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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I have had a car on finance from moneybarn for little over a year. for starters I have not paid over a 1/3 of the agreement. I have been in and out of work since i bought the car i have had missed payments all over the shop. I have been in a couple of payment plans with them but now they have terminated the agreement. I need to know what s next. i have looked into a time order and think its the best way forward but i dont know much about how i apply for it and where etc. Also how long do i have now that they have terminated the agreement, do they send me something n writing first or can they just turn up willy nilly and take it? HELP!!
  2. Had a car on finance with money barn the car was involved in an accident and the insurance company wrote the car off the finance company said the settlement was 12,813.66 the insurance company offered 11365 leaving 1448 pound owing i told the finance company i didn't have the difference to settle the agreement but they went ahead and accepted the insurance companies offer and released any security over the car.. money barn are now demanding 4512.48 via a claimform under breach of the agreement and requesting full interest up to the 19th march 2018 when the agreement should end my question is can they do this or am i able to fight it??
  3. Hi all, Need some advice please... Details are as follows... I took out a finance agreement for a car with MoneyBarn in Nov 2014. Made all payments up until June 2015 which was missed (an error on my part which I never noticed). Every subsequent payment made successfully. Monday Feb 1 I have a knock on the door with 2 bailiffs requesting to take my car there and then. They showed me on an iPhone a copy of the termination notice which was the first time I had laid eyes on anything like that. I telephoned MoneyBarn immediately to ask what was going on, they told me the car was being repossessed for that one missing payment from June 2015. I had the funds to pay in then and there, and requested to do so, but the rep said it was all too late. I asked why they hadn't contacted me at all about this, and their response was that they had written to me and called me on my mobile and home phone numbers and had left messages. I have CATEGORICALLY not received any correspondence from MoneyBarn regarding a missed payment, and I have categorically not received any emails, phone calls, phone messages or calls or voice mails on my mobile. This was a bolt from the blue. I refused to let the bailiffs take the car. On Wed 3 Feb (2 days later) I receive a letter from MoneyBarn stating that agreement has been terminated. This is the first correspondence I have ever received from them. I do some research on the internet and apply to the County Court at Maidstone for a Time order. This is turned down on the grounds that the agreement was already terminated So where do I go now? This is so unfair. I am easily able to pay the monthly premiums, and offered to on my first phone call to MoneyBarn. I don't want to lose the car as it is in negative equity by I estimate £5-8k. Thanks in advance for any advice. Regards, Sam
  4. Hey guys, I'm really hoping someone can help give me some sound advice on Moneybarn. I took out a 3-year conditional purchase agreement with Moneybarn in Oct 2013. I pay £410 per month, and to date I've paid just shy of £9000 on a car that cost £9,400. The total amount to repay Moneybarn is around £14,000, and I am almost 2/3 rds of the way through the contract. Last summer, I broke my neck and explained to Moneybarn that because I'm self-employed my payments would be late until I recovered. I managed to get the money together for the three month's missed payments and I offered to pay the arrears, plus all charges (reasonable or otherwise), but Moneybarn insisted on issuing a consent order to allow me to keep the vehicle. Reluctantly I agreed, but instead of issuing a consent order, Moneybarn obtained a CCJ against me without my knowledge (I was living abroad and they were aware of this). When I found out, I sent them a strong legal letter, and managed to persuade them to have the CCJ set aside and replaced with the consent order. in early 2015 I found myself in possession of the vehicle under a consent order that allowed Moneybarn to repossess the car should I miss any further payments. However, I fell into work problems in May, and this time missed two payments. To cut a long story short, Moneybarn would not allow me to catch up on the arrears and insisted on repossessing the vehicle instead. It's now been 4 months since the first missed payment, and they eventually said I could keep it if I paid recovery charges - but no recovery has been made! When I refused to pay this, they said if I didn't hand over the vehicle this week they will call the police because it's their property and it's stolen. I do have a brain between my ears and have done extensive research myself, which leads me to confidently conclude they can't do this, but my question really is would I be able to apply for a time order and argue the repossession charge, given that the vehicle is subject to a consent order initiated by the creditor? Having paid off the actual price of the vehicle and with only 1/3rd of my contract outstanding, it's heartbreaking to have to hand over the car now - especially after all I've been through with Moneybarn. Any sound advice or experience in this area would be much appreciated and thanks for reading
  5. I borrowed £11190 to purchase a car for £15000. Unfortunately after 9 months I missed 3 payments. Money barn demanded that the car be repossessed. I offered to fully pay all arrears but they refused. They now state the car is worth £6000 despite originally informing me that they valued the car at £11400 and after sale I would not owe them any further. They also have indicated I owe approximately £13600 on a loan that was originally £11190 In a nutshell they now want be to charge me a further approx. £7800 despite taking taking the car away. So they want £7800 to add to the £2700 I have already paid Total approx. £10500 and they take the car valued at £10000 + away???? I have asked them to take me to court and will report them to the FCA. IMHO This type of loan shark operation covering itself with a veil of being a reputable lender needs adjudication. IMHO stay far away from this company as possible
  6. I purchased a car back in 2007 with money barn for £16k. I placed a 3k deposit and a payment of £399 per month. I was taken ill and fell in arrears. To my shock they repo the car without a court order. 6 years have elapsed, I have now been contacted by a company called Shoosmiths solicitors outlining they are now the legal representative of Money barn. I now have another CCJ and have been ordered to court to answer financial questions under oath. If I do not attend, It clearly states i will be done for contempt of court. Since I have moved around, I have never seen the original CCJ, And are now in fear of Losing every thing due to illness. Could any one advise please
  7. Good day all, Many thanks for your time reading this post and i hope someone can help me. I had a car on finance from moneybarn, i work overseas in the offshore oil and gas industry and have no communications home when i am away. i spent 3 months at sea and returned to letters from moneybarn and bailiffs saying my vehicle needed to be returned due to missed payments. This was due to a fault with the bank and not myself. I contacted the bailiff and and asked if i could pay the amount owed and start the payments again. He informed me that this was not possible and moneybarn wanted the vehicle returned to them. He arrived the next day and took the car to be sold at auction. I recently checked my credit file and its showed a debt of £6800 and the 3 late payments were evident but last month its shows as OK?? I have emailed money barn the following email: Good day, My name is john ******* and i had a car on finance with your company. Details below: Ford Focus Registration: AK5**** John ****** 11/02/**** 176 ******** Birmingham The vehicle was returned due to me missing payments, this however was out of my control and was an error on the banks behalf, i did not get made aware of this as i was working overseas and had no communications until i returned. I tried to set up a new payment plan and settle the amount outstanding but was informed this was no longer possible. I recently checked my credit file and noticed the debt was present. Please may I ask as a goodwill gesture that you remove the default of the amount in excess of £6800. The reasons behind my late payments were out of my control. As the vehicle was taken and sold at auction the debt would now be settled and it would be appreciated if this could be reflected on my credit file with all 3 credit reference agencies. Any help with this matter is greatly appreciated and I await your reply Regards John ******* Is the email i sent ok? The bailiff/enforcer informed me that the vehicle gets sold at auction and the debt will be cleared? is this true? any help or advice is greatly appreciated regards John
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