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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, I'm a newbie to the site and I hope i'm in the correct forum. I would be very grateful for any advice or guidance from those of you with experience of similar issues. We took a loan with Welcome Finance in 2007 secured against our home for £17,000. Over the years they have changed companies and are now known as Prime Credit. We have taken steps to sell our home and have accepted an offer. It is only now that we are in a position where we are looking for a new mortgage that we have realised the secured loan will create difficulties. We have paid £234 per month for almost 10 years totalling around £28K. When we finish the loan with Prime Credit in another 5 years we will have paid in excess of £40k Can anyone offer some advice on the best way to approach this with the Loan Company please. We have just realised that if we have to settle the loan first we will not have the deposit needed to move house. We have been improving our credit scores over the past few years and are bordering on achieving Good. Would it be advisable to apply for an unsecured loan to pay this off or would this also affect our mortgage application. We are so confused about the best way to deal with this Many thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give.
  2. Hi all, I ordered things yesterday online, I selected next day delivery, but when I have just checked now, they aren't estimated to arrive until Friday? Something I ordered today is also due to arrive Friday and not tomorrow. All were prime eligible products. So I jumped onto their webchat, and spoke to someone. Turns out they have suyspended next day delivery until they can catch up from Xmas and get their drivers back. In fact here is a snip from the web chat. "Ojas: I can truly understand your concern however as you must have been aware that we had loads of deliveries on Christmas season so the inventory at our fulfillment centers is revising so they are not getting shipped on the same day as they are placed. This is the reason the next day delivery is extended however please be assured that it will be in its original form once again in 2 to 3 days as all of our carriers are also returning back to work. Me: hmm so it's down to the fact you are behind on deliveries, that's fine as long as you say that Ojas: So please be assured that the prime one day delivery service will be in effect within a couple of days." Isn't this a breach of contract? A warning for anyone else expecting their deliveries they day after they are placed as usual.
  3. I have today received a letter from the above mentioned asking me to contact them (letter is addressed to me by name) as i may be the person our client wishes to make contact with. The address is a huddersfield address and the DPA reg number links it to global debt recovery in malden. I am assuming its best to leave it well alone until they come up with more concrete stuff (my credit file is fine , no missed payments defaults etc etc) I have no idea what this might be about , but looking at previous threads seems like they have come up with a different name again to disguise their intentions
  4. Just finished a free trial of amazon prime, only to be offered a free trial of amazon prime. How is this possible ?
  5. Not sure I understand the terms and conditions of Amazon prime. Has any one used the free trial and what does it all mean ?
  6. Ive just been bombarded with inertia selling offers from Amazon - they must be desperate. £72 pa or £1.38pw Its not so much the money as the waste of time its going to expose me to. I already instinctively discount 99.9% Hollywood drivel (although fair play to HBO, they have produced some great stuff I looked through the available movies, and out of 650 I would only watch Sounds like the kind of video pollution I want to keep out of my life, like most of the rubbish on live TV I am appalled at the effect this must have on young minds:mad2:
  7. This is reported tday. David Cameron should have been statesmanlike. Instead he was partisan. His remark to Tory MPs that 'you should not be walking through the lobbies (i.e voting) with Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers' was unworthy of a British Prime Minister. BTW I think a militant exchange. One quote made it was idiotic and crass to say that. It demeans the reality of war. The insult not just aimed at JC but anybody who expresses doubt about the wisdom of bombing Syria. It applies to John Baron, a former British army officer who served in Northern Ireland when terrorism was at it's height. Mr Baron warned that in proposing this action, Britain risked repeating the errors of the past,and was setting out on a 'tragic and misguided path once more'. The office of labour MP Stella Creasy who was undecided ahead of the vote, was yesterday surrounded by a gang of thugs, forcing Ms Creasy to leave the Commons Chamber repeatedly to check that her staff were safe. Polls last night suggested around half of all British voters are opposed to the military adventure in Syria. If true, David Cameron just damned more than 20 million of his fellow citizens as 'terrorist sympathisers' on the basis they have not been convinced by his sales pitch? For that matter, the Prime Minister's remarks would also apply to the Daily Mail which warned last week that David Cameron has not yet convincingly made the case for war. Indeed, the epithet 'terrorist sympathiser' might also be applied to the many experts who are entirely unconvinced by David Cameron's claim that there are 70,000 moderate Syrians ready and willing to join the fight against IS on the ground.
  8. Last year I had a repayment plan setup to get rid of a CCJ. I had 2 payments outstanding (totaling around £120) and everything went quiet. The last payments never went out and now it appears the company has simply vanished. All traces of the website has gone, none of the phone numbers or email addresses work and I'm still left with an active CCJ against me and no way to actually pay the thing off. Is anyone dealing them still and if so could you provide either a phone number or email address so I can finally rid myself of this debt. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone have any experience of this? I have a sub-prime mortgage with Accord and since I came off their fixed rate initial special offer my interest rate has gone up three times - this during a period when base rate has been 0.5%. I now pay almost 8% but of course as I have struggled with the repayments, no other lender would touch me. The Financial Conduct Authority have now said they are going to be looking very closely at lenders who do this to 'trapped' borrowers while base rate stays so low. I have long thought how grossly unfair it is to continually put rates up when there is nothing trapped borrowers can do. Has anyone else had this experience? Accord tell me it is because I am a 'risk' but since I have a large amount of equity in my house I don't see how I am any more of a risk than anyone else. They can always get their money if I stop paying -meanwhile they have nearly an 8% return on their money - where else would they get that?? It would be good to compare notes in case the lenders in question don't take the very big hint the FCA are making!!
  10. ... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/subprime-lender-swift-group-used-loophole-to-avoid-paying-74m-in-tax-8907683.html[url=http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/subprime-lender-swift-group-used-loophole-to-avoid-paying-74m-in-tax-8907683.html?origin=internalSearch][/url]
  11. Can a secured loan ever be Statute barred?
  12. my debitcard recently got refused when paying for shopping obv on a tight budget, but i knew i had money left got back home looked at my online portal found a payment called Amazon prime for £49 debited 28/1/13 at xmas i got given a £50 amazon gift card/voucher as a thank you by someone i looked back at the emails/order details when i used the giftcard on 2.12.12 it had bit right at the bottom about auto sign-up to amazon prime scheme if i did not cancel in 30days. bit cheeky. but had info to cancel membership etc straight on the website to amazon unticked and cancelled it, however gave no indication about the return of the money taken. on the phone to amazon explained the scenario operator on a very poor IP phone sounding like a dalek stated that because i had purchased previously [2011!!] and paid by the debitcard [even though that item was super saver free postage] i had enrolled myself in the prime scheme. any subsequent orders activated the prime scheme and thus the card give almost 2 yrs before was debited with the £50 [incidently the £50 item i just order was free postage too on the ad] stated i was none to pleased about this, a bit of a sharp practice after a wee bit of to'n'fro, where i was told there is nothing that can be done i needed to read the small print!! i said ok i'll goto my bank and get it back under the chargeback scheme 'we won't allow that' said the bod.. i said you've no choice, you can't just decide almost 2yrs later to debit a card without any notification. said email was sent on the 3rd jan i said no nothing received etc etc went over again how can you charge me £50 for this prime scheme about instant express postage when both the items i've had from them were FREE POSTAGE. eventually got somewhere when i said i was going to terminate the call and expose them on their twitter feed and do a chargeback. told the money had been recredited there and then. i'll wait and see if it appears if not watchout amazon..incoming!! after all that i did a quick look around and found lots of people have had this problem so if you've ever used amazon and given them your card number and then ordered again check your bank statement carefully. DX
  13. I had something with Amazon where I hadn't realised they had been charging for Amazon Prime from 2004 to 2012 at $71 a year. I knew I had amazon uk but the other one is from when I had an American Boyfriend. I looked and the card they charged was expired in 2007, but they INSIST that is the card that is charged and used every time. For nearly ten years and thats what they refunded to. It hasn't shown up in my account, my mum's account or anything. They refunded only one year
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