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  1. Could someone please offer me advice for the following situation: Had initial mortgage through broker with GMAC House repossessed following divorce £1000’s added in fees: missed DD; late payments etc Spent six years with ccj but now with A++ credit Paratas now coming after me for £5000+ repossession shortfall after selling the house In fact I have to appear in court in the next week or so to face a money order claim for the shortfall. My question is this: is there anyway that I can make a counter claim in 2018? I understand that several years ago people whe
  2. Hello there, I have recently been away from my rented flat as I have been looking after a very ill family member. It was very stupid of me, but I never gave paying my council tax any thought. I have been out of a job for awhile, and have only just started to apply for benefits. When I returned to my property, I was greeted with a lovely notice of enforcement letter from Marstons Holdings, stating I had until the 10th April to pay. Well I did not get back to the property till the 12th. I have tried to contact Marstons directly, having no help whatsoever. I have c
  3. my UC payment was due, logged on to check all was ok like I do every month. They're paying me £24. I usually get around £700. They've said it's a system error and they can't give me a timeline just probably after Christmas I'll get it. I'm due it in 2 days. I have no food gas electric or money. Civic centre can't help me, disability means I can't go out right now so can't get to a food bank. And to top it off I was just finishing paying my overdraft back I got to clear rent debt from the initial 6 weeks of no payment. Now my bank said if it's no
  4. We are being threatened with EDF getting a Warrant to disconnect us and wonder what the timeframe is for this, do they go to court, can we appear and appeal this decision as we are in a vulnerable position? ..serious financial issues over past few years, arrears in region of £5k! Emailed and been in contact with Exec complaints, they are hearing none of our problems and only want to execute the warrant. Have applied to EDF Energy Trust, but told to expect 6-12 weeks for processing, EDF not budging on the deadline of 31st August 2014, say t
  5. 2007 stepdaughter and her husband took a secured loan (against house) for £10k. They subsequently separated and daughter was left high and dry to pay mortgage, loan and bills etc. Inevitably she fell into arrears but managed in 2014 to pay off all the arrears and has continued to pay monthly. The loan term ends in April 2017 and she has now been told she must pay £32k in further interest and legal charges. If she doesn't pay they will repossess. This would bring the total cost of the loan to over £50k as she has already paid them in excess of £23k. Ombudsman has
  6. Hi All, im looking for advice. On Monday 13th March a bailiff came to my door saying he had a warrant to enter and search my home with the intention of removing goods. I asked him why and was told that my son had an outstanding court fine for running a red light last summer some time and that it had not been paid so he was here to collect the debt in full or recover goods to the value of. He said he had a locksmith, removals van and the police on route but if I let him in peacefully and paid the outstanding amount he could cancel the police and locksmiths presence
  7. Hi, I'm just wanting a little advice please. I could have the opportunity of a part time job of 10 hrs per week which is over 5 nights which is 2 hrs and the wage would be £72 per week but paid monthly. Now my partner claims ESA for both of us as he is unable to work.. we receive £115 a week ESA and Carers Allowance of £62 per week which I receive to care for my partner. my partner also receives £450 month DLA. we receive housing benefit of £89 per week but that is paid direct to council. Now would I be better with the part time job or would we lose some of th
  8. Hi all, Hoping someone can advise. I am claiming tax credits for myself and 3 children. Up till April 2015 I was single separated from my husband but still married. I lived in my own rented house, In April 2015 my landlord gave me a notice to quit and I couldn't get another property as I wasn't earning enough and they didn't take hb. My husband had just bought a house in his own name. he decided to let me and the kids stay there as he off shore most the time anyway. I called tax credit's to say that my husband would be using this as his postal address
  9. Hi I know its Sunday so may be quiet but Im making myself ill just thinking about it. Here goes. Ive worked for my employer for almost 7 years. Our department is made up of what we call permanents and term time workers. Until July I was a permanent but due to the ill health of my husband i changed to term time. In our department 1 permanent and 1 term time work together. As i changed my role I would then swap to a new partner. I was placed with my new partner in July. All happy and no problems. I finished work in August and Im due back tomorrow. On Friday I recei
  10. Help....worried sick mum here....and a newbie to this site, please tell me if I've forgotten anything on this post..... My daughter (age 16) was really stupid in July and tried to shoplift from Boots, she was stopped (thankfully - believe me lesson learnt - why does it always have to be the hard way?), the police were called who in turn called us. They had a 'discussion' with my very distraught daughter in front of me but said they wouldn't charge her and that this would be the end of the matter (before I got there they had already tried to calm her down telling he
  11. Hi, Back in December of last year i received a Contractual Breach Charge (fancy name for parking ticket) in a FREE hospital car park, £100 or £60 if paid within 2 weeks) The conditions of the car park is that you get a permit to put in windscreen, the first day that was fine, i collected it from reception and that was that, the second day i visited was the Sunday, reception was closed, no sign to say where to get permit from, just signs that say you needed one. I went in (couldn't ask a member of staff what to do for a couple of reas
  12. Hi all. I am a single mother with three children aged between 4 and 10. I worked in a London law firm up until I was made redundanticon in 2007 and then my husband and I decided I should stay at home with the children while he went out to work. In June 2012 my husband and I suffered a very messy separation, he moved out, and we haven't been on speaking terms since and he hasn't been interested in seeing his children for quite some time. After my husband moved out I informed HMRC of the change and was awarded Child Tax Credits which have been paid to me until August this year when I
  13. Hi this is my first post to the group- My name is paul and live in york. Back in 2004 i took out a home inprovement loan via safestyle uk for the sum of 2171 over a priod of 120 months and i took out payment protectection at a cost £471. Shortly after taking the loan out as i was contracting my contract wasn't renewed, upon trying to claim againt my payment protection i was informed i wasn't covered as i was classed as self employed (shame they never told me this when charging me £471) i had a dispute with them as i wasn't working and wasn't covered after months
  14. Hello all from this forum, Lets start back from 2012, on september 2012 I was going to complete 14 year living in this country and for the ones who think I am another foreigner trying to reach the easy life, i can assure you that I have done more to the english elderly than a lot who has bourned here and I am very well documented about that. but the matter is not that yet. Two months before I completed the 14 years life in the UK which would give me the right to apply to the ''leave to remain'' the prime minister, Mr Cameron changed the rules of 14 year to twenty two years, but gav
  15. Hi there I am new to this site but I really don't know where to turn at the minute. A few years a go I took out a business loan for around 140K. Due to a series of issues I had to walk away from the business which naturally left me with a considerable amount of debt that I haven't been able to pay. The loan was secured against two properties (one commercial and one my home). The bank repossessed the commercial property last year and until today I have had no contact from the bank at all when today they sent me bank statements for the business loan account and my overdraft account.
  16. Hi to all on your forum, i came across it by luck and i must say i am very impressed how helpful you all are. Firstly can i say i am doing this for my mum she is 82 years of age and im knocking on a bit myself. me and my partner Kathy look after mum. Im not very good with grammar or spelling so i hope you can forgive me. Here we go. early September 2013 we decided to think about having a single story extension built onto mums house, mum had not been that well and we recognised that at some point we may need to move her bed downstairs to make things easier. Anyway we asked a bui
  17. I am one of 4 adults living in a house provided by Birmingham City Council. I hope you can help Almost 3 weeks ago our combi-boiler broke leaving us without central heating or hot water. The council attended promptly after reporting it (but beyond their 24 hour promised call out) and said that a total replacement would be advised. The boiler has been fixed on average 3 times a year ever since it was fitted and is in a terrible state. After many phone calls, failed promised visits, we are still without heating. They claimed they have to fit scaffolding before a replacement could be ex
  18. Hi everyone, New to all of this so don't understand too much of the jargon as of yet, but hope someone can offer some advice for my situation as I am clueless! My situation: 21 year old University student Debts: £2200 - Nationwide credit card £500 - HSBC overdraft unpaid £500 - HSBC credit card £1400 - Co op overdraft unpaid So I'm consistently receiving letters to my parents house threatening court action however I now live at university where they don't have my address and I have completely ignored contact with all of them. These debts were all
  19. Hi, I need some advice please, am worried sick. Letter came yesterday from hmrc compliance saying I did not respond to their request for info regarding child tax credits award for 2012-2013 tax year in November. This letter I genuinely did not get so need to ring them tomorrow. I am not definite about what they want, but have to admit here that I've been overpaid because I did not declare all my income. On checking P60s (frantic trawl thru bags of paperwork) I can see I have also claimed for 2011-2012 when I wasn't entitled. I'm not attempting to hide what I've done, initial
  20. Hi all. I am in desperate need of some help & advice, so after spending some time trying to find info off the net have ended up at the CAG forum. my car insurance was due for renewal on the 23rd of this month & I received an email from the insurance company saying that they would automatically renew my insurance & that I didn't need to do anything & it would all be done for me. Well the renewal quote was completely ridiculous (even though I was apparently getting some sort of huge loyal customer discount) so I shopped around & got a quote that was £2
  21. Hi everyone, Fantastic forum with lots of great advice. I have been researching things relevant to my situation but I think the best thing would be to post my queries and hope that some of you can help me clear things up. I am beside myself with worry, and I'm constantly feeling down and really don't see how I can get a proper life back. I fell into arrears with a vanquis credit card when I fell into money troubles through my business not doing very well for a few months. I did contact vanquis to explain my situation and request that they froze any charges / interest
  22. Hi, I am new here and have read some advice about debts being statute barred. I took out a loan with welcome finance approx 2004 (can't remeber exactly), and as far as im aware, I haven't spoke to them or paid in 6 years. I went through finance problems and ignored them as well as informing them that this person had moved out. I know its daft I was desperate at the time as had no money. I recieved another letter via a debt agency last week saying I now owe them and if I don't come to an arrangement then they 'may file legal proceedings'. I don't currently have a ccj, and desperately
  23. Hi, Another newbie here, and I never thought I would become this desperate but having thoroughly read through a lot of people's own issues I get the sense that I am in the right place. I really need help to understand the options I have - So I will give you a bit of background. I lost my job in September 2012 and it has taken till June this year to start a new job. In between that time being on benefits for the first time in my life, all my bills became a nightmare - I have the following debt: LloydsTsb Overdraft £1224 - which I have a reducing overdraft payment of £13 per
  24. Hi - I am completely devastated. I received a call today from a HCEO who advised me that I owe them £1945 for a debt. I was unaware that there was a debt and have never received the letters from the courts - the call today was the first I had heard of it! In any case i dispute the debt entirely - the original debt is for £600 which i allegedly owe to a former business partner. To cut an excruciatingly long story short, i went into business with two individuals whereby i was MD and the only employee who actually did any work. They paid £500+VAT legal fees to a lawyer
  25. Hi there , second time i've done this as somehow I cant find my other thread, so hope this works. If anyone could help me completing my statement on the N244 form. I have an eviction notice/ warrant of possession on 13th Jan and need to get this form in by Fri latest to try and get eviction stopped by next week. I am wondering do you keep it short and sweet or should I go into great detail of how the last time I went to court the judge ruled at 450 per month and when I used to phone them GE MONEY they wouldn't except payment and wanted 600 PM instead. This resulted i
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