getting nowhere they told me to claim against welcome i asked the question why are Aviva paying out on policies as underwriters in the exact same circumstance yet Lloyds are not the response was they cannot comment on what another companies position is. im at the point of not really knowing how to go on any help would be appreciated thanks Kenny
  19. Hi guys First post here, hope you can help?. I took out a secured loan with welcome in 2005 but went bankrupt in 2006. Have only had 6 monthly letters saying that we were in arrears until a month ago when we received a default notice giving us 2 weeks to pay arrears of £16000. Now like most people we do not have £16000 lying around in fact I have only 6 weeks ago got back into work after almost a year out and was on jury service when they sent the letter so didnt really have time to do anything about it. Now we have received a letter from Incasso debt collectors demanding we pay £33476 which apparently is the overdue amount not a redemption figure!! Have not been able to find any paperwork after all this time of inactivity but I do know that the original loan was around the £20000 mark. Now being desperate at the time(I had just had a potential joint buisness venture come crashing down at the last minute and tried to borrow enough to do it on my own having just quit my job in preparation to start the buisness, but ultimately lost out on that to) they were bending all sorts of rules like overstating my wages without even asking, saying that we didnt earn enough to get a loan then upping the loan required and I dont remember sending any wageslips either!! Could anyone give me any advice on what we should do now?? Could really do with some. Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, I applied for PPI from WFSL through the FSCS in November just received their decision letter saying that yes they owe me PPI but because I owe WFSL an amount on another loan they will offset it. WFSL have sold this account to PRA group for collection and it is also statute barred. I have read on various threads that apparently the FOS has said that if a debt has been sold that the compensation cannot be used to offset the debt, I have looked at the links in the threads but none of them take me to the relevant info and I cant find anything about it on the FOS website, can anyone point me in the direction of where it states this on the FOS website as I want to get all the information I can before I raise a complaint to the FSCS. Thanks
  21. Hi All, I would be grateful for any help to work towards reducing my Welcome Finance loan which has been sold to Coast Financial Solutions despite account being in long term dispute. I do not wish to bore you kind folk with a sob story but think you need a brief history. I got a car from YES Car Credit when I was a student back in 1998. I purchased a property in 2002 and fell victim to Welcome Finance offer of reducing my costs by taking out a home loan. Since then over 15 years has passed and I have put the loan in dispute many times due to charges, incorrect balance and Payment Protection Products including MIF which I was never made aware of. Now I am in the progress of claiming back PPI and have tryed to get WFS to agree to a settlement. I am not greedy just want a soloution to the outsanding Welcome account. The account at present stands at just under 23,000 and has been re-written many times . This is my mistake for giving in to WFS harassment but they stopped interest on balance a while back due to the length of the dispute. Thus this is were its gets weird . Every time I try to communicate with WFS they pass the account on saying they have sold it but so far the purchaser has been a DCA for example Incasso and Cabot who just hand it back after I reminded them that the account was in dispute. Now they say with letter that the account has been sold to Coast Finance Solutions who are based abroad but have a PO Box address in Newport. This is strange because I have offered half the amount as settlement and when you do the maths its a very generous offer. I calculated this by simply deducting miss sold PPI which totals nearly 8,000 and deduction unfair charges. Anyway can anybody advise Many THANKS in Advance
  22. I`ll be brief because I suspect this subject has been discussed elsewhere, however I have trawled through pages of threads without success. I have received my SAR from Welcome Finance for the five loans and HP I had with them from 1999 through to 2002. Aviva have paid up £1700 PPI redress for one of the post 2000 loans but are refusing to pay for the other post 2000 HP Loan as they say the PPI was clearly evident on the form. What they have done in error is state that I was in full time employment. I was working full time, but I was self-employed as a trade plate driver for United Fleet Distribution. That was why I went to Welcome in the first place because they were the only loan company who would lend to me because of my employment status. they gerrymandered the forms saying that I was working full time, without saying I was self-employed. I am going to challenge Aviva on this second PPI refusal. However, my question refers to the other 3 loans which were taken out prior to 2000. Aviva say they were not the underwriters at that time. Other threads on here suggest that the FSCS are only taking responsibility for post 2005 Welcome loans. So who do I claim against for the 3 pre-2000 loans? I know from the SAR documents that PPI was charged and the amounts involved. However, I do not know who was the underwriter. Furthermore, I actually signed the documents at the Welcome Finance offices in Stockport and not at any brokers or loan brokers offices. I am hoping someone on here might save me the time and trouble and point me in the right direction. If it cannot be done, well I will have to lump it, but I now have the proof that PPI was charged on all 3 of the pre-2000 loans.
  23. I have got ppi with welcome finance but the debt was sold on to dlc hillesden Here is my case I took out a loan with welcome finance in February 2004 . I was missold ppi and they owe money . My debt was written off by welcome finance in 2006 and sold to DLC hillesden a debt collection company . Now will I receive the ppi money or will it go to the company it was sold to . Can welcome finance buy the debt back and offset it etc . Bearing in mind I took out the loan in February 2004 . I would be very a grateful if you could reply . I read somewhere that losns taken out with welcome finance only loans after 2005 could be offset
  24. Hi, I have 2 loans with welcome. 1 was for a car where I was well ripped off, and the other for a cash loan. There is no HP. My cash loan was for 2000 and is a fixed sum loan agreement. and to date I have paid back £3839.63. Aktiv kapital want £450.85. The total amount payable on my credit agreement is £3950.64. I CCA them a few weeks ago and got my original document. Never knew I was paying that much. also got a copy of all payments made since stay of loan in Sept 2007. Interest was added monthly until 05/05/2010 when went to step change. Then frozen. Only 1 fee of £20 for direct debit cancellation in may 2008. I want rid of this debt, feel I've paid enough, or in my calculations only now owe £111.01 minus any extra charges. What can I do. My next post will be about my car. AKTIV KAPITAL have not supplied my payments made but my balance is still £6163.23 Been paying this since January 2008. Went to step change in may 2010. I've looked closely at my credit agreement and there is shortfall extra insurance that I didn't ask for, and a whole array of confusing figures. The amount of credit for the goods was 7950. I've been conned and want to sort this out as lost my job, (but am fighting in employment tribunal) and need to clear up my debts as got loads of them totaling 15k. Please help
  25. Hi All, I'm a newbie to the site and I hope i'm in the correct forum. I would be very grateful for any advice or guidance from those of you with experience of similar issues. We took a loan with Welcome Finance in 2007 secured against our home for £17,000. Over the years they have changed companies and are now known as Prime Credit. We have taken steps to sell our home and have accepted an offer. It is only now that we are in a position where we are looking for a new mortgage that we have realised the secured loan will create difficulties. We have paid £234 per month for almost 10 years totalling around £28K. When we finish the loan with Prime Credit in another 5 years we will have paid in excess of £40k Can anyone offer some advice on the best way to approach this with the Loan Company please. We have just realised that if we have to settle the loan first we will not have the deposit needed to move house. We have been improving our credit scores over the past few years and are bordering on achieving Good. Would it be advisable to apply for an unsecured loan to pay this off or would this also affect our mortgage application. We are so confused about the best way to deal with this Many thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give.
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