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  1. Hi @dx100uki've had the sar come back from intrum, they done a lot of searches on me, balance shows £4,655.10 opening balance. balance on the account £4,492.09 they say i only paid £50 ever paid. last statement date 2017 placement date 2013 Now they are sending threating letters that if i dont contact them ill be taken to court again. I'm still waiting on natwest to get back to me @dx100ukanything i can do? here my thoughts it's over 6 years old now, can they still take me to court. 2022-03-31+2022-04-15 intrum letters+ROA Request..pdf
  2. ahh good idea, yes i do my old natwest bank. i shall request that. thanks
  3. Can they still reapply for court? Maybe this time I can defend it if taken to court.
  4. what i don't get is that the ccj is no longer on my credit file, i will inform intrum and when i get the sar back also i will check.
  5. Hi dx, I've sent off the sar via recorded delivery to get signed. I've looked everywhere for the documents as i've moved since 2017 i've left them at my ex wife house no longer in contact with her. the only thing i got is from here uploaded. sorry.
  6. That's what I don't understand. I even had a claim of £750. That's what I need help on a statement from them. I've looked at the sar but there no template wouldn't know what to say.
  7. i was paying off 50 per month to the courts and then poof the ccj went off my credit report heard nothing from it since 2013-16 . i mean i check it everyday. then today i received a nice letter stating i owe IND £4492.09 via intrum. i've uploaded the letter in pdf and blanked out my details. can anyone help me with a sar, dont want to get this to go court cause im trying to sort out my debts. im almost done. 2022-03-16 Intrum has bought IND and your Loan.pdf
  8. Hi, just had a letter from these people called Moriarty law, i have moved since 2017 not applied for any credit since, only bank address and electro roll.. they have give me 30days to reply, a pack with non priority debts and priority debts, attached is a letter i have removed my info also, i've had no letters from mr lender since, Capture-converted.pdf
  9. if it's android 11 - check in software info - if it says One Ui 3.0 - to get into recovery factory reset - plug in usb-c into phone and to pc and reboot phone and press volume up and power for a few secs and it will get your to recovery and just do a factory reset. if it's android 10 check if its 2.0 or 2.1 One Ui - just reboot phone press volume and up. if your phone reboots and it semi bricks - you can go here on pc - download your phone software using this software - https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/tool-frija-samsung-firmware-downloader-checker.3910584/ choose your csc eg - btu if your euro and your samsung phone make - like mine will be SM-G985F for s20. then once it's downloaded and decrypted automatic - you go to the folder and use 7zip to extract all firmware. you should see BL,AP,CP, HOME_CSC, OMC_CSC. download this https://odindownload.com/ it will download and install on your pc dont worry its virus free. most of the android scene use it to flash stock firmware, you can also look on xda as it's the biggest android site. reboot phone into download mode - volume down and power for a few secs it will go in to download mode. open up odin. connect phone - in the box you put AP in ap, BL in BL, CP in cp, if you want to do dirty flash (Not lose data) choose Home_CSC, press start, this will fix your phone back to normal state. if you get any issues just ping me anytime i can help you. im also admin s20 custom rom beyond on telegram and tester.
  10. No that's not a broker, that's the loan company direct. i used a template from here edited and that's the reply back i got from them yeah the fees are a joke,
  11. yeah i did sign the agreements back in 2017, but i don't have them anymore i did it for her and she stood guarantor
  12. Hi all, just wondering if i could get some help. me and my ex wife decided to get a loan back in 2017.... i was continuing paying it but she didn't even though she promised me she would pay it as i agreed to it... and we split up in 2018, i was sectioned under mental health due to her behaviour. short story... i came out 6 months later and she did not pay anything, my inbox was full, my phone with voicemails. i was not expecting this..... this loan was for £2000, i tried to call her obviously she changed her phone number and email address, 2020 still not heard anything from her.... sent her letters she choose to ignore it..... i thought i come on here.... see you can make a complaint about responsible lending credit search.... behold just got a reply from progressive money.... i've also complained to amigo loans.... that is again she didn't pay anything. .. checked credit karma £11,876 on £7000 loans. .. hopefully something comes out of this.... - Summary Resolution Letter.pdf
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