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  1. No the secured was seperate but if it wasn’t does that mean bad news? I mean I did the Ppi calculator and it said I could be owed 1000,s but scare incase the 8000 secured would go extremely high ? But at the same time would that balance remain the same and the 1000,s go to offset it would be doing me a favour at the same time ,? And also in this ppi claim it’s saying it’s going to FOS,is that good news?
  2. They made a mistake I think and there was no equity and they said I could pay them off after the sale of my house , I have had letters since from hoist stating they want 8000 and that was from the secured loan 2005 ,,the other 3 loans very pretty big and paid off , I don’t know whether it would benefit me trying to claim back Ppi , my friend said they will be different loans and won’t be able to offset but I don’t know whether he sending me down wrong path ,is there a chance I can claim on the earlier loans without them offsetting as the debt is now with hoist (Robinson way)?,cheers
  3. Can anyone help me please to a massive question ,,I Hi there , can anyone help me please on what I should do , I have had 2 loans from welcome finance in 2003 , I had 1 in 2004 and also a secured loan in 2005 , I still owe for the secured and haven’t been in touch with anyone since I received it and then sold my house , can I and should I claim Ppi , can any give any answers to this please , thank you
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