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Found 13 results

  1. I`ll be brief because I suspect this subject has been discussed elsewhere, however I have trawled through pages of threads without success. I have received my SAR from Welcome Finance for the five loans and HP I had with them from 1999 through to 2002. Aviva have paid up £1700 PPI redress for one of the post 2000 loans but are refusing to pay for the other post 2000 HP Loan as they say the PPI was clearly evident on the form. What they have done in error is state that I was in full time employment. I was working full time, but I was self-employed as a trade plate driver for United Fleet Distribution. That was why I went to Welcome in the first place because they were the only loan company who would lend to me because of my employment status. they gerrymandered the forms saying that I was working full time, without saying I was self-employed. I am going to challenge Aviva on this second PPI refusal. However, my question refers to the other 3 loans which were taken out prior to 2000. Aviva say they were not the underwriters at that time. Other threads on here suggest that the FSCS are only taking responsibility for post 2005 Welcome loans. So who do I claim against for the 3 pre-2000 loans? I know from the SAR documents that PPI was charged and the amounts involved. However, I do not know who was the underwriter. Furthermore, I actually signed the documents at the Welcome Finance offices in Stockport and not at any brokers or loan brokers offices. I am hoping someone on here might save me the time and trouble and point me in the right direction. If it cannot be done, well I will have to lump it, but I now have the proof that PPI was charged on all 3 of the pre-2000 loans.
  2. Hi, I have read through a number of posts but only managed to confuse myself more, so thought i'd better just post. I have an old HSBC Current Account that I think was sold on in around 2000/2001 (memory a little hazy) to a DCA (but I cannot remember which one) and I paid them £1 a month. Around 2013 Cabot bought the debt and I continued to pay £1 a month. This was a joint account which they refused to acknowledge, said it was only in my name and they had no record of my partner on the debt - great! So fast forward to today. I stopped paying them in July this year, completely forgot as was paying by postal order - my own fault, and have since received the following letters: 05/10/2017 "Welcome to Cabot Credit Management Group that own your HSBC Bank Current Account. We have recently confirmed you are living at the above address and need to make you aware that we are now responsible for helping you manage your account and receiving future payments" Then a bit about contacting them etc. 22/10/2017 "We have recently confirmed that you are living at the above address. We do this through a variety of checks, so we're confident we have the correct address for you. We need to talk to you to arrange a repayment plan on your account; we can help you find an affordable solution. 06/11/2017 A bit about understanding how it's difficult to clear debt, we want to help etc then "We own your account and are prepared to reduce the balance in order to help you become free of this debt sooner. If you would like to take up this offer call us" I have a couple of questions: I have looked at other forum messages advising sending a CCA but I don't think this would apply to me as its a current account - is that correct? What would be the route for me to follow if I can't go down the CCA road? I've seen some info on pre 2007 agreements - does this have any bearing on my case? Can Cabot put the debt back on my credit file as a default, as i've stopped paying, even though its over 6 years old? I'm sorry for the long post and thank you very much for reading
  3. Hi I have received a Charge Notice from CP Plus for parking on the motorway services for over the designated period of 2 hours. The first issue I want to mention is that i was only on there for a short period of time - i was picking somebody up from there before going somewhere else for the morning, and then dropped them back off later on. Each occasion I was only on there for 10-15 minutes max. In the "Out capture" photo my car is partially hidden by a lorry I am driving behind , so am wondering if this may have occured on my other visits in and out so did not register properly on camera? Both photos look to be taken out on the road part somewhere, so is there grounds to fight this on the fact I wasnt even using a parking space? Just as an aside as reading through some other things that seem to mention it might also be of concern - my car is a lease car (2 year lease), and it looks like the Lease co have passed on my details. All help or suggestions, I will be very grateful, as Im unsure of what course of action to take for the best. Regards
  4. Inaccurate credit files If you believe your file contains inaccurate or out-of-date information, you can ask for it to be amended, under the Consumer Credit (Credit Reference Agency) Regulations 2000. Write to the agency giving your full name and address. It may also help to give your credit reference file number. Clearly explain what information you think is wrong and why. Provide any proof you have to show why the information is wrong. Keep a copy of any letters you send. By law the agency must tell you within 28 days of your letter if it has: • removed the entry from your file • amended the entry; or • taken no action If the entry is amended, the agency will send you a copy of the amended entry. The agency will also send the details to any lender that has searched your credit reference file in the last six months. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2000/291/made
  5. I am house moving soon and in clearing out some old paperwork found a Paragon loan from 2000, which was paid up in 2004 or thereabouts, on the front sheet it clearly states that there is Optional PPI of £1,300+ Shall I contact the FSCS about this one as Paragon are no longer in existance. This loan was not in arrears when it was paid back.
  6. hello people , haven't been on here for a while . had some success withh PPI claims in the past but i have a question about a car i bought in 2000 . i bought a brand new car in 2000 from james edwards in chester with finance from lloyds bank . i have absolutely no records of the loan but believe i was paying PPI on it , would anyone have any idea how i go about starting the process of a claim if i have no records ( account numbers , payment details etc ) , feel like i was ripped off once again so once again into the breach lol. any help or advice greatly appreciated.
  7. I've been given an old laptop (Compaq Armada) running Windows 2000 but I can't get past the Windows Password screen. The previous owner hasn't used the laptop in ages and doesn't know what password it has.... If anyone can help I would apppreciate it. Laptop is rather heavy but in excellent nic - and comes complete with Bubblejet printer! Don't think I will be using that although it would be interesting to see if it still works. I didn't have the original power supplies for the printer or laptop but have found them in amongst my collection.
  8. Hi all just need to get advice re court costs please. Back in 2000 my local council was granted a SPO for rent arrears and court costs. The rent arrears were cleared as per the schedule issued by the court and we had assumed that the court costs had also been cleared. The council has recently informed us verbally that these costs have not been paid and there is still an amount of £176 outstanding and they would like payment of these. Only have a few questions really:- 1. Is there a statute of limitations present for court costs 2. Is this debt enforceable after such a long period 3. If payment were made would this restart any clock Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  9. Hi All, Looking for some advice on whether I can claim mis-sold PPI on a Burtons storecard (Now Santander)dating back to the late 90's but was closed around 2007? Can anyone advise on this and if indeed there was PPI even applied to this type of card as I no longer have any paperwork just some direct debit entries on my current account to show when I had this card and the re-payments. Santander have already advised that they dont have any records of this, even though they supplied my account number on the response so find this hard to believe and think they are fobbing me off.
  10. Can't make head nor tail of this PPI stuff and am hoping people can point me in the right direction. I took out an Egg loan in 2000 that I have now paid off. I had PPI but I no longer have any of the details. My first issue is whether 2000 is too long ago to count as claimable? If I can, can anyone give any advice as to how I go about getting things moving? I have messaged Egg to ask for some of the basic details of the loan some time ago but have never received a reply! Thanks
  11. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/loans/9615276/2000-borrowers-have-at-least-five-payday-loans.html
  12. Lloyds bank was ready to pay me out on PPI but I noticed in their calculations that they had worked out an average pay out on two loans which ended in 1998. I was not happy with this average as one of those loans were originally taken out in 1989 and ended in 1998. Lloyds say that they are unable to find out the amount of the original loan, its settlement or interest despite the fact that I am aware the loan account, the date taken out and date ended. Has anyone got an idea as to how I get details on the loan agreement amount I had taken out without statements and loan contract, please?
  13. hi, i would like some advice on my ppi, i have found some old bank statements from my hsbc account dating between 1998-2000, it shows on the statements that i was paying a loan but cant find the actual loan agreement, i know i would have been missold the ppi because i was selfemployed at this time, would i have anyluck in trying to reclaim my ppi? thankyou
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