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  1. if it's android 11 - check in software info - if it says One Ui 3.0 - to get into recovery factory reset - plug in usb-c into phone and to pc and reboot phone and press volume up and power for a few secs and it will get your to recovery and just do a factory reset. if it's android 10 check if its 2.0 or 2.1 One Ui - just reboot phone press volume and up. if your phone reboots and it semi bricks - you can go here on pc - download your phone software using this software - https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/tool-frija-samsung-firmware-downloader-checker.3910584/
  2. No that's not a broker, that's the loan company direct. i used a template from here edited and that's the reply back i got from them yeah the fees are a joke,
  3. yeah i did sign the agreements back in 2017, but i don't have them anymore i did it for her and she stood guarantor
  4. Hi all, just wondering if i could get some help. me and my ex wife decided to get a loan back in 2017.... i was continuing paying it but she didn't even though she promised me she would pay it as i agreed to it... and we split up in 2018, i was sectioned under mental health due to her behaviour. short story... i came out 6 months later and she did not pay anything, my inbox was full, my phone with voicemails. i was not expecting this..... this loan was for £2000, i tried to call her obviously she changed her phone number and email address,
  5. be careful this is a fake email, i had this email over the weekend, dont click that link, go to the official site and you put that ref in and it not even real
  6. hey, can you help me send a affordability complaint i've been fighting these's guys since 2017 also now my loan is 11k did not know you can do this? what template did you use? thanks
  7. they talk ages to reply via email i need to get things rolling quicker,
  8. some have gone now even the welcome finance one i had few years ago the ccj, im in middle of talking to Lowell as they have decided to buy old accounts and try give me 2 ccjs
  9. i have now - just want the debt to stop going up its getting to a stupid amount now. its causing me more depression as ive been struggling to get straight for over a year now not touching credit i want to get a mortgage soon ive been homeless last few months i've moved 3 times, i've been saving.
  10. Amigo has customer services who are rude they send users emails regarding payments and affordability. Amigo then "refers to a team called court team who will process the court proceedings if there is no solution of payments" i got an email from a guy back in may to say "dear xxxxx As you are probably aware the default letter expired 22nd January 2018, As we are yet to have an resolution in place to clear arrears the account has been assessed for court action going forward. it is extremely important that you call us today so we can try clear the arrears o
  11. Nope i have not had any letters but i have moved several times this year, but am settled now into a new place, i have had redirection letter setup since ive moved in,
  12. Hi All, it's been a while since i've posted, 2017 - my life changed and i got married in may , during this time we had a house through her name as i had bad credit, my wife and me was struggling to pay mortgage so we took a 5k max loan with repayments of £200 per month and i was paying this, october 2017 i was made redundant i didn't get any pay out as i was there under a year, we spoke to amigo loans who were rude to me and my wife and we was arguing with them, we was struggling to pay amigo and all other bills they wanted to do a
  13. I've been charged three times with natwest by going over my overdraft twice One for £54 and to other charges of £6, £6 i've complained so many times i dont ever get refunded... im always stay within my overdraft.
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