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  1. Welcome have sent me the files and accounts from my SAR and it reveals no PPI, no MIF, but does contain many fees and confirms they have a second charge on the property. Can I reclaim fees (plus interest)? Can I request they remove the charge? The typical fees are default sum fee interest, unpaid d/d, outside calls, skip trace, letters, telephone calls, acceptance fee for the loan and broker fees. What would be your advice to do from here? Thank you.
  2. Ok I've found MIF. Don't know is the answer. I'll get on to a SAR and start claiming if necessary. Do I just send to the address on their website?
  3. Ok Andy we'll see what they say. I haven't Dx, I don't believe I had ppi with them but it's something I'll look into. Would you point me in the right direction for the correct address? I'm sorry but what is MIF? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, in 2008 I took out a secured loan of over £10k from Welcome and within a few years struggled to make the payments. The loan went to Cabot on Welcome's demise and then to Ascent. 2 years ago, instead of consulting this site(!), I started paying Ascent less than £100 a month (don't want to be specific, in case they're on here) and this has brought the amount down. The balance is still over £10k and there is a charge on my property. Having spoken to Ascent, I have asked for a settlement figure and they want and income/expenditure thing (not something I trust, it's just to see what they can squeeze out of you I think) before giving me one. I have offered around £4k. My main priority is to get the second charge removed. And hopefully for a substantial discount or nothing. Any advice from here please?!? I understand now that I shouldn't have paid them anything but as there is still a charge on my property I felt I had to.
  5. Yes I even sent a copy of the BBC story. They just ignored it and referred to their previous letter. What should I do now?
  6. They've refunded 2 monthly arrears fees = £100. The other fees, as listed above in my first post, they say they believe to be a reasonable estimate of the costs they incur. I did a breakdown of all the costs for them which came to around £4,000.
  7. Hi They have replied that their final decision was a refund of £100, not the circa £4,000 I have noticed. They have invited me to complain to the ombudsman now. I also threatened them with court but they have responded quite aggressively to that by saying that they would defend such action and would seek recovery of legal costs from me. So where do I go from here?
  8. I complained about 6 weeks ago (heard nothing so far) about thousands in charges - so I'll write again mentioning this.
  9. Probably 2011, maybe 2010. Yes the property has been sold now, as it was repossessed. It is showing on my credit file though that I owe £15,000. Thanks
  10. Hi I took out a 10,000 loan with Kensington in 2006, but after falling into arrears my property was repossessed in 2012. Recently I have contacted them to reclaim the charges after getting a SAR from them. They have refuted my claims. Although they have offered £100 back from a total of £3,600. I'm not sure where to go from here. The charges were Returned Cheque/DD Monthly Arrears Management fee First Solicitor's letter Court fee Field agent's fee Solicitor's costs Notice of default fee Property insurance Deeds release fee Now they have a DCA working to reclaim the debt, which had risen to £15,000. However they offered a discount on this to £11,000 if paid in full. The property is long gone, but I can't afford that in full. Advice welcome!
  11. Hi, I avoided the court date by paying a substantial part of the arrears and organising a repayment schedule for the remainder. This has left me with next to no money, but I felt I had no other choice. The court date was today so it was quite a relief not to have to go. I did ask to pay a lower amount but they wouldn't even budge £50 less than the amount they requested. Regarding the charges, once I had paid this part, I then brought up the charges over the phone and complained at their size. I was told that this was being referred to another department, although I have heard nothing. I am now going to write to get these refunded and if unsuccessful complain as above - the FOS? Sorry, what is this exactly? Thank you for posting Lollyjoy, it gives me hope I can overcome this.
  12. Thanks very much - I'll get on to that straight away I'll let you know how it goes.
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