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  1. ********UPDATE 2******** So [removed] came back yesterday. We were all out as I was being picked up from work then we went food shopping. Another notice stuffed through my door, only this time in an envelope that was scribbled on "URGENT" in all honesty it looked like something my 10 year old would have scribed with her foot. house was all locked up. He couldn't get in. This has obviously [removed] somewhat given the fact that we had a massive muddy foot print on the door where he had kicked it and he had gone round the back looking for a ke
  2. I thought so too given the time of year. Their both aware also that I have 3 small children and only work part time
  3. I was told that they could use force to enter the house but only as an extreme measure or last resort. If we were being unreasonable or in any way refusing to pay then they could and probably would. I've tried to make this as difficult as possible for them though by contacting the court and Swift's head office in writing (Via Email) to inform them I can and will pay the debt just not in the one lump like they want. I have, however had Email confirmation that my Email to the court office has been passed on and is being looked at so that's something I suppose
  4. No they didn't tbh and now Swift's head office are refusing to deal with it saying I have to deal with the bailiff direct. But I have made the agent take down dates and amounts of my proposal to pay which I'm sending to their office in writing now also. Forced entry is becoming more and more diminished for them I hope given the fact Im showing I'm not being unreasonable and am offering to pay. Something interesting I was told though is not to contact the police if he turn up again because they always side with the Bailiff and help them gain entry. Is this true?
  5. ***********UPDATE************** I spoke to Step change this morning and then to the court. Step Change were really very helpful. They set out a document containing all our financials and then Emailed me a copy to send to the court. I then spoke to the court - for all of about 2 minutes. I got through to what I suspect is a call centre where the agent said 'sorry you should have called us sooner - deal with Swift' and hung up. I spoke to Swift and needless to say they denied everything I said to them and refused any further contact with their office.
  6. Fingers crossed. I'll update tomorrow when there's a clear plan in place. Thank you all very much for your help and advice. Very much appreciated. Night
  7. What she said on the phone is that they would contact swift with some sort of financial work out of what we have and negotiate for the debt to be paid. She said they can not refuse to deal with them and I will not have to have anything to do with these ejits other than pay what's agreed (she didnt actually use the term ejit lol) Meanwhile, I'm going to speak to the court and look at the legality of the fine given the fact that I wasnt living there at the time or maybe just to take the debt back I can pay off the original fine in one go on Friday so hopefully
  8. I thought the fine was for that 3 week period that technically I didnt have one. But thinking about it did I really need one given the fact I did not have a property of my own?. I only agreed to deal with the people on the door thinking that it would save my husband this agro as I thought I had one I didn't need
  9. It was an annual payment. So for the previous 2 years I had paid in full once a year. When they ran the details it was out by about 3 weeks. I wasnt working at the time and they said no problem they will take it £12 a month. The guy filled in the DD form in front of me. I signed it. Come the end of the month they collected the whole £145 leaving me with 20 to feed 3 children for a week. I ended up having to borrow cash from my dad to go food shopping. I called TV licence to complain and the woman said tough tits. So now I'm paid up till aft
  10. Will that get my husband into trouble though? and ultimately will this Bailiff then just change the name on their court order?
  11. They took down all our incoming and outgoing. Think it worked out as roughly about 350 left but they didnt include food so does that count?
  12. Yes they have. We have a client reference number and everything. I'm Speaking to one of their specialist people at 8am tomorrow, then the court when it opens at 9am.
  13. We are living together now yes, but not when the TV licence people turned up. We pay council tax I'm not sure if I'm on the council tax bill. I can find out though. Stupid, why would they send stuff to my old address but not the court stuff?? Has anyone had any experience with Step Change also?. They are ment to be dealing with Swift's office tomorrow for me to arrange payment and stop any further visits. How likely is this to work?. It's not that I'm refusing to pay, I just didnt have 700 quid to give the guy that was coming there and then
  14. Confusing as The initial TV licence was in my old Address. It was on annual payment. It expired in Feb 2014 but I didnt know. I had already moved out by then and was back at my mums but staying in this house here and there because my husband and I were working things out we had a knock on the door in the March Saying TV licence. I said it was fine because I thought Mine from my old address was still good and was going to transfer it to his address as my mum obviously had one. That's when they said it was out of date probably as the ad
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