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  1. Well I went to court and they won. They had at first claimed that they did not have a copy of the Credit agreement, but when they appeared in court had one typed out without my signed signature. It was typed. I argued the case, but they judge said they didn't need one!!! I went into a monthly agreement of paying £15.00 a month. However now I have Barristers looking into the case. Not cheap, but hopefully worth it.
  2. Well she does, but that's not the question here, it's what options do I have?
  3. I am interested in sorting out my Mother's Mortgage and my personal debts. My mother, who is 80, still has about £236,000 remaining on her mortgage. I have personal debts, which are costing me about £1,200 per month. My mother's house is worth about £450,000. Would it be possible to get a Lifetime mortgage to repay her mortgage and my debts? I would be happy, and I want to pay towards the mortgage each month. I know that I would not get a normal mortgage as I would not earn enough (£50,000 a year) and no deposit. I am just wondering if anyone thinks this would b
  4. I have been a member of O2 since 1989 (When it was originally called Cellnet). I have had many phones, and many contracts, and I have stayed loyally with O2 since that date. However, on Christmas Eve I went into an O2 shop looking to buy a iPhone for my brother as a Christmas present. I was persuaded to upgrade my own phone to an iPhone X, so I could give my present phone to my brother. I was told I would have to pay £69.99 for the handset and another £297.00 to upgrade early. At NO TIME was I told that this fee was non refundable. I upgraded, when I went home
  5. I also have gone caught with the Loan Guru! Same sort of thing, but they took £69.00. Then told me if I want a refund I had two choices, an immediate one within 3 days of £40.00, or a full refund within 30 days! The strange thing is I never gave these people my details. You apply for a loan from one company and then they move you on to companies like this, the whole industry needs looking at! I applied fora loan and got declined, and within 1 week received in excess of 100 texts from other loan companies!!! I did not ask them to give out my details to other companies!!!
  6. My bank is Lloyds! This company is well known, I have reported them to Trading Standards, FCA and other authorities. they need dealing with, they try everything they can to delay refunds, and even then try to deduct £5.00 admin fee. They tell you that this is part of the agreement, however no agreement has been signed! Where they caught me, or should I say their 'cover' company caught me, was that they told me I had been approved by their In-House lenders, which is a lie! they just then e-mailled me a list of loan providers and loan brokers which
  7. I have just come off the phone from my bank, hey have told me that technically they can't stop it, otherwise people could ring them up and dispute a payment, and if they took it back it would technicnally be theft!!! I have been passed onto the dispute department of the bank and see how they get on! This company is well known, and I have reported them to Trading Standards, the Citizen's Advice Brearu and FCA!
  8. They said they couldn't as it was being processed! However, they said once it actually shows on my account they might be able to do something!
  9. Warning! Do not use these companies: AK Management (UK) Ltd and their other connected company, Money Essentials!!! This company contacted me saying that I had been accepted for a loan from one of their 'in house lenders', which does not exsist, all they do is e-mail you lists of loan providers and other brokers, which you can find off the internet yourself. However, today they took £89.00 from my account without my permission, for their loan broking service! I contacted my branch, who agreed that their service is appalling, but cannot
  10. I have recieved a card from APS, and I was expecting a delivery from a catalogue company. So I called them and asked them to deliver my 'parcel' at work. It turned out to be a Court Order requiring me to attend the County Court to prove my financial situation. Has this been done legally? Why did the court not send the papers? where do i stad with this? I have an ongoing issue with Welcome Finance.
  11. What is the value of the claim? £8,000 Is the claim for a current or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Old Loan When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? In 2007 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Being dealt by IND Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? No sure! Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Yes Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “No
  12. Yes, they seem to of replied in the correct manner. However, they have sent me a couple of statements which are incorrect and yesterday they sent me a copy of a revised credit agreement with Welcome, but it had no signatures on it!
  13. I do know the credit industry very well, and helped people get back on their feet, obtain bank accounts, cards, etc, even with poor credit, I have also dealt with may payday loans companies and won, however I let this case go, and I should of dealt with it earlier. I had about three loans with Welcome, the last one I had I defaulted on due to redundancy. i claimed back PPI fees and received a cheque for over £3,000. I didn't understand why they didn't take this off the amount owing, as all my other companies had? i didn't hear from them for a couple of years, th
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