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  1. Don't Worry about it Winston, all sorted really. I rang Welcome and they have offset it. Apparently its on the letter that you sign allowing them to offset.
  2. Mmmm, well. Not sure if the loan was sold on or not to be honest and rang FSCS today regarding the letter and they stated they had no records of sending it. Is there a way I could find out if the debt was sold on ? Also I am almost sure it was a secured loan, would this make a difference ? Just to add, we lost our home due to unforeseen circumstances about 6 year ago and the mortgage company sold it for less than half the true value.
  3. Right. Firstly thank you for all your help in this matter. Been in contact with FSCS and they had no record of any letter sent out. Contacted Welcome and they knew about it, what they owed me in underpaid PPI has been offset against what I owed them from over 6 years ago, which apparently states this on the letter so cant argue So if anyone gets a letter saying they owe you more money and you still owe them then don't bother.
  4. Sorry, I do apologise but what does that mean ? was it welcome who contacted me or FSCS and who would I speak to regarding this, I have been looking around the interweb but it looks like WF are no longer trading according to the FSCS. https://www.fscs.org.uk/what-we-cover/ppi/welcome-finance/
  5. I feel such a idiot saying this but I cant remember. but I don't think the address was Welcome but having said that I am no sure. I know how this sounds but I know, I messed up not getting a copy I think it was something like fcs or somthing
  6. Not sure who to contact to be honest, can not believe I didn't copy the letter, I am really mad at my self, if Winston puts a copy up on his own thred then I will contact them
  7. Sorry for Delay in reply. No nothing and to be honest I don't think I will be seeing any thing, with something like this I would usually copy and keep for future reference but didn't sorry I cant be a bit more helpful.
  8. Just giving you a update. Sent the forms back on the 7th Oct and had no reply back as yet. Stated on the letter received it could take upto 15 days so assuming this means 3 week. Just thought I would let you know.
  9. Thanks for the advice and help, I will send it back then and see what happens.
  10. Thanks for the advice, really appreciated. As stated I still owe them money and I think we all know about the underhand tactics of Welcome Financial services and with this in mind would it be possible they are just after me recognising the account, and if there is compensation due then there is a 99% chance they will offset the compensation against what I owe them. If this does happen my question is : Does or will this offset payment be classed as recognising the debt and open a can of worms. Forgot to mention but put the dates in wrong, we had the loans 2008 - 2012, haven't g
  11. Hi all. Not been on here for quite a while but I am really stumped with this. Between 1995 and 2000 we had 4 loans from Welcome 3 paid off but one we defaulted on because of all the force tactics and extortionate charges for phone calls and letters I just stopped paying, I know it was wrong but thought " sod them they have had enough from me " I did make a successful claim for PPI and got paid out, great i thought. Just received a letter from them today stating irrecords show that I am due a further refund as the original offer did not fully put me back in the pos
  12. I have recently found out it defaulted in May 2011 by checking my noodle report, I was going through a lot of family issues around that time and it is possible but according to Lowell NO payments were made to the loan what so ever, not 1 payment, this is something I wouldn't do, even if I had the loan I would at least tried, so to answer your question I am going to say no, I did not take a loan out with provident.
  13. Thanks for all the replies they have confirmed my suspicions. Just for reference would they have a legal right without the original contract ?
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