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  1. HI again, Can anyone help me with my witness statement? I have been going through the repayment record that I finally managed to get from swift and i've noticed that a payment made in 2012, of which proof was provided to the judge and to swifts solicitors agent, is still not shown on the repayment record even though the judge accepted the proof and told swift they could not apply any costs to my account regarding this missing payment. As they still have not applied the payment to my account, the arrears figure swift are using to evict me is, actually, not true. Can anyo
  2. Thank you for your help dx. Very much appreciated
  3. Hi dx, I am having trouble scanning the agreement but these are the figures given on it: Principal Loan - £25,365.00 228 monthly payments of £429.79) (we, actually asked for less than this but were told that if we made it over £25,000 we would get the loan quicker...I know why now...made it unregulated!!) Insurance Loan - £3,803.80 (36 payments of £60.17 then 192 payments of £10.35) Total - £29,168.80 (36 payments of £489.96 then 192 payments of £449.14) Interest Rate 18.39%
  4. Thanks Martin I'm going to give it my best shot. Hi dx, thanks for your help and, yes, I can try and scan it asap
  5. Yes I have read the sticky and I think i've worked it out right but just wanted to double check. I think my brain is fried from working out the unbelievable amount of all the other charges! Thank you for your help. I'm making a start on my WS now. Just going through a copy of Swifts WS to the court and they've been very sparing with the truth. Also, I really can't remember who the broker was but I will search for any more paperwork I can find.
  6. Hi, I've been working on the spreadsheets to reclaim the excessive/unfair charges but its taking a bit of time. I'm a bit unsure about the PPI element of my claim so wondered if you could help me. The loan had PPI of £3,800 added and agreement says we pay it over 36 months. Can you advise me how I calculate the interest on this please.
  7. Thank you, found it. I will try get it all done and post it up tomorrow. I really appreciate your help
  8. Thank you Martin, I think i've nearly completed the spreadsheets but its all a bit confusing, doesn't help that i'm on morphine for pain and my head is a bit fuzzy and confused! Its the WS that worries me more as I have no idea about that. I'll try finish the spreadsheets now.
  9. Hi Martin, Thank you so much for your reply. They, actually, have an Eviction Warrant but it has been suspended for a couple of weeks so we can try and pay the arrears before then. If I can gather enough evidence to show these astronomical/unfair charges and, hopefully, be able to reclaim some/all of them, I was hoping to apply for a hearing to suspend the warrant again on the grounds that the arrears Swift are claiming we owe are wrong. Swift don't want to give me any documents willingly, so I've had to fight for any documents I do get! I have managed to get a copy of the statement
  10. Hi, I have kept an eye on this forum for a while and, like so many others that have got mixed up with this bunch of lowlifes, I have been trying to stop them getting possession of our home. I haven't posted about this before because this situation is so embarrassing and, also, because I didn't know if Swift spy on these forums. Long story short, Swift have an Eviction Warrant but we managed to get it postponed for a couple of weeks before which, hopefully, we will be able to pay the arrears off. I've read up a lot on here over the past few weeks and followed other peoples threa
  11. Thank you for your advice. I will try and telephone the court.
  12. Hi, I wonder if someone could give me some advice please. My son received a notice of intended prosecution approx 3 months ago for speeding near the Dartford Tunnel. He made that journey a couple of times week and I sometimes drive his car on the same journey and drop him off while I go to Lakeside or Bluewater Shopping Centres. We believed that I was the driver on that day and filled the form in accordingly but, after downloading my bank statements to check when I had brought something I wanted to return, I realised that I wasn't, actually, the driver on that day. I wrote to the Police and to
  13. Hi, thanks so much for your reply. The discrepancy was in the amount of £210. My daughter spent an hour after closing trying to find this figure and discovered that a mistake had been made during the day and put this mistake right. The next morning she got another staff member to also check the figures and the other staff member also noticed that something had been put through twice and once this was rectified the figures tallied.She has not contacted the police as yet as she has been suspended while her employers investigated but she has told them that she will ask the police to investigate
  14. Hi, I apologise for the length of this post but I wonder if anyone could give some advice in regards to a few employment problems my daughter has. My daughter works in a bookmakers and the problem started earlier this year when she was working on her own and had a problem with a customer who started getting very aggressive and was threatening to kill her and told her that she had better be careful when she left work later that evening, all because she had been unable to take his bet as it had not been placed in time. An hour later a friend of the man came in and told her it "wasn't a thre
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