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  1. well i was finally making progress.... the MFSA was investigating my complaint after i posted a huge amount of paper work to them. then today i get an email saying that its no longer their job to investigate these complaints and the investigation has been closed. got to complain again to another authority now.
  2. Swift..... nothing. they dont respond to any communication at all. contacted the financial people in Malta who also seem not very interested.
  3. Hello, yes, PAYDAY Express repaid all the interest back on Friday, plus the usual 8%.... It's taken alot of time with being handled by the Ombudsmans, who seem to give 4 weeks to respond every time.... But a happy result. I have no idea what to do with Swift Sterling- as they just won't acknowledge me.
  4. What if they keep ignoring? Could they just not pay out?
  5. well payday express have failed to communicate with my adjudicator at all in anyway........ been sent to ombudsman now , so dunno what will be the outcome.... probably ignore them as well.
  6. well Payday Express never sent the adjudicator the info she requested on numerous occaisions , so she looked at the info i sent and decided that 15 out of the 18 loans were unaffordable........ now waiting for their response yet again, theyre ment to reply by the 29th June.
  7. if they dont even supply info....... can they refuse to pay out?
  8. latest update payday express........adjudicator is currently looking at this but payday express have not sent her any of the information that she has asked for...twice. dunno how this will pan out.
  9. Payday UK have now made an offer now FOS have got involved.......they say that if you roll over 3 times then its classed as unaffordable and the Adjudicator says their offer of £817 and to amend my credit file is a fair offer. Just Payday Express and Swift Sterling to go.
  10. Mr Lender Todays response....... the usual "we have done nothing wrong" email........... but as a gesture of goodwill we would like to clear the exsisting debt of £466.93. that'll do for me. Payday UK and Payday Express ............. im still waiting on the adjudicators , strangely i thought they were the same company as the letters from both companies come from the same address, but FOS have got them as 2 companies Express Finance (Bromley) Limited and Instant Cash Loans Limited. then theres just Swift Sterling.
  11. It takes time but put the work in and hopefully youll get some results.... i have.
  12. yes i did but re wrote it on my own words.............. thank you
  13. will do, what response have you had off Northway since contacting MFSA? just read your PM .......... thanks
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