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  1. Firstly i will say hello and thank you for any help i obtain here the basics of what i had are a ppi policy for a car loan with welcome finance from march 1999 i have a copy of the loan agreement i have tried to claim against welcome but have been told to pursue the underwriter i have contacted the underwriter ( a bit confusing Lloyds say they weren't the underwriter but admitted the would pay out the policy if it had been claimed against and said jubilee group were the underwriter which have replied on behalf of lloyds i have had much correspondence from Lloyds mostly contradictory and i getting nowhere they told me to claim against welcome i asked the question why are Aviva paying out on policies as underwriters in the exact same circumstance yet Lloyds are not the response was they cannot comment on what another companies position is. im at the point of not really knowing how to go on any help would be appreciated thanks Kenny
  2. Hello i know this was a while ago but i was wondering if you could tell me if any of the companies you took to court were loylds as underwriters against welcome finance (my loan is from march 1999) or if the companies were based in england but you were able to persue them in scotland thanks for any help you can give kenny
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