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  1. Sorry if this is in wrong place. Quick version is I need to pay tax man in 2 months time money I haven't got.5.8k I'm 51 and have pensions with Standard Life.my question is if I plead with them would they release that amount from my pension pot.im desperate, I can't get a loan and I've no family. I'm up creek.can anyone advise if the would consider it pre 55 ....hope someone can help.
  2. so , ive post my SOA and im considering bankruptcy but its not a quick fix in my position as an ipa would wipe me out
  3. sorry ,yes i missed that but i did it so dont shoot me, im learning
  4. Statement of Affairs & Personal Balance Sheet Summary Monthly Budget Summary Amount(£) Total monthly income 1,900 Monthly expenses (incl. HP & secured loans) 1,030 Available for debt repayments 870 UNsecured debt repayments 894 Amount short for making debt repayments -24 Personal Balance Sheet Summary Amount(£) Total Assets (things you own) 0 Total Secured & HP Debt -0 Total Unsecured Debt -24,938 Net Assets -24,938 Household Information Number of adults in household 2 Number of children in household 1 Number of cars owned 0 Income, Expense, Debt & Asset Details Income Amount(£) Monthly income after tax 1900 Partners monthly income 0 Benefits 0 Other income 0 Total monthly income 1900 Expenses Amount(£) Mortgage 0 Secured/HP loan payments 0 Rent 900 Management charge (leasehold property) 0 Council tax 0 Electricity 0 Gas 0 Oil 0 Water Rates 0 Telephone (land line) 0 Mobile phone 20 TV Licence 0 Satellite/Cable TV 0 Internet services 0 Groceries etc. 0 Clothing 20 Petrol/diesel 0 Road tax 0 Car Insurance 0 Car maintenance (including MOT) 0 Car Parking 10 Other travel 10 Childcare/nursery 0 Other child related expenses 10 Medical (prescriptions, dentists, opticians etc.) 15 Pet Insurance/Vet bills 10 Buildings Insurance 0 Contents Insurance 0 Life Assurance 0 Other Insurance 0 Presents (birthday, christmas etc.) 15 Haircuts 0 Entertainment 20 Holiday 0 Emergency Fund 0 Total monthly expenses 1030 Secured & HP Debt Description Debt(£) Monthly(£) APR(%) Mortgage 0 (0) 0 Secured & HP Debt totals 0 - - Unsecured Debt Description Debt(£) Monthly(£) APR(%) credit card 2847 123 30 credit card 110 5 37 credit card 450 12 37 loan 2000 80 30 loan 3000 123 25 loan 9400 321 25 credit card 900 38 35 credit card 1931 80 35 credit card 2950 50 35 credit card 1350 62 35 Unsecured Debt totals 24938 894 - Asset Description Value (£) Cash 0 House Value (Gross) 0 Shares and bonds 0 Car(s) 0 Other assets (e.g. endowments, jewellery etc) 0 Total Assets 0 Comments on the results You do not have enough monthly income to meet your expenses and your minimum monthly debt repayments. Seek ways to increase your income and/or reduce your expenditure by £24. Whatever your results show, it always pays to seek advice or comments from others. Why not post your SOA details on our Debt Management discussion board or on your preferred discussion forum elsewhere. Thankyou for using the SOA Calculator at http://www.stoozing.com. so this is my SOA,am i missing anything i could claim for? i'm trying to work out if i go bankrupt will i have less spare cash than the £104 i have at the moment, i know with an ipa i'd be debt free in 3 years but if they take everything off me i'd have nothing to have some sort of life. i need to be very honest, the £900 i pay my partner includes £250 towards a a wedding, but i don't want to tell the OR this will they think £900 board pm is too high? i cant reduce it as she( my partner would start asking questions) i hope you's understand where im coming from om this.
  5. my first dealings have started, natwest will not reduce my payment after being on the phone for ages, i wanted to reduce payment from £323 pm to £225 they offered to extend my loan period but i was refused when they tried, then more or less said go to stepchange and try a DMP , no one could make a decision on whether they would accept my offer s I fired it up the line not taking no for an answer as it was nuts if i went to stepchange they would get offered £50 but i was willing to pay £255, they saw my point but couldnt agree to do it. nuts i want to be upfront here with you guys, ive been bankrupt before 11 years ago thru gambling, its happened again ive got into debt but im going to sort myself out. i'm thinking bankruptcy is a quick win but can someone point out the drawbacks if i do it......so summary £1900 income £1750 out goings inc debts £150 maximum to live off my partner doesnt know and i wont risk losing her over this to borrow off her, she wont understand trust me. WOULD YOU GO BANKRUPT? i pay £900 for my board, food etc, everything so technically if my debt was wiped out i'd have £1000 pm excluding day to day living cost and have a mild standard of living, im going to try and offer the creditors £720 pm between them by doing my own DMP but my first dealings with Natwest have made me think so this just go bust... .theres no house or assets in my name at all, no saving nothing they can take other than the receiver looking at my debts and coming up with a figure. would they make me bankrupt in your opinion? would they force me down a DMP even though i could show them i tried but got no where? do i tell them that say 50 % of the debt was gambling? ive already had form for it. any advice please?
  6. i don't have anyone to help on this im afraid im on my own trying to sort this one, one thing ive learnt from this site is not to panic !! is email as good as mail? thanks for caring guys
  7. its a santander current account, none connected to any of the debts...........how much should i offer them? £1 a month for 3 months? i don't want to be hassled on the phone so soon into this so if i pay just £1 surely the calls are gonna start?
  8. thank you, i will keep you's posted of my progress, far too many come and go..........i'm sure i will need advice. one question can someone explain this cca thing to me?
  9. please let us know how you are getting on as im in a very similar position
  10. im due to pay them all from 28th of this month to 12th of next at various times.
  11. ive put the rough dates and age of the credit.like i say im paying them but realised i cant go on at this level.
  12. these are all current creditors, ive nothing arranged and im paying them all, nothing missed but i simply cant sustain it. i know im responsible for this high interest debt, they shouldnt be lending me but im not shifting the blame but im robbing peter now to pay paul and i was hoping they would be open to putting an offer together and wanted advice on doing it on my own
  13. back here again, yep im an idiot but here goes, im after advice on offering payments to these guys below as im in a sea of debt. nat west £322 pm balance £9,200 bamboo loans £143pm balance £3000 capital one £33pm balance £944 ocean credit card £10pm balance £111 mbna credit card £50pm balance £2955 aqua credit card £130pm balance £2850 barclaycard £13pm balance £480 marbles credit card £90pm balance £1931 vanquis £69pm balance £1399 my jam jar £83pm balance £1900 i also pay £900 for living/rent my income is £1900 pm so you do the maths, its not much to live on amd i need to sort it out..... shall i offer a paymnt plan by doing it myself? any advice?
  14. £15,500 ranging from overdraft, payday loans, bad credit loans and credit cards( aqua etc) ive proposed £700 split between all creditors divided into 24 monthly offers, i can afford this and if all interest was frozen and no charges added they'd all be paid in 24 months. the companies are : santander c/a £990 od aqua credit card £1173 capital one £734 vanquis £488 barclaycard £240 sunny loans £1037 bamboo £2300 mr lender £900...........ive an agreement of £98 over 10 months in place 118 money £1770 ladder loans £2000 avant credit £3554 i will be starting to write to all creditors individually, offering £1 pw if they don't accept. just don't want to go through the barrage of phone calls bankruptcy is an option but only if i can use this other natwest c/a after bankruptcy?
  15. i'm proposing a personal attempt at arranging payments to my creditors, i will attempt that and see what happens. the other option will be bankruptcy, ive no assets and know what it entails, i did it 8 years ago. my question is, i hold a santander current account which all my pay etc will go into and which my debts are being paid. if i go bankrupt can i still use my other current account with natwest who'm i owe nothing to, to pay my wages into? will the administrator let me do that ? so i can ringfence my money in the early days
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