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  1. I received a County Court Claim form for the above alleged Shop Direct debt in March and put in my defence in April. I have sent the CCA and CPR 31.44 requests but received nothing back. Now I have received a N149A Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track from the court and then a letter from BW Legal telling me my County Court Judgement is in arrears!! Surely if I put in my defence and the debt has not been proven then I shouldn't have a CCJ? Confused! Please help!
  2. Hi, I don't know if this is in the right section. My mum passed away in may and my brother is sorting out her affairs. She inherited her house from my Grandma and Granddad. We are trying to sell her house and the buyers solicitor has asked a very strange question. My grandma and granddad brought the house in 1940 and the house did not have a fitted bath at the time. My dad had just started a building business and installed the bathroom for them. The solicitor is now asking if they had permission to install the bathroom which of course we don't know. Is there any period of limitation regarding this or anything else we can do. Thanks JJ
  3. A few years ago my husband applied for PPI refund from a loan with swift advance, although he was definitely mis-sold it his complaint was rejected eventually via the Ombudsman as nobody wanted to take responsibilty and the correct file(s) couldn't be found with the appropriate details,he feels the ombudsman let him down big time but heyho, who is he? He recently received a letter (I couldn't upload it for some reason)stating "In line with the Financial Conduct Authority policy statement PS17/3 issued in March 2017, you can now make a further complaint against Swift Advances PLC (swift) under s.140A of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, in relation to its failure to disclose commissions associated with the PPI policy which was sold to you" We are not entirely sure how to pursue this, any advice, links, info would be hugely appreciated. Thankyou. Dawn
  4. Hello Friends, Scottish Power, my previous energy provider, had some misleading text on the bills about my current and the best tariff possible and this caused me to not switch to the best tariff. I raised this with energy ombudsman, who agreed with me and asked Scottish Power to pay me Goodwill gesture of £30.00 for shortfall in service. However the ombudsman said they cannot ask Scottish Power to pay for consequential losses due to misleading literature, which would be to apply correct rate retrospectively. Ombudsman said that compensations like consequential losses, stress etc are not in their scope and that's why they can only recommend a Goodwill gesture compensation for shortfall in service. Can you please advise where can I go for consequential losses, other than court. I tried Financial Ombudsman but they said such cases are in their scope. Financial Ombudsman suggested going to ICO. Are they right? Can ICO look into this case of consequential losses due to confusing literature.
  5. Bought a car: - made in 2010 - 89,000 miles - Ad said: "car is mechanically excellent" - Paid GBP 2900 with debit card - Trade seller After 200 miles, car broke down (engine noisy, smoking and not going anywhere). Seller said I was driving the car with a problem, hence it's my fault. Called citizen's advice, got deferred to consumer helpline. They called today, saying: 1. The burden of proof is on ME 2. I need to take the car back and get an independent export report 3. I need to prove it is a "manufacturer's defect" All these 3 are totally contrary to what I have found via google. What in the name of Elvis is a "manufacturer's defect"? this is a 7 year old car! What to do? Bought car: 20 Jan 2017 Car broke down: 27 Jan 2017 Dealer picked up car for inspection: 2 Feb 2017
  6. DX suggested I create separate threads for two PPI claims - this is the first for Blackhorse. I received a response to my SAR within a week of sending the SAR. I can't really work out what I'm seeing in the documents PDF attached. I've tried to be very careful to remove all identifying stuff from the documents before uploading. It seems I took out a HP Agreement for a car and PPI was added and that I paid this for 9 months and then the HP agreement was converted into a standard loan with Blackhorse / Lloyds. I'd be grateful if anyone who understands these agreements can take a look - there are some alarming figures. For example, the original price of the car was £14995. I paid a deposit of £4100 and with PPI, charges for credit etc the price was back up over £20k I'm not even sure this loan was properly constructed. It's all paid off now but I want to make sure if there is anything I should be claiming, in addition to the PPI in the first 9 months that I'm not missing something. The statements in the attached PDF do not show the first payments but they were made. I think I seem to have paid 62 payments instead of 60. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  7. Hi All, I hope this is in the right place. I'm currently looking to renew my mortgage, and this morning had the advisor come back and say it had been denied for bad credit. I immediately ordered a credit report from Equifax, and discovered a default from RBS from January 2015. I was not expecting this, as I had a 12 month payment plan set up with them, which ended in December 2014, and I foolishly assumed that that was it done and dusted, and asked them to close the account. For reference every payment was made on time, via Direct Debit. Around this time I was moving a lot, so correspondence was tough. I have had no notifications as far as I'm aware, and they have my correct address on file, (or so the credit report says). As soon as I found out, I recalled a strange call two weeks ago from a recovery company, asking for my details with regards to outstanding credit - I contacted them, went through the security process, and I(I think maybe stupidly) paid the £268 balance, to change the credit report to settled, rather than Defaulted. I now need to approach RBS, and try to have this removed from my file, as it seems to me like an admin error on either their or my part, I think strongly them. I haven't received any notification as I say, and the first I knew about this was the odd call asking for personal details two weeks ago, and then viewing my credit report today. I've read around and there appear to be a few ways to approach this, ranging from the 'sympathy approach' - which I can't see working with banks, even though I've paid it off immediately on finding out it existed, through to sending letters asking them for evidence that they gave me 28 days to sort this out before it defaulted. I was hoping someone could give me some advice on the best steps to take to get this removed, it seems such a trifling amount to have a mortgage declined - and it seems like madness that the mortgage lenders view a £268 default, the same as a £26,800 default. It's going to really affect myself and my fiancée, as it could stop us moving house for 4 years! In a bit of a scrape here, and any help would be much appreciated. Best Regards
  8. Hello, I am hoping somebody can give me some advice about an issue I am experiencing with the online store "The Works". On September the 1st I ordered a toy (A remote controlled geotrax toy, costing £4) on September the 2nd I receive an email confirming that the order had been dispatched. Last week it still had not arrived so I email them asking where it had got to, I then received an automatic refund later that same day. I emailed again asking why it had been refunded, I told them that if the parcel had been lost, I'd had preferred a replacement. This is when things get a bit confusing as I started receiving emails from two separate people from the works, one telling me that the parcel had been delivered back to them at store, so that's why the refund had been issued, another one telling me that it had been dispatched and was on it's way still. I asked them to clarify why I had been refunded if it's still on it's way (she told me it hadn't been refunded, but it 100% has been as I can see it on my bank now) This person told me that the parcel had been dispatched with Hermes. I have been onto webchat with Hermes today and they have confirmed for me all the parcels they have had for my address in the past 28 days - one from tesco direct, and another with shoezone.......But nothing from The Works. The person who said it had been redelivered to store, said that she was not at liberty to tell me who it was dispatched with (I know this is incredibly confusing, as the other person who emailed did tell me, I am getting email responses from two people, giving me two different versions) This one also told me that if I wanted to receive the toy, I would need to re-order it. She said replacements were against their policy. So I am very confused about what to do next, should I just leave this or raise the issue with management? I am a bit annoyed that they seem to have lied to me about dispatching it with Hermes, seeing as hermes have no record of it. Sorry it's a bit confusing, I am confused too Thank you for reading.
  9. After a split with my partner in 2005 i received a letter through the door which turned out to be a loan agreement , the loan appeared to be in my name and that of my ex partner . After looking into the agreement i tuned out my ex had managed to obtain a loan in both my name and his against our home . It tuned out that my ex had signed my name to a loan without my consent . It all went to court and my partner was convicted of fraud and my name was removed from the loan . I recently found out that a charging order was placed on my home as a result of this court case , It appears on the land registry as a mortgage in both mine and my ex 's name , I am a little confused about the whole thing , i have tried to get information on the charging order but cannot seem to do so as the bank states they cannot discuss the debt or the amount the charging order is for with me as the debt is in my ex partners name . I have been managing to pay the mortgage myself for the last eight years and am am just a bit worried to say the least that i have struggled to meet the payments on the mortgage so the equity it seems can go towards paying of my ex partners debts . ...seems a little unfair ...:- Any help understanding charging orders would be a great help ..... Does any one know how i can obtain info on the judgement for the charging order
  10. Does anybody know how to interpret a BC Sar properly?! Mine is printed out in 1 long sheet and its confusing trying to make sense of it. I didnt receive any statements and after complaining i was told all the information is on the sheets! I'm looking to reclaim charges and it states :Late payment fees £84 total amount calender year to date. Does this mean in one year or the whole account time until the Sar was sent because that seems a low figure and a lot of them would have been in 2005. The account was Defaulted April 2010 and the Sar is from April 2011. Also as i have no dates how can i work out interest to apply!!
  11. Hi Guys, was wondering if anybody can throw some advice my way. Upon finishing my shift today, I went into the office with a colleague to find out what job i had tomorrow, and was told I didn't have a job tomorrow, and to open a letter I was handed (In front of my colleague). The letter states as follows: Dear XXX, ABSENCE MANAGEMENT HEARING Since you have started work at XXX Ltd, you have had a total of 26 days absent from work in the last 12 months. Due to the level of absences that you have incurred, you are required to attend an Absence Management Hearing which has been arranged to take place at XXXX on 03/09/2012 at 10:00am. You will not be expected to work until this matter is resolved and you will remain on full pay. The hearing is held under the terms of the Disciplinary policy and procedure and it's purpose is to: - Set out our expectations in regards to what is an acceptable level of attendance. - Examine the history of your absences in line with the Absence Management Policy. - Discuss recent informal management actions that have taken place. [NB i have no idea what this is referring to] - Ascertain if there is any additional support we can offer. - Discuss any mitigating circumstances that we have not been made aware of. - Reach a decision that sets a formal outcome and that may set additional attendance targets for your future attendance, based on policy guidelines or some other outcome. You should be aware that this is a formal meeting and due to the significant level of absences, within the first year of your employment, that your employment contract could be terminated, or alternatively you could receive a final written warning. The panel will comprise of PERSON A, who will be chairing the hearing and PERSON B. You are entitled to be accompanied at this meeting by a recognized trade union representative of a union of which you are a member or by a work colleague; these arrangments should be made by you. Should you have any queries in relation to this matter please do not hesitate to contact me on the above number. Yours sincerely PERSON A. I asked if this means that I'm not working tomorrow (as it wasn't really made clear as to whether this was a suspension) and they said yes see you on Wednesday. Now, I have had some time off, namely 2 weeks when i had a health issue and underwent tests for testicular cancer (it wasn't cancer fortunately, however i do need surgery), and when my child was ill. I have also had the odd day off and asked for it to be taken as holiday which was agreed to (I'm sure that is annoying to my employer however if they have agreed to let me take it as holiday then surely they can't record this as an asbsence?) The thing is, work has really dried up and everybody is working shorter hours etc and my friend thinks they are trying to force me out the door for this reason, but having only been with the company just over a year I think they would lay me off or make me redundant if that was the case - it's easier and less messy. I previously worked as an area manager for a company who were very professional and organised and were meticulous in their disciplinary procedures in which i carried out. PERSON A is renowned within our company (of only about 8 employees) of being power hungry, throwing disciplinaries and threatening jobs, and discussing personal issues and disciplinary outcomes with all staff that show an interest. When outside of the building getting ready to get in my car, another colleague, a supervisor who everybody cares very little for, came up (literally less than 5 minutes after I left the office) and said "PERSON A just told me whats going on, that's not very good is it? You're just gonna have to take it on the chin." Now he's a supervisor but he has no part to play in this due process and is not involved at all, and as such surely it shouldn't be discussed with him? I wasn't issued with a copy of the disciplinary process I wasn't issued with a copy of the absence management process I wasn't issued with a copy of my absences. I wasn't issued with any evidence whatsoever - just the letter above. The 'recent informal management actions that have taken place' line confuses me as i haven't been spoken to, if they have conducted any sort of investigation, surveillance etc then should i not have that too? The confusing nature of the letter - Is it an absence management hearing - Is it a disciplinary? I always had to conduct an investigatory meeting before scheduling a disciplinary meeting. Maybe the most standout point for me (this could just be my previous training) is where it is written "your employment contract could be terminated, or alternatively you could receive a final written warning." Does this not point to the fact she is pre-empting the outcome of a disciplinary by only considering these two outcomes? I was always told to NEVER pre-empt the outcome no matter how cut and dry it seems - it's too dangerous for the company. I'm sorry for the rambling nature of this post and the lack of structure to my points or questions but i would be interested in peoples thoughs/advice. Many Thanks, Lenny.
  12. Hi, I hope I have placed this in the correct place. This matter relates to a close friend of mine who is not internet wise so he has asked me to try and seek some advice on his behalf. It is complicated so if this post is long I will apologise in advance, I just wanted to get as much information that I could before posting up so you guys could point me in the right direction. My friend, who is registered disabled, but always worked, has always left the running of the house including all matters of finance to his wife. Unfortunately in May 2012 his wife died suddenly and unexpectedly. He does remember and has some details on some credit cards, mobile phone, store cards and a loan which was in his wife's sole name written off when she passed away. He was in some form of 'debt management' and had been for a couple of years before she died and remembers some of the direct debits being cancelled due to her death. Within the next year he also lost both parents within in six months of each other and as an only child he was not in a good place at all. Working through the finances on top of his grief has not been easy for him. He has had to learn about finances quickly and a few months ago he noticed a £25 direct debit was being paid which he could not match up to any of his records (just a ref number no name) so he cancelled it. A few weeks later he received a letter from Lloyds Bank Recoveries asking why he had stopped payment. He spoke to them on the phone and they said it related to a 'current account loan' taken out in 2007 and defaulted in 2009. My friend does not remember any of this. The amount they say is owed is: £2,521.54. It is at this point my friend spoke to me. I suggested that he contacts them and finds out what it was for, he made a number of phone calls and it appears he spoke to no english people given the names he wrote down and the phone calls did get strange, so this is what happened. In fairness to my friend he wrote down exactly what was said, dates and who he spoke too: 2 Jan 2014 (pm) NAZIA. Asked for details but they said they could not give any due to data protection but did say it was a joint 'current account loan'. Said they would be happy to settle the amount at a reduced figure of £2,020. 3 Jan 2014 (pm) ANUSHA. After speaking to me he phoned to ask again what he was being asked to pay for. They again refused to give details but would now except £1,890 as settlement. 4 Jan 2014 (pm) PAO. Similar request as above but they this time agreed to send a letter asking for a new settlement of £1,639 which they said was 65% off. Also promised to send a copy of the signed agreement that day. 9 Jan 2014 (pm) JAYASHRE. Phoned due to not receiving the agreement only a letter from Lloyds. This time Lloyds said they did not have the agreement but to call into local Lloyds Bank with ID and they would supply it. SAME DAY. We went into local bank as asked but the staff there said they didn't have such records to hand. She did look on the screen and said it was a joint account therefore has to be paid. They said the amount on default in 2009 was £3,325.47 to which they had received from my friend £853.93 since that time. This is odd because my friend was paying exactly £25 a month. No help from Lloyds other than that. As of today he has not had anything back from Lloyds and still doesn't have a clue what the loan was for. His original mortgage was with Lloyds but this was paid off following his fathers passing. He also remembers it had PPI attached to it and he had received compensation for the PPI whilst his wife was still alive. He has not banked with Lloyds for years. So the question is what does he do next? My thanks in advance.
  13. Hi - New member, so I hope I'm doing this right. I had a letter from Barclays this morning outlining the new overdraft charges they are about to introduce. I understand the basics, but I wonder if there's anyone out there who can help me with some confusion I'm having about my account setup? Basically, this is my problem - I have an Overdraft Limit of -£800, and an Emergency Borrowing limit of -£500. The confusion is, I would have assumed that Emergency Borrowing would be set at a limit higher than the overdraft limit. At the moment I'm £720 overdrawn, and have been for some time. I have two accounts at Barclays, and the one with the overdraft is topped up from time to time to keep it under at least some control. With my Emergency Borrowing set at -£500, would this mean I'm already into my Emergency Borrowing phase? If so, what about my Overdraft Limit of -£800 ? How does that fit into the situation? Or, does it mean that I can go temporarily -£500 overdrawn on top of my -£800 overdraft limit? As they will be charging By The Day instead of the usual interest on an overdraft, this could get expensive very rapidly. To confuse the issue further, I also pay a monthly PPI Overdraft Protection. Does anyone know how this will affect the above situation. I've tried contacting Barclays before with questions like this, but to be honest, I'm always put through to another country that never seems to fully understand any issues that need sorting out, so I'm hoping someone in the know has some simple answers. Any help on clarifying this situation would be very much appreciated.
  14. Hi there, Im hoping somebody could help me with my situation. Its quite confusing so I'll start from the beginning. On 29th Jan 2013 I was pulled over outside my workplace by a policeman. I was in a rush to get in and asked why i had been pulled over to which he had no answer, so i pushed for the reason. He eventually pushed forward towards my bonnet and noticed i had a crack in my windscreen and told me that was the reason i was being pulled over. it had only happened the night before but where i was protesting he didnt want to listen. I was not in uniform or wearing an ID badge but because of where it was - Heathrow airport - i had to tell him where i worked and why i was there. He proceeded to go to my work and make a complaint about my conduct. i was suspended from work and that matter was dealt with. But i decided this was not right and lodged a complaint to the IPCC against him. His sareant told me he had no record of the "offence" being commited and would look into it when the officer was back on duty. Eventually i was given the outcome of my complaint and no action was taken against the officer. i noticed that the certain part of my complaint against him which was; breach of my human right to privacy, had not been investigated or answered and more changed to the lesser offece of incorrect discloure of police information on the officers part. i was prepared to let sleeping dogs lie as i had heard nothing more about the "offence" i had apparantly commited - being my cracked windscreen and didnt want to re-ignite the situation for obvious reasons. Now it has come to my attention that all the letters that have been coming to my house over the last year addressed to Lee rather than my actual name which is Luke are for this apparant offence. Over this time i have returned all of the letters with R.T.S (return to sender) on them and my address crossed out. All of a suddent this morning i get a knock on the door from a bailiff asked if i was Lee to which i replied no, then asked if i was Luke to which i replied yes and he said ok now im going to put a clamp on ypur car. i tried phoning the non emergency police to help me with the matter but they protested it was noting to do with them and that it was a civil matter. i told them a man had paperwork in the name of Lee and was trying to remove my car which is in the name of Luke but they did not entertain me in the slightest and told me they wouldnt be sending anyone. i had an altercation with the bailiff and tried to stop him from putting the clamp on my car but this only resulted in him phoning the police and me being arrested for assault becuase i tried to get inbetween him and my car and he was pushing his body onto me. when I got released I tried to find out what was going on. my car is still at home but has a clamp secured to it. This is the current situation - i have spoken to the bailiff who informs me that the courts have confirmed that because I was told about the offence of my cracked windscreen from the start by the officer that i should be the one who follows this up and find out what is happening. They have therefore confirmed that tomorrow my car can and will be taken away. they will store it for a maximum of 6 days (before it is sold at auction for pennies) at £25.00 a day storage and charge £150.00 for the pleasure of having my car towed away. He tells me the only way i can solve this is by paying him the £835.00 the debt has spiralled to, and then do something called a statuatory declaration. He tells me that the reference on his paperwork is not the warrant number and i will need this to file the statuatory declartion. He tells me i wont be able to find the warrant number myself and its tricky to get hold of, but he is willing to provide this to me if i pay him the full figure. He also tells me i will need a hand written receipt from the enforcement officer completing the outstanding warrant enabling me to register my statuatory declaration on the same warrant number which he is also willing to write and provide to me but only if i pay him the money tomorrow. The funny thing is that he is adamant this offence was commited a day after (30th January 2013) the actual day (29th January 2013) I was pulled over and had the interaction with the policeman. This makes me think something is really wrong about all this. Please can somebody point me in the right direction or advise me of the best place to go? the only way i see this is that this bailiff and the courts are committing criminal offences towards me. Would really appreciate somebodys advice. Many Thanks Luke
  15. [ATTACH=CONFIG]50413[/ATTACH] http://i.imgur.com/lcofTi2.jpg The road has yellow lines everywhere, and half painted bays on the pavement (but not on the road). Other lamp posts only have the yellow sign, not the blue one.
  16. Hi I wonder if anyone can shed light on something for me please. I CCA'd Robinson Way some time ago, got a response from them which says: "Further to your request for a copy agreement in respect of the above account, we now enclose the relevant documents for your immediate attention. Please note that if an original credit agreement was not available, under the Consumer Credit Acts a reconstitued copy may be provided. We need to hear from you with your proposals for settlemnt of your account, which is long overdue for payment, within 10 days." I have been ill with depression and getting back to sorting things out. Any help would be appreicated. Regards
  17. Good afternoon guys, I have a strange situation I am in and wanted to get as much advice as possible as to what I can do or what my options are. I was in a long term relationship with a girl, throughout it we were both in and out of work, to be fair me more so than her. She moved in with me and lived with me for the best part of two years. Basically I ended up borrowing some money from her to the tune of around £1500. We go through a messy breakup and she wants her money back. That's fine so I start paying her on a monthly basis but what with losing my job, racking up debts I sometimes had to skip paying her to be able to pay my rent. as I mentioned we didn't end on the best of terms and she would continually threaten me with court action. one day I get a letter and she has filed a claim through the small claims court for £5k! I obviously refute this seeing as her breakdown included things like dominos pizza £30 (failing to make the point that she actually ate half of it, or broadband which was my direct debit etc) in other words making it up to pad out the figures. I call up the number provided and spoke to a lady who told me that mediation is the best bet for our case due to the facts the courts don't like trying to settle domestic disputes through county court judgement. she sends me a form to fill in on what I think the right amount is and then to await a call for a meeting together with a mediator to settle the case. I fill in the form for the £1500 and send it back. What happens next shocked me. I then receive a letter through saying that I now have a CCJ against my name for £1500 and that I will have to start paying her immediately. No mediation, no discussion, nothing. It turns out that because I agreed, I got lumped with a CCJ and she gets the last laugh so to speak. That was three years ago and I am looking for a way to get this settled and turned into a CCS. Any ideas? Cheers in advance.
  18. hello all I have a problem regarding import VAT for my business. At the start of the year, I purchased goods from a company in Saudi on agreed payment terms of 60 days from shipping date. When I received the relevant documents, I forwarded these onto my customs clearing agent, who then took care of duty, vat etc on my behalf using their deferment HMRC account, and I would then pay back to them the sum paid in VAT once I had received the goods. however, the supplier in Saudi then changed their minds on the payment terms and insisted on a bank guarantee from me (letter of credit or such like) which I was not in a position to offer. therefore, they changed the consignee for the goods to a company based in the UK with whom they already dealt with, and this company took complete ownership. I then completed my vat return for the period, but HMRC are refusing to issue a reclaim on the vat associated with these goods as my business never took ownership, but of course the agent acting on my behalf had paid the duty and vat on my behalf. the other uk company refused to pay the vat, although they paid the duty element direct to my agent as they had now taken the goods themselves. therefore, I have not paid any sums to the supplier or the agent, and the agent are now trying to take me to court for the outstanding amount they paid originally (£11,500) HMRC still refuse my claim, the company who have taken ownership of the goods have agreed with HMRC that they will pay the vat for these goods in their sales (which will show on their VAT return), and my agent is currently £11,500 out of pocket I have tried speaking with all parties involved without success, and now face the prospect of losing in court and having to make the payment of £11,500 plus costs although I haven't ever actually received any goods any advice on this would be appreciated
  19. Hi All, My Sister has just received her DLA renewal award, it has remained the same High Care and High Mobility, what is confusing me it states she will receive this for the rest of her life, I thought everyone has to claim PIP from April of this year??? any suggestions..
  20. Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move to the correct place if so. So my daughter has recently moved into a new build house and has tried on several occasions to register her Gas Meter with British Gas for them to supply her. They do not have her address on the data base and are asking for a Meter Point Reference Number. This said number is no where to be seen on the actual Meter. Telephoned Transco up to see if they could provide the MPRN, no luck with that either, they say that the supply is probablly has been Transported by an Independant Supplier. My question is how do we find out who the Independant Transporter is.??? as they are the only ones who can supply us with the MPRN. Any ideas folks ??.
  21. Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I received a letter from the council (housing benefits) saying that our benefits had been suspended because they'd been informed that our tax credits had stopped. News to me! So I phoned tax credits and apparently they hadn't received my renewal! Anyway, they reinstated them and I had 2 payments made into my account this week to bring me back up to date, and was told that I would continue to receive £122 a week. However I still wasn't able to get the housing benefit suspension lifted untill I received my award notification from tax credits. Well today I had 2 letters come through - a provisional and a final - both pretty much identical in content - and I don't understand it! I tried ringing them but they are closed now and I'm a worrier so if anybody can clarify this letter for me and put my mind at rest I'd be very grateful! [ATTACH]46169[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]46170[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]46171[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]46172[/ATTACH]
  22. Hello all, Need some help for my brother who has found himself in a really strange and quite worrying position at his work. He works for a well known supermarket and was under suspension after being accused of putting lottery transactions through incorrectly. A bit of background, this is the third time he has been suspended and each time previously ( on different accounts ) was dropped immediately due to it being proven it was unfounded. There have also been a great number of staff members suspended in a short period ( 24 months ) and complaints made against the manager at the store As I say this is complex. He was initially asked to come in for a meeting in which they accused him of putting through a scratchcard for more than it is worth and then pocketing the difference. However when he was at the meeting they then said to him that they believe over the last 12 months he has been responsible for over £7000 of lottery payments, they have no CCTV of this and the matter that the figures were not correlating properly was actually raised by my brother At the time he was told to await for a letter with his date of his meeting. The next he knew of it was when the store called my mum and told her that he had not turned up and proceeded to talk to my mum about the investigation – when it has nothing to do with her ( she was emergency contact ) and they said they had hand delivered a letter the night before The meeting was rescheduled. He was told that he could not have a Union Rep present and that he had to attend. Two days before the meeting he received an email from his manager ( on company email ) in which it states he has the option of resigning or being sacked. This is before a meeting has even take place. My brother attended this meeting ( Feb ) and a disciplinary meeting was scheduled for mid March. In this time he was signed off with stress and anxiety for two weeks which meant he could not attend the meeting. He had a doctors note which he passed to the store and informed everyone in writing. He was told the meeting would be held in his absences This is where it gets weirder. He has never had anything in writing following this despite requests and has called up today to be informed that as far as they are concerned he resigned at the prior meeting. There is no record of this in the notes and he is adamant he never did or would have. They are saying that he would have been sacked anyway and that they are now consulting legally to claim the money back off him. To me it sounds like they are putting pressure on him to try and force him to resign. I am wondering whether the manager at the store is trying to cover himself for something. I was just wondering what his next step should be, I am wondering whether he should email the HR person and CC the CEO of the supermarket in as well for impact? He is consulting his union but they have not been great so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  23. I have been given a ticket and appealed it on the basis that the signage isnt clear. The council say that its a market traders bay and active only on match days as it is near arsenal football ground. Before I went there the person I was seeing made the effort to get a valid temporary residents parking permit for the day which I correctly adjusted. I researched the day before to make sure that it wasn't a match day and the team were in fact playing away. I arrived on the day and read the sign very carefully and there was a bay with a number in it but on reading the sign which was between my space and another it said there were additional controls on match days. I parked in the space and got a ticket. I have attached photos that I took as soon as I saw that I had a ticket. I don't believe that the signage and road markings are clear, the single yellow line is in fact broken and the sign makes it seem that the yellow line was in fact there for match days. I have never seen a number in a space before and there was no info on the sign to indicate that it was a market traders space at all. can any one advise please as I am quite annoyed by this and the council are acting like stubborn mules. I don't live in London and where I do live there is no market.
  24. Hello, I guess I am being thick - but I really don't understand this sign, close to my house. 2.5T lorries and passenger buses, No waiting Mon to Fri from 12 midnight to 8am and 6.30pm to 12 midnight Sat and Sun - no waiting whatsoever [ATTACH=CONFIG]41122[/ATTACH] So during the day, parking here is allowed? Can anyone assist? The road which this sign is on, leads to my road, a private gated mews. Cars are often parked up during the day, making access difficult. One day an emergency vehicle will need to gain access but it won't be able to. And someone will die. Best wishes,
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