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  1. Hi All, Could really do with some help , I am trying to get unjustified charges back from swift took out an unregulated secured loan back in Oct 2007 for 36k repaid over 100k and now paid them 47k in settlement as now sold my house....................please can anyone help they have offered me £600 !!!!!!!!
  2. Hi All, I have recently (in the last two days) been subject to a second hearing for possession of my home by Swift Advances. We've had two hearings. First hearing the CC judge ordered that we investigate the excessive interest on our account and get clear explanation from Swift as to why they have charged an account management fee every month since the year 2007 to date--totalling £5267.00. We investigated to the best of our affordability to no avail. However, Swift advances made a statement over the phone to me (i quote) "We at Swift will never charge you a fee as long
  3. Took out a secured £12k loan in October 2007 over a 10 year period. Please note I didn't want to take out the loan but had no choice if I wanted a quiet life as at the time I was in a controlled marriage ..mostly mental with some physical abuse resulting depression, anxiety and panic attacks . The 10 year loan gives 120 months worth of payments out of these 120 months I made 107 payments on time and 13 missed payments these were down to my so called husband taking the money out of my wages in the bank to pay loan and saying would put back to pay but never did ... with my depress
  4. Just a brief outline regarding my experience dealing with Swift Advances regarding a excessive charges complaint of which involved Fos. 2005 I took out a regulated loan for £10000 to be paid over 5 years.. Regular monthly payments were made inline with the agreed amount, sometimes a day or so late. This triggers charges on the account of which also incur the same interest rate as the loan. as you can see the charges are relentless. Late 2008 i was in severe financial difficulty as i was elf employed my business was struggling. Realising the depth of debt especially with Swift fo
  5. A few years ago my husband applied for PPI refund from a loan with swift advance, although he was definitely mis-sold it his complaint was rejected eventually via the Ombudsman as nobody wanted to take responsibilty and the correct file(s) couldn't be found with the appropriate details,he feels the ombudsman let him down big time but heyho, who is he? He recently received a letter (I couldn't upload it for some reason)stating "In line with the Financial Conduct Authority policy statement PS17/3 issued in March 2017, you can now make a further complaint against Swift Advances PLC (swift)
  6. HI I'm new to this site after stumbling across it after searching for advice on how to make a claim against Swift Advances. I have read Nicky74 story and mine is not much different in that i took a homeowner loan out with for swift for £8000 in 2003 i think. I paid them sporadically for about 3 years which comprised of missed/late payments and finally settled the loan after splitting with my then partner and selling the house. Swift Advances took £28,000 of the equity in the house to settle the debt which i could do absolutely nothing about. I have absolutely no p
  7. Hi all I have applied for all my information from Swift Advances, but I think the broker does not trade anymore, so will have to go to FCSC for PPI reclaim I think?. I am not sure how to go about the spreadsheet that is talked about. ...is there a step by step guide, and a copy of the spread sheet? I want to try to reclaim extortionate charges from Swift.
  8. In 2006 I took out a secured loan on my property with swift advances, the loan was £44,000. The loan term was 10 years, with monthly repayments of approx £450. 3 years ago I missed a few payments and fell into arrears with them of £4000 and in 2014 they took me to court in regards to the arrears. I managed to clear the arrears by making an agreement of paying £200 more on top of the original monthly payments. The arrears were cleared but now the term of the loan has ended (in 2016) and I am left with £44,000 still left to pay (somehow??). Swift are now planning to reposses
  9. In 2007 me and my then husband took out an additional secured loan on our property with swift in joint names for the amount of £10k the money was to do up the house. In February 2007 the loan was granted to be paid back by Feb 2017 in the same year me and my husband split up which resulted in a divorce soon after. I was left with a loan, mortgage and 3 very young children to bring up on my own. I informed the company with the changes in my circumstances but was ignored instead advised that I was liable for the full amount as I was the resident in the property in questio
  10. Hi folks, long time no posts. Been very ill with long term major depressive disorder amongst other things. The story. Was long term sick from civil service, put onto half pay which was paid by SSP from November 2015 to may 2016. During same period was 'single' as ex wife upped and left because of my sickness in 2015 (nice of her to support me) Applied for single person CT relief and was granted, although there was part of a joint bill still outstanding that i owed. Nobody to advise whether i could claim full relief/benefit due to being on SSP for that 6 month period.
  11. 2007 stepdaughter and her husband took a secured loan (against house) for £10k. They subsequently separated and daughter was left high and dry to pay mortgage, loan and bills etc. Inevitably she fell into arrears but managed in 2014 to pay off all the arrears and has continued to pay monthly. The loan term ends in April 2017 and she has now been told she must pay £32k in further interest and legal charges. If she doesn't pay they will repossess. This would bring the total cost of the loan to over £50k as she has already paid them in excess of £23k. Ombudsman has
  12. Hi, i'm new to this forum and need help with what steps to take when dealing with Swift advances! I took out a loan in 2004 for £47,500 in which i had to prove my income by self certification as i was self employed. i started to struggle with the debt so Swift allowed me to take out further advances based on my original proof of income! between april 2004 to november 2006 they allowed me to take out 7 further advances without question, bringing the grand total of the loan to £97,743.00. I then started to fall behind with payments so swift asked me to increase monthly
  13. Good news. Swift have been ordered to pay back all charges plus interest in a county court judgment. The judge ruled that their standard terms between 2002 to 2009 were unfair. Regards
  14. hi there , just a quick question , my wife had a letter drop through the door this morning from swift in merthyr tydfil claiming she owed £650 council tax for an address back in 2009 , even though she was on benefits at the time , she contacted the council in question and tried to deal with it through them , and got told she would have to deal with swift , she contacted swift and offered them £5 a week as shes on benefits , and they refused and told her we want £15 a week or we will send enforcement officers around and add more fees on if u dont pay the £15 a we
  15. Reference Swift Advances Being new to this site, yesterday I posted the following message on the back of continued subject of Swift Advances. I have since been advised to create a new thread on the subject. I have a Secured Loan with Swift Advances, the execution date of which was 31.07.06 The amount of credit for the Loan was £100k On the Statement there is an amount of Credit for PPP in the Sum of £10,696.00 A broker fee of £6000.00 Can anyone advise what the PPP is for - presumably not the same as PPI - I have since been advised that this stands f
  16. Hi, I have kept an eye on this forum for a while and, like so many others that have got mixed up with this bunch of lowlifes, I have been trying to stop them getting possession of our home. I haven't posted about this before because this situation is so embarrassing and, also, because I didn't know if Swift spy on these forums. Long story short, Swift have an Eviction Warrant but we managed to get it postponed for a couple of weeks before which, hopefully, we will be able to pay the arrears off. I've read up a lot on here over the past few weeks and followed other peoples threa
  17. Hello I am new to this, I have been reading up on your blogs about swift advances they are a force to be reckoned with, if I could get them of my back it would be such a relief. I took out a consolidation loan with them in 2008 which is secured to my mortgage, at that time I was very unsure whether to take the loan or not but with my foolish self listened to the sales person on the other end who suggested I take the loan and maybe in 3 years time I could apply for a further loan at a reduced rate. I accepted., not knowing that I was never intended to pay off tha
  18. any ideas as FOS cant do anything....... can they? they sent me a summary of my account and thats the only contact ive had off them.
  19. Issue 2 (Swift) Ctax Liability -They walked into my head office (I'm an executive who has to represent the company to a very high standard) basically announcing to our staff any clients and our sub-contracted trainers I have bailiffs looking for me. They also send a volume of reminder letters to my office when they have my home address. Am I able to get this debt handed back to the LA/or apply to the issuing court to suspend the order if I pay? How much weight will the above lend to an official complaint and/or request to the issuing courts? Best Regards, Dan.
  20. Hi folks First time posting, so apologies if this seems a little amateurish. We had a loan back in 2004 that was spread over 20yrs, but it included PPI that was only going to be "live" in effect for the first 5yrs of the loan and would only pay a maximum of 12mths if I was out of work. We've settled it early but wonder if we can claim anything back ?? As a result of it being included as a front-loaded charge and being spread over the 20yrs, it cost almost £6k more than it would have if we had taken the loan over 20yrs and a separate PPI loan over the 5yrs. Anyone have any i
  21. Hello and thanks for reading, im new to the forum so please bare with me. My mum died in 2008 when i was only 15. She had a mortgage through hallifax and had a loan secured on her house through swift. The loan was taken out on 20.10.2006 for £19,133 (I believe this was the amount with interest added on, i think she only received about £15,000. At the time she died her estate was handed to my aunty to deal with as i was too young. The market wasn't great for selling so my aunt thought it would be in my interest to keep the house on and have a tenant living there in the mean tim
  22. Got a secured loan with them in March 2006, no problem with repayments. But in 2009 had a huge change in personal life, I wont bore you with details, but had to become full time carer for my disabled son, this involved having to quit work. Arrears started to build with Swift, did the "Bury head in sand and hope it went away", as we all know it doesn't. During this time I had suffered serious health issues.. Anyway, had to address the problem with arrears, and have kept up a repayment plan right to this day, never missed a single payment since 2012. The loan term was 10 years,
  23. Firstly apologies if this isn't posted in the correct place - new to the forum! So I have an issue with Harlands, seemingly like a lot of other people. I know a lot of this issue falls on only myself to blame but I do feel like I was not fully informed of what I was signing up to at the time and didn't realise how tied in to this contract I was. So I joined Swift Fitness in October/November of last year, when I signed up I didn't have anything really explained by any member of staff. He just set up the form to join on his little ipad device which was a pain in the ass to use an
  24. hi all, i took a loan out with swift sterling £1580 over 5 payments 1st payment of £230 paid, recently, but im not going to be able to make the next payments 4x £630. so my question is i'm going to offer £150 a month im assuming to the value of the borrowed money . now should i make this offer now or after ive defaulted, im moving bank accounts so they cant get at my wages at the end of the month. ...will they then try and take the money out of my bank now if i let them know before hand of my impending doom? ive used advice before from this f
  25. hi all I had a vist from a swift bailiff for a unpaid tv license fine 2 days ago who said he had a looksmith on the way. I did not let him into my home as I came home from work and he was sat in his van outside my house and he told me I had 1 hour to find the full payment of 650 pounds witch I just cannot afford I made him a offer of 100-150 pounds a month witch in no way was he going to accept and kept threating me with removal of goods from my home within the hour until I saw the letter he put through my door before I got home witch stated I had 24hrs to pay he was not happy when I pu
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