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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Back in June 2017 we had a letter stating due to income (loads of overtime) we had been overpaid tax credits and payments would stop. In August another letter stating that overpayments of £2800 had been received but a final decision would be made. Final decision made and we are now facing a demand for this amount. I have checked through our finances and this seems correct, they want all of 2016 -17 back and the few months of this years. I have read through many of the threads about this and the advice is generally not to phone them, in this case I guess it's ok just to set up a repayment plan? Can they force the amount or will they have to settle for what we can just about afford? say £50-60 a month. Just want to be forearmed before I make the call. many thanks in advance. mutts
  2. Hi, I have 2 loans with welcome. 1 was for a car where I was well ripped off, and the other for a cash loan. There is no HP. My cash loan was for 2000 and is a fixed sum loan agreement. and to date I have paid back £3839.63. Aktiv kapital want £450.85. The total amount payable on my credit agreement is £3950.64. I CCA them a few weeks ago and got my original document. Never knew I was paying that much. also got a copy of all payments made since stay of loan in Sept 2007. Interest was added monthly until 05/05/2010 when went to step change. Then frozen. Only 1 fee of £20 for direct debit cancellation in may 2008. I want rid of this debt, feel I've paid enough, or in my calculations only now owe £111.01 minus any extra charges. What can I do. My next post will be about my car. AKTIV KAPITAL have not supplied my payments made but my balance is still £6163.23 Been paying this since January 2008. Went to step change in may 2010. I've looked closely at my credit agreement and there is shortfall extra insurance that I didn't ask for, and a whole array of confusing figures. The amount of credit for the goods was 7950. I've been conned and want to sort this out as lost my job, (but am fighting in employment tribunal) and need to clear up my debts as got loads of them totaling 15k. Please help
  3. Hi all, Just a bit of advice required my mother is getting letters and calls, most recent from PRA over my sons debt but he has not lived in the UK for over 2 years and lives in Riga, she has ignored the calls and returned the letters back to the collectors but some are failing to stop harrasing her. Even his credit report shows his address in Riga but they are still bugging a 75 year old woman who has none of the debts to her name. Any advice greatly appreciated
  4. Hi I'm not sure if I am posting in the wrong area so I'm very sorry if I have! I applied for a payday loan last night with Peachy loans. I was declined (I'm actually glad of this now) but as the page was loading it advised if I was declined it would send my info to another loan company. It didn't give me the option to stop that happening. it redirected me to Mr Lender website but I didn't want a loan from them so just closed the page. Within 10 minutes I had 3 emails and 2/3 texts from Mr Lender saying please come back and sign a credit agreement so we can get things started. I deleted them and didn't click the links. During the peachy loans application I had given my employer details which I assumed were just incase I got accepted and defaulted and they could chase payment with me there but today at work Mr Lender called me at work to ask if I wanted a loan still!! I am furious!! Surely they can't be ringing me at work to offer me loans? I work in a small office and one of colleagues called over to say a finance company were on the phone for me so everyone probably thinks I've got someone chasing me for debt!! I am so embarrassed and all the calls at my work are recorded! I told them to never call me again and hung up. When I finished work I called them and demanded to speak to a manager but they refused to put me on with anyone and I ended up hanging up on them. Who can I complain to about this? Surely they are not allowed to harass me to take out a loan with them?! Thanks in advance Charlene
  5. Hi I was on leave from work for a couple of week and have returned to be told by my colleagues that "a company called red castle keep phoning every day for you, they said you will know what it is about" I got the feeling that they know what red castle are and I feel quite embarassed about it. I don't know how they got my work number or do I have a clue what this debt is about because I have had zero written communication from them at all and and just one text message earlier this week saying "this is an important message for ----------. Please call red castle today on 08448949506 quoting ref -----------". I dont know ifthey have tried to phone my mobile cos any strange numbers I dont recognised are blocked automatically. I need these calls to stop from now before I get told off by the boss or quit with embarrassment. I have looked on their website for an email address https://www.payred.com. But their site is rubbish with no info on it. Has anyone got an email address for these **** and any advice to make them stop (stop now from today, no more calls) causing me problems at work?
  6. Hi Everyone, Just a quick query, I have sorted out my debts thanks to the amazing advice from this forum. One of these, Capquest has been in dispute for over 18 months, and have been quiet since. Now on Saturday, I got a phone call from them on my work phone (which is a shop), how they got hold of this number which no DCA's have I don't know but refused to go through security with them and told them it was an offence to ring a work number. If they ring back, i wanted to know what I can threaten them with, is it OFT? IF they persist I will send a letter but I want to quote the correct statement to them. Any idea's fellow Caggers?
  7. Hi all, Just a quick one, I am not ready to pay JBW yet and am talking to citizens advice (ill ask them this question too) but they are phoning my employer! Surely this is a breach of the DPA in some way? I dont need people here answering those calls knowing I am being chased by a bailiff. What can I do? Also, can they clamp my can in the work car park? It's private land so wanted to ask just in case. They are chasing for unpaid parking fines. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi. I had a roasting at work yesterday from my boss. Mackenzie hall have been phoning the office and I am not allowed calls at work. I have written to them to tell them that I'm not allowed calls and still they insist on phoning. I am in the process of getting a complaint off to the OFT, however, yesterday I found out that they actually left the reference number that relates to my account with someone in the office. I just would like to know if they have breached the Data Protection Act as well as OFT guidelines. Thank you! Paul.
  9. Hi I have been getting phone calls daily for the last 2 weeks from cabot yesterday they called me 5 times between the space of 4 hours! I have answered once and said writing only but they are continuing to call! I haven't had any letters from them so have no idea what it is concerning! I have checked both call credit and experian but can't see anything from cabot! I don't have a call blocking service on my mobile to block them So I just cut them off!! How can I find out what it is concerning without actually engaging in a conversation with them? Will I just wait on a letter? I have moved a few times in the last 4 years! Thanks
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