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  1. It's not often that TV inspires me to do anything but the bullying antics of the two thugs who are the focus of this program have had me shouting at the TV set so much that the better half has actually turned it off and hid the remote. How dare this bully boy lays his hands on bewildered women to snatch their car keys away not caring they have house keys on the same bunch or with any care for their personal safety. Not often I'm made angry but this has left me apoplectic.
  2. I purchased a car 2 years ago via Moneybarn, but got behind with payments due to reduction in wage . After failing one month on a suggested payment plan, they sent me a default notice followed by a letter of termination. The leaflet enclosed with it said I had 3 options: 1: Pay off in full 2, pay arrears, they MAY let me keep car 3: hand car back I called them on the phone and offered to pay arrears in full but the rude gent said their hands were now tied and termination could not be stopped, and it had gone to "asset management" To cut an even longer story short the agents turned up and took the car whilst I was there and said it would be auctioned. today I got a letter saying I may owe £5k as the car would probably only fetch £2800. This is slightly worrying as trade values show the car should be worth nearer £4500, a big difference even it is auctioned. The debt includes 5 missed payment "fines" of £25 Firstly, I didn't realise you got no interest rebate if the car was repossessed, and secondly I would have preferred to keep the car longer as I had offered to pay arrears in full, I did NOT realise that they may have to have a court order to take the car, I naively assumed I only had the above 3 options. I would have been very happy to tell a judge I could pay the arrears. To make things hopefully clearer, TOTAL COST OF FINANCE £12000 PAYMENTS MADE £4700 Anyone shed any light on whether moneybarn are fleecing me even more thanks
  3. Took out a secured £12k loan in October 2007 over a 10 year period. Please note I didn't want to take out the loan but had no choice if I wanted a quiet life as at the time I was in a controlled marriage ..mostly mental with some physical abuse resulting depression, anxiety and panic attacks . The 10 year loan gives 120 months worth of payments out of these 120 months I made 107 payments on time and 13 missed payments these were down to my so called husband taking the money out of my wages in the bank to pay loan and saying would put back to pay but never did ... with my depression and my husband controlling my money I worked but had to ask him if I needed money all debts he ran up were in my name and l developed a serious problem with opening letters as they were always for his debt and I didn't have the money to pay them as all my wages had to stay in bank... I have unopened letters hidden around my home going back at least 15 years ... Getting back to the lovely swift advances due to not opening letters I found out that swift had taken me to court for the missed payments and because I had no idea they had been given the repossession order . . My daughter for whatever reason as she never ever had before opened a letter last Tuesday 3rd April from a company called R & K and it said they would be coming to our home on the 11th April which was yesterday to remove us and change locks ... I immediately contacted this company and they told me I needed to contact swift as they were only ones who could tell them not to come out on the 11th ... on contacting swift they said my loan had came to it's 10 year end on October last year but I had the 13 missed payments as arrears which when I add them up come to £2,600, when swift add them up it comes to £18k and they wanted that as a one off payment to stop taking my home ... in the past few days I asked them to consider me paying £300 A month to clear the ridiculous amount and I also asked if they would reduce the amount to a more reasonable amount and I would see if I could get the funds from family and friends and make a one off payment they said they would have to ask management/directors the following morning and get back to me later that day which was Monday this week ... I spoke to them after work on Monday and they advised I had been turned down on both of my requests and only option was paying the full £18k .. .they also informed me that they had postponed the date to take the house from 11th April to the 14th May to give me time to try and sort out the payment ... I also found out that they had actually turned up at my house in February to take house but my dog was in house barking so they cancelled it and charged me over a £100 for that ... my daughter was home that day she also has mental health problems worse than mine having had a mental breakdown at age 13 due to her father's behaviour ... the day they came out bearing in mind I didn't know anything about this happening due to unopened letters my daughter rang me frantic at work saying a van was outside house and men in garden outside our home... I asked her for name on van and googled it but it didn't give me any idea what it was about ... I am now taking on the fight of my life to save our home as my daughter sees this as her safe place since her breakdown and she is now starting to show signs of shutting down again and I can't let that happen to her... any advice woukd be most appreciated .. . Thank you in advance
  4. Hi all, Some advice please. Here is my story. I had a joint Halifax mortgage with a previous partner some 20 years ago. We split up and I could not meet the payments and the house was consequently reposssed. We purchased the property for 40K and it was sold at auction for 16K, leaving a shortfall of 24K As the Ex was still liable for half she made an agreement too pay Halifax a lump sum of 7-8K as a deal to cover her half of the outstanding balance of 12K. I was left with the other half (12K) unlike the ex I was not in any position to make a lump sum deal. Instead I have made regular payments of various amounts (£20-100) per month with some periods of not paying anything. Now this debt has been passed to at least 3 DCAs over the 17-18 year period that I have been making payments. It is currently with Counselling Intermediary Services (CIS) and has been for at least 6 years. I have no idea exactly how much I have paid toward this mortgage debt but it's not an insignificant sum for sure. More recenty I have missed a number of payments and they have threatended to send the debt back to Halifax who will issue court proccedings against me. To be frank I am sick of paying this debt as I feel, and have always felt agrieved that they slde my house soooooo cheaply and then lumbered me with the oustanding. Also whenever CIS writes letter to me it always states balance at instruction: £14,244.75. I am thinking how can this be? I never owed thwm £14K and what about all those payments I have made for 17-18 years?? What should I do. Thanks in advance
  5. Barclays have just told me that the contract is terminated and even paying the arrears in full will not stop the car from being repossessed. Today was the last day for surrender... Anyone know how long it will be before they get a court order or any options available... I pleaded with them on Friday, and though the arrears are only £540, they will take the car and put it in auction where I am due to lose about 2k of the value and that will still be owed to them... HELP PLEASE ! Barclays Partner Finance are in the process of repo my dads car. They have terminated the contract - however the 1/3 rule is very close.. . if its 1/3 of the value still owed against interest upto repo then fine, if based on original term then not... HELP. + they say they will probably go to court proceedings to recover car, but hinted they might just sent a recovery company in.. . no idea of timescales however = would be really good to have an idea, days or weeks? My father (80) purchased a car on HP from CarSupermarket. With his wife having poor health, he decided in Aug to suddenly goto India for 3 months for treatment. With cashflow being tight, he missed Aug and Sept payments. I took over paying and on a 220/month contract, I began paying 80/week except for when I paid 220. Barclays Partner Finance (BPF) were told this is what I am doing, but they couldn't confirm if they were happy as I wasn't the named person on the contract. My father, out in India then, in Oct suffered a stroke himself and was unable to speak and was receiving physio out in India. BPF then sent a termination letter and advising that the car needs to be surrendered or court proceedings will begin. I managed to get my father to ring them and agree that I could speak on his behalf. BPF said you are £504 in arrears and the contract is terminated. I said I can borrow that amount and get it restored to the normal T&Cs - but they rejected it, stating its been in arrears since Aug so NOTHING can be done to restore the contract. PROBLEMS: 1) Car Supermarket when doing the original contract with my father, put the car into my name not his...surely some kind of contract breach 2) I was willing to pay all the arrears, but that was not deemed satisfactory. 3) The car is now to be repossessed and according to BPF - they will instruct their solicitors tomorrow to start doing this. 4) I have paid just under 4k so far, finance amount originally was £9,693. There is now £10,185 outstanding, though the true figure accounting for early settlement would be £7,990 - I don't know what figures to use to see if 1/3 has been paid. 5) no consideration given to the fact that my father is ill, and as such will likely have to stay at least a further 3 months in India as he is unfit to travel. I am totally in a tizz... I dare not risk telling dad his car is to be repossessed but don't know what to do. Please if anyone can help, H.
  6. Hello all I have been directed here by a friend who heard me talking to moorcroft about an old debt. History I had a house repossessed way back in 2002 there was about 9k left and I was told to pay 50 every month and no bad mark would be on my credit file. I was in afgan serving my country at the time. I jave paid this ever since and was told in 2013 that aroun 5.6k remained. Never had a statement and have been paying ever since. In all honesty I thought these would be knocking on my door etc. It has changed debt collectors a few times which makes no sense as I have been paying it every month Any advice as my friend tells me I am being cash cowed and to come here I am on a war pension and this is a lot of money
  7. Hi Everyone Im hoping for some help on this please. I took out finance december 2015 on a vehicle, immediately fell into difficulties in January and had the car repossessed. I was in complete communication with the finance company, met the transporter to recover the car and kept talking with them throughout. They explained that there may be a shortfall from the resale of the vehicle which i appreciated I heard nothing for a month or so, but expecting there to be some shortfall emailed the company to find out what happened next . I then had a letter sent to my address from their solicitors saying a CCJ had been registered and that I had to reply to the CCJ that would be sent. Next thing I received was a CCJ had been awarded to the claimant asking for £392 a month to cover the balance of almost £8k - when only £9k was borrowed, the car was returned in immaculate condition and was resold almost immediately for over £8k (internet search showed this) I found out that despite having my correct address, the ccj was sent to my previous address. Where do i stand in having to pay back almost 90% of the finance despite no longer having the vehicle? And where do i stand that I have never had the oppurtunity to represent myself in court to explain that the vehicle was returned due to the fact that the finance company explained the shortfall would only be small and manageable? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi I have had a car on finance from moneybarn for little over a year. for starters I have not paid over a 1/3 of the agreement. I have been in and out of work since i bought the car i have had missed payments all over the shop. I have been in a couple of payment plans with them but now they have terminated the agreement. I need to know what s next. i have looked into a time order and think its the best way forward but i dont know much about how i apply for it and where etc. Also how long do i have now that they have terminated the agreement, do they send me something n writing first or can they just turn up willy nilly and take it? HELP!!
  9. Hey guys anyone know where the cars are taken once they been repossessed had mine taken Wednesday but was half asleep when they took it as was on night shifts plus I gave the repo blokes some abuse but got no paperwork just wondered if they get auctioned off and if so where? I'm based in Newport South Wales. 62 plate Audi A3 they took got no issues with them taking it just wondered where it goes afterwoods. Cheers
  10. I have today received a letter from my mortgage company (Capstone's) solicitors saying that we they have written to the court bailiff asking them to arrange a date and time for us to be evicted. We are £1,400 behind on our court arrangement £1000 of which can be paid by Monday 28th Sept. I have spoken to Capstone and they have said that the arrangement has been cancelled and unless I pay £5300 by the eviction date - yet to be set we will lose our home. I am so scared can anyone give me any advice/help.
  11. Hi All Is there a difference between a court hearing for Possession and / or Repossession its probs a silly question and I know the answer but I ask because I have just recieved some paperwork re my court appearence on Monday 6th Dec, hence the title O M G. Mr Very Worried at the momment however I am sure that will change in the next few hrs.
  12. Hi Guys Long story short, in January we got a repo order suspended on our house for arrears including fees of £9,500. I have just received notice that my lender has asked for this to be actioned again and I am awaiting a date for eviction from the court. The original agreement was CMP + £200 which totalled £1156.07pm. Last month I could only pay £530 towards my mortgage (May) and have informed them that I shall be paying this months (June) plus the balance by the 16th but this appears to have fallen on deaf ears. The mortgage details are; Lender: Mortgage Resolution Limited Type: Interest Only Rate: Fixed @ 9.51% until 08/10 Monthly CP: 956.07 Towards arrears: 200.00 What should I do? 1 When the notice arrives put in an N244 on what grounds? 2 Apply to my council for a MRS (wife is 6 months pregnant) 3 Ask the lender for a reduction in interest rates? 4 Resign myself to the fact that as this will be the third time at court I have no chance at all? Family details: 2 kids, 3rd on way, in receipt of WTC incl CTC of £920pm and wife earns £500-£600pm (fully declared). I am on DLA (lower rate). Thanks in advance
  13. Hi all I am looking for some advice re GE money and a repo hearing set for 20 December 2013. They are trying to reposess for the below reason 1) A warrant of execution shall not issue without the permission of the court where – (a) six years or more have elapsed since the date of the judgment or order; There was an initial hearing in May 2007 and then another in May 2009, since 2009 all payments as ordered by the judge have been made. GE money have continued to apply a £40 admin charge and additional interest costs each month. Despite them refunding me some of these charges, sending me someone else's information and then offering me £50 because of it ( i declined their £50 offer). My monthly payments are 402 i pay 500 each month but because of all the charges my arrears have only reduced by about £59 in all this time. Can someone please tell me are they able to do this even though i have made all payments as ordered in May 2009. They tried to repossess without a hearing i completed an N244 and sent it to court. What do or can i do to stop this! It now feels like i have struggled for years paying them and now they are going to take my home when i only have 3 years left with them! Any guidance would be greatly received as i can't let them get away with this :mad2: P.S sorry for the length of this post
  14. Hi I too have just very recently had the notorious Letter from Link saying that they have been assigned the debt we previously had with Volvo (previously Mazda) finance. And by some uncanny coincidence, had the exact same letter you recd from Landrover (we recd from Volvo) stating they had assigned our account to FCE who had reassigned to Link. I too had a man on the phone from link who blatantly refused an offer of instalments and asked me to go an apply for some finance to pay them off. SHOCKING!!!!! This lovely man has stated he will give me until the end of next week to prove that I have tried everything to raise the money before they proceed with action against me - so kind. today I have 7 missed calls on my phone that I know are from them (unknown number). I have decided that next time I speak to him, I will ask for his instruction in writing i.e to go and try and get the money via loans etc and his refusal of installments. Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to let you know I am proceeding down the same path as you have been (and still are travelling) and like you, am daunted by the whole thing although with every ounce of my body will fight this pond life. I may need to start my own thread and Im sure the moderators will advise me on this. Initially though I thought I would post on here due to the similarity in our plights. Just want to say, what a wonderful site and some brilliant advice and support from what i have seen so far.
  15. The company's that got a ccj then a charging order applied through that ccj, then the house was repo'd and CO paid, can I claim back charges etc.
  16. I purchased a car back in 2007 with money barn for £16k. I placed a 3k deposit and a payment of £399 per month. I was taken ill and fell in arrears. To my shock they repo the car without a court order. 6 years have elapsed, I have now been contacted by a company called Shoosmiths solicitors outlining they are now the legal representative of Money barn. I now have another CCJ and have been ordered to court to answer financial questions under oath. If I do not attend, It clearly states i will be done for contempt of court. Since I have moved around, I have never seen the original CCJ, And are now in fear of Losing every thing due to illness. Could any one advise please
  17. Hi, To cut a long story short we had our first possession hearing today (20th) with regards to arrears on our Kensington Mortgage. I had initially asked for a "holiday period" from Kensington and they declined "its not their policy". I asked if I could rent our property back in February, they didn't answer. I have asked if the arrears could be added to the end of the mortgage, they didn't answer. I was eventually sent a court hearing date and we attended, giving the judge all the above information................and told her we are waiting for the return of an MI12 form from the benefits agency who had advised us that we are eligible for payments on our interest only mortgage. The MI12 form was sent recorded delivery on the 10th August. I asked that if the benefits agency were able to make payments on the mortgage, I would possibly be able to make payments on the arrears (I'm currently on JSA). She basically ignored this plea, and said as we have no confirmation of how much the benefits agency will pay, I have no option but to order a 28 possession. I was gobsmacked!!!. I now don't know which way to turn??? or what happens next. She advised that a warrant would be issued, but this may take a few weeks. Is there any advice anyone can give me??? I've since read on here that an order can't be placed whilst awaiting benefits approval?? Where do I stand, and can I contest the decision, given that we are waiting for Kensington to reply??. I've contacted the DWP and they have not had it returned by Kensington.?? I sent it recorded delivery and have the postal receipt. I have a wife and two children and panicking Thanks Taz11
  18. Yet again, this awful documentary is in the headlines...this time because one of the 'stars' of the show has been spared jail after he scrawled abusive graffiti on a cancer victim's home...falsely brandishing him a paedophile. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2580985/Boxer-Repo-Man-spared-jail-abusive-graffiti.html
  19. Hi, I'm a newbie here, so very sorry if this is something that's been asked before. Lets start at the beginning. I purchased a 206CC from a dealer in April 2007 - only been a kid, I was naïve and it was on credit FOR £6,499. The finance was done by "WELCOME FINANCE" at 30.9% APR! I signed the agreement for 48 months and drove my girly car away. After numerous job fails and other issues, I failed to make payments and in October 2009 the car was repossessed. Now when the car went, I was led to believe that it would be a case of clearing the debt as such, no court order was done and no paper work signed. They simply sent a rather large fellow, who blocked the car in on a public drive, and took it away. I was told if I sign a new agreement with a different payment plan, the car would be returned, as it was going to be kept safe In a compound. It gets interested, 3 weeks later, the car was reported to the Police for having no insurance and in the same spot on a public road 60 MILES away. It was being used now and again by the repos son (apparently) I found this out after the police came to me to notify me the car was uninsured. Lucky enough, they understood and dropped it. I then heard nothing, for a long time, thinking I was in the clear, I received a letter from IND telling me they are taking me to court for finance agreement (the court summons has the WRONG account number) So I denied I owe the amount of £11,000. NOW...I'm panicking. I have dug out the old agreement & added up the amount paid over the time I had the car (including the £2000 they go for the car at auction) this comes to over £6500! When going through the old paper work, I noticed on my agreement, it says that if I had paid £3570.80 - They CAN NOT repo the car without a court order, if they do so, I am entitled to all of the money I have paid BACK. At the date they repossessed the car, I had paid over that amount. So..I'm now at the point were the Courts have summoned me to appear on the 13th May 2014. Do I argue I have paid the principle back so why are they chasing someone 7 years later. OR Do I argue I have no idea what the credit agreement number is as it has nothing to do with me (on court summons) OR Do I simply explain to the courts they have taken the car without a court order, and have shot them selves in the foot, as I would like every penny I paid back? OR ANY OTHER suggestions. I do no doubt for one second, I was stupid to ignore this for such a time, but we learn from mistakes and I now have a £600 Fiesta! NO CREDIT for me ever again!!
  20. Hi thanks for sorting my account activation. I have a mortagae with kensngton and have £12k arrears . My morygage is £75.000. I had a susspended warrant granted In 2012 and ended up back in court after I paid £50 late. Kensington and the judge agreed to susspend this feb following a mrs applicaton processint. Before I left court kensingtin solicitor told me. i didnt have to pay my mortgage until I appeared back in court if the mrs application failed. Took me by suprise so I double checked she said the judge didnt menton payents so you dont need to. I heard nothing from anyone about the mrs having to ring my council to ask what was happening an being told itsstill being processed. At the end of aug- beginning of sept I was told it had failed. I then in october received another eviction notice . I filled an n244 form and had a court hearing thursday last week. It didnt go well I eplained everything to the judge. I have two potential buyers for the property which I told them I had a witness statement about what the solcitor said. i have a new job and can afford to pay the mortgage plus £80 on the norgan terms required. I was sent way to get proof of job valuation and proof of my income and the potential buyers. I have everything in place apart from buyers statements one is trying to get the best price he can offring £60k he offered 75 at one point . The other buyer is in spain until the day after hearing. Ive sought some advice and have a statement from shelter but I just wondered if there ws anything else I can do. I wish I hadn't listened to their solicitor but with her knowing abput law etc I just took her word for it. not payong has allowed me to buy new furniture as y ex clered me out when he left.i wuld of oad otherwsr. My financai situ is good and shows I can pay. But also I have the potential buyers too. My eviction is wed at 12pm hearing is at 10 Any exyra help woud be apprecated Many thanks sel
  21. Hi - Not been on a while but have had the following happen over the last few years - 2011 repo order applied for and granted, to let lie. Also an unsecured portion of the loan was made subject to a Charging Order - This last two weeks I have been lucky enough to clear arrears for the both loans - Mortgage and the unsecured bit, eviction was due tomorrow morning. What I'd like to know is, is the repo order still in force or should they nram, terminate it, they have stopped the eviction but was wondering what officailly happens with the Order ? also the unsecured portion is paid via payplan and is not in arrears now nor has it been for a while, should I have the Charging Order taken off ? by them too. Thank you
  22. Hello, I am looking into something for the gf. She took out a hire purchase on a car in November 2009 with Carlyle Finance (now MotoNovo). in April 2011 she telephoned them to say that she was entering into financial difficulties, she wanted to explore taking lower payments, this was due to a gap in teaching contracts between then and July, she wanted to take a payment holiday. Obviously this wasn't acceptable and they offered 3 months @ 50% and to make up the payments over 4 months, totalling £242 per month. Essentially they took back the car and sold it one day out of the blue she was called by a guy from collections saying he was there waiting for her, she said this hadn't been arranged and certainly not at that time because she is a teacher and wouldn't be able to do a collection until after 3pm. In June 2011 she raised a dispute with them about the defaults and about the "aborted collection fee" which was added to the account, it is clear they received the dispute letters x2 because they've come back in the SAR request but they haven't ever responded which is also clear from their system notes and SAR response. To add, in the credit agreement signed the 2nd page was never there, infact they've confirmed that we've received all that they've got on file, the significance of this is that under "Important - use of your information" it reads " We will obtain information about you from credit reference agencies and we will record information about you with them. It is important that you read the "use of your information" notice overleaf before you sign". They have supplied a further two pages of terms and conditions, none of which even remotely mention how they will use information. I want to know - can we hold them in breach of contract by not responding to dispute or supplying evidence which we asked for? Should they have lodged a default on credit file when the contract doesn't talk about how information will be used? So far we are relying on ICO technical guidance around filing a default while an account is in dispute as unfair.... Many thanks O
  23. Hello all, I have started a new thread because my previous was quite long and I had the issue confused. Had a HP agreement with MotoNovo in November 2009, the car was taken in June 2012. I have attached the latest balance sheet. It appears from my calculations that over a 3rd WAS paid by £4! This does include taking into account refunding all of the charges and the option to purchase fee. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45657[/ATTACH] MotoNovo in their "final response" say that they never took the option to purchase fee but it is clearly deducted from the agreement and then refunded onto the account the month after the car was taken. Could someone just double check my figures here? The agreement says the 3rd is £2873.03 I have calculated; TOTAL PAID £2661.54 CHARGES £86.90 OPTION TO PURCHASE FEE £129.57 TOTAL INC ABOVE £2878.01 The car was taken from private property following this being sent; When the guy arrived he was asked not to take the car because we didn't want to terminate the agreement any longer, this was because we'd taken advice to go back to the finance company, he said tough basically and took the car (witnesses present). Nothing was signed when the car was taken because we were running around trying to find out what to do with the car being taken. They have provided a VT Notice in their SAR bundle BUT this was never received our end, I expect they did send it but we never had it. Is this unlawful repo?
  24. Hi Last year I rather stupidly took out a log book loan from these guys whilst I was going through a rough patch. I now unfortunately am in the situation of being on benefits hopefully only short term. I have emailed them several times asking for advice on this situation to no avail. During this period my car broke down and was towed to the audi garage for repairs. The bill at present is 2500 which on jsa I cant afford with a further 30 days @10 per day storage charges. The repo men came round today no court order just to repossess I told them the situation with the car and the garage is holding it pending payment. When I signed for the loan the agent came round and as stated on other threads no witness was thyere to sign bar the agent so common thread here with the BoS. Really where do I stand with regards to the repossession ? are the garage allowed to release the car without my consent. To give you some idea its an audi A6 57 plate loan for 3000, the fault causing the breakdown was a design flaw but not acknowledged fought to get audi uk to reduce original bill of 4500 to 2500 as a gesture of goodwill (succeeded) Stupid move originally but cant change the past any advice please. Thanks
  25. Hi All They have repossessed my car now. This is how I found out. I saw my car advertised in Autotrader. Is this how I should have found out ? regards
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