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  1. As I feared, it's so frustrating that the entire amount of equity we make from the sale of the house will be used to pay PRIME. I don't suppose it's worth me challenging the interest rates, and there being no reduction for an early settlement, or there being no response to the SAR?
  2. Ah yes, I read that in earlier posts. We rang the FSCS regarding what we believed was a breach of the original contract, Welcome had led us to believe that the loan could be transferred when we originally took it. We never had any intention of staying in this house beyond 10 years. Prime are refusing to allow us to transfer as they are only an account management company. We are now completely restricted as to what we can do. The FSCS advised us to speak to Prime and escalate to a formal complaint if we are unhappy, we believe Prime have 8 weeks to respond and if we are still unhappy we can then take the matter to the FSCS. Does this sound like anything you have come across?
  3. Hi Again Since my last post - SAR was sent to Welcome on 22.2.18 with £10 PO, No Response from them to date. The CCA with £1 PO sent to Prime Credit, they returned the letter and PO asking for £10 check with written request with signatures. I called them to inform them I had requested the CCA, not a full SAR. They apologised and sent a copy of the Loan Agreement and the Legal Charge which I have just received. I have finally found the original documents from Welcome Finance including the loan agreement, T's and C's, Legal Charge, Payment Breakdown showing NO Insurance cover, and a demands and needs statement again with NO insurance. The APR is 15.71 variable, rate of interest 15.39. The current interest rate is 14.4000. I have searched the T's and C's, although it does not say that the loan is portable if we move home or transferable to a personal loan, it also does not say that it can't be. On this basis I have escalated to a formal complaint. I'm not sure what to do as the solicitor for the sale of my house has received the settlement figures. I'm not certail how to deal with this. Can you possibly advise. Its such a mine field.
  4. I'll prepare myself for an extremely stressful bumpy ride. SAR has been sent so it's a waiting game now. I'm intrigued to see what they send me. The next stop for me tonight is the loft to search for old paperwork
  5. Thanks again cruzhughes. Much appreciated. I sent the letters today to Prime and Welcome. I spoke to FSCS who checked the information they had on clients who had been mis sold by Welcome. I wasn't on their list either. They gave me a customer relations number for Welcome and told me to call Welcome to ask about any PPI insurance and any other insurance policies relating to my loan. Welcome checked and said there are no insurances what so ever on my account, only the usual fees which apply to everyone who takes out a loan. Looks unlikely that we have any PPI, I've been doing some calculations and the figures don't seem to add up. The original loan was 17k starting nov 2007 over 180 months AIR 14.40% = 41,577. Prime say there is 9868 left to pay and they do not give any reductions for early settlement, infact they add 30 days interest if you settle early. But with my calculations for the remaining months up to Nov 2022 with the current monthly payments of 234.18 we'll pay 13,348. its very confusing. I informed Welcome that Prime Credit told me yesterday that Welcome are no longer in existence and have ceased trading completely which is clearly untrue. The link above takes me to a page not found. I've checked the official search page and it gives me lots of options to request official copies and official searches, all of which have the option to pay £7 or £3. Sorry to be such a pain. Can you advise which one I need as I paid £3 yesterday for the title which I saved and printed.
  6. Ah that makes sense. I thought i was losing my mind I'll PM the info to you now. Many thanks
  7. The Title No starts with GM and ends with 76. The Copy of the title is filed under a reference no beginning with WA and ends in 36 The loan is in both mine and my husbands names.
  8. Date on a Welcome Statement says - Date of First Movement 14 - Nov - 07 The date on the LR Deed says - (19.11.2007) Charge dated 13 November 2007 in favour of Welcome Financial Services Limited. The Charge has been varied by a Deed of Variation dated 17 September 2016 made between (1) Welcome Financial Services Limited and (2) Alpha Credit Solutions (28.11.2016) The Deed of Variation dated 17 September 2016 made between (1) Welcome Financial Services Limited and (2) Alpha Credit Solutions varies the charge dated 13 November 2007 in favour of Welcome Financial Services Limited referred to above.
  9. I've responded to your PM but i'm not certain they're sending. Let me know if you recieve it
  10. I'm probably asking a silly question but is it Section 77 of the CCA that I'm referring to?
  11. Hi, yes, this was the only dealings we had with Welcome. That's Great, thanks, i'll make a start on your thread.
  12. cruzhughes many thanks for this. I'll get on to this now and gather the documents. Kind Regard I haven't claimed any PPI as yet. To be honest i've been extremely stupid and naive. The loan has been ignored for the last 10 years and i've only taken any notice of it now that we are selling the house. I'll take all of your advice on board and start with the SAR to Welcome. Will this give me an indication of any PPI and other charges/fees associated with the loan? I've been through a mountain of paperwork trying to find the original documents from Welcome and I can't find them. Very frustrating. Your advice is hugely appreciated. Sounds like you're having a terrible time with Prime. Any pitfalls you can share are most welcome. Many thanks
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