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  1. Woah guys thanks for the response! I haven't a lot of time before work to reply to you all individually, but will try to answer all your questions to maybe shed a bit more light, i can understand its confusing, i'm very confused myself. Also thanks for everyone sharing links, i will check them out in the morning! Is the mortgage and loan in somebody else's name as well The original mortgage was joint between my mum and dad. I was told when they split (never married) She got the loan to pay him his share of the place and re-mortgage. so it was only her on the loan and mortgage. However th
  2. Thanks for the reply, is trust law any solicitor can help me with? Or would CAB help?
  3. As said above my mum died when I was 15, from then all my mums things were dealt with by my aunty mainly and granddad. They never really got me involved in the process, even when i turned 18 and it should have been handed to me to deal with, but wasn't. Unfortunately I have nothing of hers but 1 photo as they've kept everything. They claimed to have done this in my best interest, which i can understand to an extent, but are very shady about her affairs and where 8 years of rent money has gone as a significant amount of the debt and loan should have been paid off, and as it stands there is litt
  4. Thanks for replying Andy. Is this something I can do over the phone or is it best to do this is writing? Thanks
  5. Thanks for replying. I have sent off for a SAR as advised on here. As i said my aunt deals with all her things so i dont know the full ins and outs of it all. she had PPI on the loan, and life cover,however apparently both wont pay out because of the way she died (alcohol induced liver failure.) I dont know how true this is. And she believed she had life insurance through the mortgage but apparently when she re-mortgaged she didn't add this back on. Hopefully you can see how confused i am as i dont have full access to anything of hers.
  6. did you have any luck with this and what was the final settlement figue, im in the same boat with the same amount of money, and have no idea where to go from here.
  7. Hello and thanks for reading, im new to the forum so please bare with me. My mum died in 2008 when i was only 15. She had a mortgage through hallifax and had a loan secured on her house through swift. The loan was taken out on 20.10.2006 for £19,133 (I believe this was the amount with interest added on, i think she only received about £15,000. At the time she died her estate was handed to my aunty to deal with as i was too young. The market wasn't great for selling so my aunt thought it would be in my interest to keep the house on and have a tenant living there in the mean tim
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