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Found 9 results

  1. Hi. I got caught yesterday at Tk maxx Cambridge as I took a shoe worth £29. I know it's very cheap of me to do such a thing and believe me I'm ashamed of myself. The security person asked me to come to a room asked me to accept what I have done or else he would call the police. I was frightened and immediately accepted. told me that I will be banned from any tk maxx store nation wide for 12 months and that I need to pay a fine. asked for my driving license but I don't have any so he asked for my bank card. took my name from the card and wrote on a form. asked for my address and as I was saying the first two line of my address, he was busy in talking to the manager and didn't asked or wrote my full address. Then he told me I'll be contacted soon via phone and post to pay a fine. But he didn't know my phone number nor my full address in London. Will they be able to reach me? Shall I be any trouble because of this? Please let me know. I will never do such a thing in my life again.
  2. Hi folks, long time no posts. Been very ill with long term major depressive disorder amongst other things. The story. Was long term sick from civil service, put onto half pay which was paid by SSP from November 2015 to may 2016. During same period was 'single' as ex wife upped and left because of my sickness in 2015 (nice of her to support me) Applied for single person CT relief and was granted, although there was part of a joint bill still outstanding that i owed. Nobody to advise whether i could claim full relief/benefit due to being on SSP for that 6 month period. Didn't make any claim, couldn't cope with life. My head was well and truly gone. My mental health took a turn for the worse and i was off work for a further six month period where i had zero pay, no SSP but managed to keep myself housed and fed by borrowing from family and friends to pay rent and ate basic food; all whilst i was dealing with a legal issue regarding my early ill retirement issue with legal assistance from union. During the zero pay period i had claimed ESA although only received payment for about a moth before it stopped. I didn't know why it stopped; the guy at the hub said i was getting it. My mental health was bad and i just went along in my own crazy little world, out of it on my meds for chronic pain and depression. Didn't care, was suicidal and in self destruct mode in many ways. Eventually i got pensioned off in November 2016. Lump sum paid into bank and approx 1k monthly ill health pension is being paid every month. I had 20 years service with civil service dept before retirement. So, still away with the fairies, still very sick and still on the happy pills i had cash in the bank and some income coming in to eat and pay rent whilst i find a cheap house in the auction to live in without a mortgage by using my lump sum to buy a small house outright. I was financially able to pay back friends and family so paid them asap as the relationships were starting to get strained. I didnt want to lose the only friends i have, being chronically depressed you need some support and life is lonely enough as it is. Out of the blue last week get a letter from ESA that i was to be put on contribution based ESA from November last year which was to be back dated and they also paid a back dated sum for all the payments they didn't give me that were due from June last year until last week. This has been now been swallowed up in other debt payments. No explanation as to why i wasn't paid Now i have some pension money in the bank for a house, a letter that says i am and was entitled to ESA from May 2016. During this time i did not pay council tax, couldn't pay it as i had no money coming in. I had previously wrote to the council and told them of my woes although i cant recall ever making a claim for benefit using an official form. I had told a council guy on the phone once that i was getting ESA because of zero income. Then i had a note from Swift so i sent them the report from my consultant, a vulnerability notice that i had got from another bailiff over unpaid speeding fines (another long story) together with an updated report from my doctor, which cost me money. Now Swift have been chasing me for council tax from 2016-2017, after i sent them the forms and consultants report i heard nothing until they turned up yesterday. Arrogant young kid, i had taken my meds so he was lucky i didn't take his head off and shove his recording device camera up his jacksy!! I have these turns where i lose control when under any kind of pressure from perceived authority figures. At 140kg and 35 years in martial arts and a champion boxer in my youth the community psychiatric team have their concerns although i manage well with my meds. Anyway......................... I paid the outstanding bill from when my ex wife and i were together. I kept the Swift kid outside event though he asked to come in. No warrant no entry. He added on a fee to what i had owed in council tax and i took that one on the chin. I told him that i disputed the other outstanding amount because: A. I was entitled to single person discount during the chargeable period that they say i owe. B. I was claiming SSP and then ESA for the whole of that chargeable period and should have had some reduction C. I am vulnerable and have little in the way of support. He says he will come back in 2 weeks after i contact the council. I have written to them via email and they have not yet replied. This Swift goon was talking about £1800+ no way i owe that!!! I can and will pay what i truly owe in CT out of my pension lump sum, however i don't agree with paying any charges, paying any more than i was supposed to pay bearing in mind that i was on SSP and ESA at the relevant time. In any case i don't want these people at my door, it sets me off, the hairs go up on the back of my neck and i don't want to hurt anyone, don't want to get locked up so that's why i keep away from conflict as much as possible. I have sent them my vulnerability and psychologists reports previously. I never called their office because i was so wound up, in any case experience tells me that i will get nowhere with the call centre staff as they are mostly buffoons and scoundrels that try and hoodwink people into paying as they are also on 'commission'. I would have ended up getting even more angry and that doesn't help. My head went after he had gone and i had another mini breakdown. Got the knives out of the cupboards etc. Was supposed to go to my brothers wedding today but cant face the world so cancelled at last minute Will i get anywhere with this battle? I have read numerous threads here that state that once its gone from the council to the Bailiffs then it is out of the councils hands. I don't agree with this as the bailiffs are collecting on behalf of the council and are therefore 'agents' of the council under contract. Regardless of my point of view on the matter, how can they (Bailiffs) try and extort an alleged debt (CT) that i don't actually owe (based on the fact that during the relevant chargeable period i was sick, claiming SSP and ESA with zero income) Long story, bad situation for me. I don't want to evade my liability, however i also don't want to pay that which i don't actually owe! Especially to scoundrels like Swift, sending out these young athletic steoid type men trying to intimidate and hoodwink people. Any advice welcome. Thanks
  3. I received the N1SDT from Cabot/Mortimer Clarke as I have been working away so only saw it yesterday morning, I have already Acknowledged it via MCOL I chose the option Intend to defend all. the Particulars of Claim as follows:- By an agreement between LTSB & defendant on or around 15/10/1998 ('the Agreement') LTSB agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card. The Defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 3830.31 At the total cost Amount Claimed 3830.31 Court Fee 185.00 Legal Rep Fee 80.00 Total 4095.31 My question at present is as there are no account numbers on the form What should I put on a CCA in the Account number Reference to Cabot. Also sending CPR31:14 to Mortimer Clarke To clarify I do accept I had a card through Ltsb and also have been a bit of an ostrich in the past, due to various reasons I also have not been good with repayments since Jan 2015
  4. Hi, I have an annual season ticket zone 1-2. I recently moved to Catford and yesterday I was stopped by an inspector. I produced my ticket but this is zone 3. He then asked me where I was travelling from and where I lived. I have money on my oyster to pay for the difference. But then he asked me where I had travelled from in the morning. I said I had forgotten to tap in the morning as I was running for the train. He then cautioned me. I have been living in England for a few years but I don't understand what that means exactly? Seems this a legal term with consequences... He did not identify himself, I asked him if he would not fine me for the journey. He said he was cautioning me and reporting me to the company: First Capital Connect. He asked if I understood that I was free not to answer but that not answering would be taken the wrong way in a court of law. I was totally surprised and mesmerised. Should I not get a fine, a penalty? He asked for the details and was trying to check if my details were correct of where I lived although it seems he wasn't able to check He was asking if someone else lived with me? What does that matter? What is a caution exactly? Can they still opt for a penalty or will I more likely get prosecuted? Shouldn't there be some more precise information being given? I asked what was going to happen and what this meant and he said "the company will decide" Surely this is not the correct way? I was travelling on my own so I have no witnesses. I did admit to not having tapped in in the morning but he was just assuming I wouldn't pay. Shouldn't there be some good will? Can they check past journeys to make a case against me? Thanks for any help and comments PSF
  5. Hi there 1st post hoping for some help Yesterday I received a Charge Notice from TPS saying: Reminder Having checked the vehicle details with the DVLA we are writing to you because either you were the registered Keeper at the time of parking or the registered keeper has named you as the driver at the date and time a Parking Charge Notice was fixed onto the vehicle after having breached the following parking terms and conditions. The driver was observed leaving the site whilst the vehicle remained parked on the premises at Halfords, Harrow, Greater London On 21/9/2014 at 16.30 They are asking for a payment of £90 within 28 days from the date of notice served They also state the discount period has now expired therefore the full Parking Charge Notice amount of £90 is due The trouble is I have never been to Halfords in Harrow anytime and definitely wasn't there on the date or time stated. They have my car reg correct but the vehicle model is wrong! Help guys what should I do when it clearly wasn't my car
  6. evening hope somebody can give me some advice to put my mind at rest, came home from work and there was a open letter in a envelope that says High court enforcement by hand urgent removal of goods pushed through my door inside letter high court form no55 notice of seizure the name on it is my soon to be ex husband he hasnt lived here for 5 months please can somebody advice me what to do? thank you in advance
  7. High Court Enforcement put a note through the door yesterday, reference a CCJ and subsequent High Court Judgement, that had gone through without my knowledge (yes really!) The original debt is a few disputed invoices with a parcel courier dating to 2009. I have had no communication with this company since 2010, when I wrote to them offering a value to clear the debt, to which there was no reply, and also no reply to a follow up 6 months later. Since then, not a dickybird heard from them. All paperwork went to an old business unit I used to rent. Although upon calling the original creditor today to check my account status, they have the CORRECT address for me on the system. 3 years later they appear to have found the account and decided to push ahead with it, so I would assume all letters, court docs, CCJ etc went to the old, and empty business unit, and therefore would've been returned as 'gone away'. Of course the HCE guy does happen to find the correct address so drops a demand for £3000 through the door yesterday. This morning I have applied for N244, which they said will go to the judge later today and they will write with the outcome within 48 hours. No phone contact will occur they stated. In the meantime, how do I keep the heavies at bay, stop them coming back until the N244 is stamped? Also they levied on an expensive camper van which is my wifes and all in her name, we have receipt of purchase, DVLA docs, insurance etc which prove it's not mine. Debtline said that this is their mistake and that they can not levy again, which is a relief. What do to for the next couple of days?
  8. Well these are jokers, the CCCS sent a settlement payment to them on the 20th of November. No word from Joseph xxxxxxx as to if this has been received despite 5 emails to him to make sure this is the case. I returned from work yesterday to find a letter through the door from "Ground Collect" stating i MUST contact them right away etc, I called MHB who say they have not received payment, CCCS confirm it was sent. Set of clowns down at MHB that's for sure. Would of loved to of been in when they came round, It would of been fun that's for sure. Id of been knocking on 2 of my neighbors doors who are police officers to have them removed from my property.
  9. A bailiff visited my home yesterday and asked my name which I confirmed, demanded my DOB and NI or he would seize my car but refused to give me any other information and said he was going to make a phone call. As he was blocking my driveway I could not go anywhere but loaded my support dog and shopping in the car. He then backed his car on my drive directly in front of my car which happenes to be a big american 4 x 4. I then asked him again for paperwork (as I knew I had no debts) he refused, I told him to move his car off my drive and he refused. I told him if he did not move I would move him, he said I couldn't and I informed him my car was twice the size of his and I most certainly could:oops: Anyway I told him I was calling the police to have him moved which I did. Obviously at first they said 'civil matter' but I told them there would be a breach of the peace if they did not attend and that I am a disabled pensioner who cannot get around without my car while I might point out still wondering what all this was about. He obviously knew he could not be on my drive so he left and clamped my car. Even when the police got here he still said he had no paperwork but told the police the 'order' was for unpaid business rates in Cardiff. I have never lived or had a business in Cardiff and could prove (fortunately) to the police that I had lived in Nottinghamshire for the past two years and before that was in Hong Kong. They told him, he called someone and agreed to unclamp my car. However, the bailiff left saying there would be a warrent for my arrest made or a bankruptsy order, I told him I looked forward to seeing him in court (as I used to be a lawyer 20 years ago) I then called Cardiff City Councils business rates who told me as we spoke the file 'had been taken back by them' - there appears to be a business still operating in Cardiff under the same name as mine but how they made a connection to me is difficult to see. The council said they had been 'pointed in the wrong direction' and they did not know if this business was still operating or empy and the landlord (who they knew of) would not have notified them when he became responsible. My issue here is if the council believe the person they were looking for lived at my address why was no correspondence sent to me? Surely there must be some rules that govern this sort of thing, send correspondence to an address they know is the wrong one is surely bending the code of practice if there is one. My other issue is that now this has happened I am sure I can expect other debt collectors and bailiffs to be attending my home. I am not stupid and today I will be transferring all my assets including all my household goods and title to my car to my friend (whom I trust) so should someone attend with the intention of obtaining a WPO I will own nothing. As I am retired and rent my house I have no need of credit but it is annoying to say the least that I feel under attack with little hope of convincing anyone that the person they want is not me (Rip of Britian yesterday one lady had been trying for 5 years). I could not be that stressed for anything like that length of time. Has anyone got any other suggestions on how to resolve this in all honesty they could make me bankrupt as it would make absolutely no difference to me or my income and bank account but the bit of fight left says no way. I was conforting to read on this forum other people are having similar problems and I hope I posted this in the right place.
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