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  1. Ok thanks, I just wanted to make sure that it was worded so that they dont just send my data, rather data for both of us.
  2. As this is regarding a joint loan, when I'm amending the wording for my SAR letter should I change the parts where it says I'm asking for personal data to 'all information held for this account' ?
  3. So just send one SAR with my name or both names?
  4. Do we both need to send a SAR, dx? And i did read most of cruz's thread but the it was very heavy going and i dod struggle to understand a lot of it im afraid.
  5. Im pretty sure we did. It was 12/13 years ago and we dont have any paperwork now. They massively massaged all the figures at the time as we didn't meet the criteria which ive heard they did for a lot of people.
  6. Ok thanks dx. It's a joint debt on a jointly owned property?
  7. I do know what the loan relates to, it's a secured loan we took out in 2005/6. I put the information about it in earlier posts but i'm hoping to get some advice how best to deal with Coast as we won't be able to pay them.
  8. Do i need that info right now though?I have done the £3 one just to check it was still on there. Im expecting the letters etc to start soon as Coast take over in a couple of days and would like to know the best way to proceed once they do because as i stated above we can't afford to pay them. I don't mind doing it if i need it now but i still would like advice on how to deal with them?
  9. Do i need that info, dx just asked if the charge was still on there? I know hes been a huge help to you.
  10. Hi cruz yes i have done that as thats what dx said to do and yes it is on there under the name of progressive financial services?
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