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  1. Wow. I'd like to know why. How do I get it removed in that case?
  2. Excellent, will do. Yes reads Welcome still. Is this significant?
  3. Capital recoveries Northampton. They say Azzurro is their client. Fairly polite letter, and offering lump sum discount. Threaten field agent may come if I don't respond.
  4. Sorry, dx, which spreadsheet do you mean? I'm just thinking that I need to remove the charge at some point so taking action now. I plan to move abroad in 3 years so that's my deadline. I don't think it was sold to coast. Charge still shows as owned by Welcome on land registry.
  5. Thanks for the advice on this. Azzurro's have passed it on to a new firm. I'm just ignoring... Donation made.
  6. As before, I've noticed that there are fees for the following: default sum fee interest, unpaid d/d, outside calls, skip trace, letters, telephone calls, acceptance fee for the loan and broker fees I've written to ask that they are refunded. If they are (or not), how do I actually get rid of this? Do I have no alternative but to re-mortgage and absorb it within that? Thanks for your help. Donation made.
  7. Sorry I should have been more clear. I also own an apartment - the welcome loan was financed against that. This was in 2008. I still own it and rent it out. With the demise of welcome and my inability to afford the monthly payment it was taken over by Ascent.
  8. Thanks dx. What is my plan of action from here as 'Ascent Legal' are now the owners of this debt and I still have the property. I feel if I was to stop paying they could enforce the charge.
  9. Yes it is a shame. Thank you. I'm ashamed to say I have a similar issue with 'Ascent Legal' with a Welcome finance loan. The loan was secured on a property that I still own and still shows as Welcome finance as a 2nd charge. What should I do here? I am also paying them a monthly amount.
  10. At the time I was in the midst of applying/training for a job that required very high standards of personal finance, so I was concerned about it from that point of view. So I thought if at least I'm paying that would demonstrate responsibility towards it. Ok, what should be my plan from here? The debt does not appear on my credit file - don't know why - and I'm concerned it might make an appearance with this new company if I refuse to pay them. (I can't believe it's been 5 years. Thanks for finding that old thread)
  11. You're right, I did send some follow up messages, but still no response. No written evidence. I will send the SAR. Thanks.
  12. Ok. I recalled in writing this that I sent an SAR approx 2 years ago, but never received a reply. They asked me for income expenditure form, but I just said 'I can afford £25 a month' and that is what they accepted. Had no further contact from them over it.
  13. HI I took out a 2nd mortgage with Kensington for £10,000 in early 2007. In 2012 the house it was secured on was repossessed (had a terrible two years) and this was actioned by Kensington themselves as I was behind in payments. I have been paying £25 a month up until recently, but the loan has been sold on to Azzurro. My first indication of this was a return of my d/d which was re-credited to my account. The letter states 1 July this year. The balance is £11500. What are my options here? Shall I send an SAR to Kensington and see what fees they have charged me over the years? I am not sure what to do. I do not really want to pay £11000+ as I have paid a lot over the years already. Advice most welcome. Thank you.
  14. Welcome have sent me the files and accounts from my SAR and it reveals no PPI, no MIF, but does contain many fees and confirms they have a second charge on the property. Can I reclaim fees (plus interest)? Can I request they remove the charge? The typical fees are default sum fee interest, unpaid d/d, outside calls, skip trace, letters, telephone calls, acceptance fee for the loan and broker fees. What would be your advice to do from here? Thank you.
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