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  1. Hi guys/gals its been awhile since I posted and needed any help so bare with me. Lowell have bought an old Vanquis debt, I have had loads of letters and ignored them, I haven't had any contact with them on the phone either so I've not acknowledged any thing. On Saturday received court papers, I have registered with money claim AOS as I want to defend. I was told about a 3 letter process to send to Lowells solicitor but don't know what the letters are. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hi guys, I am new here but I have been told I might be able to get some help. I received a judgement in default letter from the County Court Business Centre a few days ago which came as a shock. I know the importance of replying to any claim issued against me. This is in relation to a pay day loan debt from 4 years ago, which has now been bought by Motormile Finance UK Ltd. I paid some of the debt off then missed a payment, then they increased it massively and I couldn't keep up. I moved on and heard nothing for many years until I get this judgement letter from th
  3. I am also posting the same story on other forums this is not to undermine anyone on any of these in any way, but to gauge different options and ideas that people may have when dealing with this. It could be there is stuff that may help others out across all pages and that can only be a good thing for those of us consumers being roally shafted by the establishment!!! 2007 with a growing family I took out a car loan with Welcome Finance (BIG mistake, I know. Never again!) the loan was adjusted late 2008 to reduce the payment amount and supposedly the PPI and insurances
  4. Hi, Please could someone help. i have received court papers from Lowell Solicitors and have borrowed the money and paid it off, but do i still have to fill in the forms from the court? all it says is, 'if you admit the debt, either pay in full to Lowell or ask to pay in instalments' if i have paid is that an end to it or does it still go to court? sorry if I sound a bit stupid, but it just isnt clear! Tia
  5. help please I have received a letter from cabot finance stating a claim for over £2000 , with court papers there is only a brief out line with what this claim is for (julipa catalogue) default on payments. nothing about what is supposed to have been purchased such as shoes -clothes also it just states a name no date of birth or any more information .or prof this is my debt plus these papers do not look official court papers. I do not know if this is relevant , I have been getting phone calls late evenings and early mornings plus being bombarded with text mes
  6. Hi everyone My brother has received a letter today from the county court business centre that was headed Judgement for Claimant (in default) It says you have not replied to the claim form (never received anything from the claimantt E-On) It is therefore ordered that you must pay the claimant £727.27 for debt and interest to date of judgement and £60 for costs. My brother has never received any court papers or even letters threatening court. But now he’s had this in the post. I’ll upload a scan of it but I’m not sure how to respond to the court document. Any help would be g
  7. Good afternoon all, I was employed as a contractor with a small company. They advanced me my fee in advance of work carried out and then cancelled the contract and asked me to pay back the advance. I had already used the money for urgent matters but undertook to repay them asap. They gave me a piece of paper with a date to pay back by which I agreed to as at the time I felt this would be enough time. Unfortunately things did not improve for me and despite my communicated intention to pay the debt back they have not accepted my situation and are going to take action
  8. Hi all, I have a car on finance, which two days ago caught fire and is a write off, can I terminate my contract with the finance company under 'frustration of contract' as the finance company can now no longer supply the use of the vehicle to me under our contract? Just wondered what people's thoughts are on this. Many thanks for all and any replys Moonlandings
  9. Hi im a newbie My husband received court letters today Claimant ARROW GLOBAL LTD . My husband is in ill health and im his carer and this is very worrying. On the court letters paticulars of claim. payment of the overdue balance ***** from the defendant under contract between the defendant and NewDay Ltd dated 2008 and assigned to the claimant on 2016. but can anyone advise on what to do now as he only has 14 days to respond. Is this a sold debt or something is it statue barred. Any help will be appreciated.
  10. Hi - I've messed up again and would please like some help in being pointed in the right direction again. I received court papers for an old Tesco credit card debt. The issue date on the papers is 19/4/17 and I am just about to login to respond. I had a similar problem last year with a creditor and following advice from this forum they dropped the case. I can write to Cabot and to their solicitors Mortimer Clarke like I did on the other claim, but I need to find again what it was I needed to write. What should I write on the court defence page - I will, in the meantime, try and
  11. Hi all maybe in the same boat as a lot of people who have put their head in the sand I had a payday loan with Uncle Buck which I did not pay when due on the 30th of January 2015 for £202.43.. I have today received court papers for £391.43 plus the £35 court costs. Is this legally allowable? Do I have any arguments here or am i up the proverbial without a paddle? V v limited details in paper form but will scan these and upload when at work on Monday. are there relevant details I should ask !st Stop and/or Uncle Buck for? What should I do with the papers recieved
  12. Name of the Claimant ? PRA Group (UK) Ltd Date of issue – . 20th July 2016 What is the claim for – The Claimant claims the sum of £4500 for debt and interest. On 1/06/2004 the defendant entered into an agreement with Lloyds for a CC under ref No. XXXXXX On 20/06/2010 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of £3850. On 30/5/2014 the debt of £3805 was assigned to Aktiv Kapital Portfolio who itself assigned the debt to PRA Group (UK) on 21/12/14. Notices of assignment were sent to the defendant in accordance with a 136 Law of Proper
  13. Hi, Only just come across this forum after doing a bit of research myself, so I'm partially through the process, but would like input on anything I'm doing right or wrong, or have missed anything important out. History ---------------- Date of parking "event" was July 2012. PPC is a smallish one, local to me, as is the car park. I can give specific details, but I'm not sure that's wise on here? PPC I *think* was BPA at the time, but has since moved across to IPC. Ticket was apparently placed on car. Any notices that were sent out (can't remember if there were any, as they w
  14. Hello I had a few letters from bw legal saying I had until 6th August to resolve outstanding parking pcn charges before court action, I've been away for a few days and phoned them today to sort it (defend) and they said they have already issued court proceedings on 2nd August! Ten mins later I've received court claim papers. The amount they are claiming is £1950 for 19 alleged offences. There is no way I've parked on their car park and not paid 19 times and I've not had loads of letters either. Some dates go back to 2013 Is it too late to defend this now?
  15. hi there, ive received papers from the county court business centre for a debt i do not own, never owned or even acknowledged, how do i defend this? do i need to CCA request lowell? if so i presume its a template letter, which one? what do i enter in the defence or do i leave it blank and await details? ive acknowledged via mcol so hae more time, any advice needed please.
  16. Can someone please offer me some advice on ths matter please, i have some registered defaults on my credit file from credit card companies for the last 3 years, i am in a dmp with payplan with who i make a token payment to all companies as i am unemployed. I have written to all card companies asking for my cca, some have replied that they cannot find any paperwork and that the account is unenforcable, and others have said they cannot find the cca and will suspend payment to the account until the cca is found. 1, what is the position on this, do i carry on paying them or
  17. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists publishes today a searchable database that strips away the secrecy of nearly 214,000 offshore entities created in 21 jurisdictions, from Nevada to Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands. https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/#_ga=1.77749204.1777153412.1462887663 You can check up on your relatives now.
  18. Hi everybody, this is my first use of a forum so sorry in advance if I don't respond In a timely or correct manner. I have received court papers and have a few days left to respond. T his is for a credit card I took out in 2005 and defaulted on in 2013. At the time I had joined a fee paying debt management company, big mistake, don't do it! (went bust kept all my payments) devastated at the time. They wrote to this creditor who where only able to provide a reconstituted credit agreement so told them to stop pursuing this debt. Issuing notice to them. I then
  19. Ive received a county court claim from merligen investments for 330.00 plus interest and costs i have never dealt with them or had any Letters from them. ?? payment demands or default notices!!! Close inspection of Credit File seems it may be in connection with a shopacheck account but cant be certain. (Read a post sonewhere on here that was merlingen/shopacheck) Shopacheck account as far as i believe opened 24th December 2012 330.00 paid in full acc balance 0.00 updated 19/10/2013, old address placed on the record. looks good to me same as C-File. so checked merligen out,
  20. HI I am wondering if someone can help me word defence to a CCJ application that my husband has just received from black horse. I have 14 days to acknowledge and then 14 days to defend, but am struggling with the wording I want to defend on the basis that 1. Id like a copy of the CCA agreement 2. I want statements to check the balance 3. The loan is statue barred 4. There is PPI on the loan Can someone help please? Thank you
  21. I took a loan with Lloyds some years ago and the debt was passed to Lowell last year or so. They have been sending me letters I received court papers early December. I acknowledged them and spoke to them a couple of days ago as over Xmas I received a letter saying they would go for judgement if I didnt respond or pay by 6.1.16. I managed to get through to them yesterday after trying since Saturday. I was inclined to pay all the money ( with a loan from family ) as I have managed to clean up my credit file last couple years and dont want a CCJ. They said I
  22. Out of the blue yesterday my daughter received a letter and court papers from Park with Ease . Apparently she had parked at a car park - White Moss in the lake district on the 9th October 2014. This was the first time that she had received anything from them. My daughter moved in June 2014 and had informed the DVLA etc that she had moved. We have never had any letters from them otherwise this would have been dealt with before now. When we she showed us this letter today I immediately got in touch with them to stop the action whilst we sorted it out. But their response
  23. Firstly, apologies for the long winded detail - I posted this on another website but as I am seeking expertise thought it be good to post on these knowledge boards too I received a Claim Form this morning in relation to BlackHorse via Lowell / Bryan Carter. Firstly, I have not at any point acknowledged the debt. Secondly, I know this is probably not valid - but the default date was issued by BlackHorse. Lowell / Bryan Carter have 'lied'? on the claim form in relation to a default date they issued. My belief is that this is not possible, right? Thirdly, I hav
  24. Name of the Claimant ? Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd Date of issue –3 June 2015 . Date of def = 4pm Friday 3th July What is the claim for – The claim is for the sum of £2XXX.XX in respect of monies owing pursuant to an overdraft facility under account number XXXXXX XXXXXXX The debt was legally assigned by Santander UK PLC to the claimant and notice has been served. The defendant has failed to repay overdrawn sums under the terms and conditions of the bank account. The claimant claims 1. The sum of £2XXX.XX 2. Interest pursuant to S69 of the county co
  25. hello my brother has got court papers delivered to his old address his ex partner rang him to tell him this is for a debt that is 4 months off the 6 year mark my brother has depression has for years being in debt has made it worse for him my brother and his ex have a joint mortgage and he pays towards his daughter who lives with his ex in there home he has not been getting the debt letters as they have been going to his ex house and she has not told him about them only this letter because it was for court I got the information and with my brother rang up rob
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