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  1. The car was left at house while I was working away as it was insured their .and for her to use why she sorted her own car out as she gets mobility allowance and so she could get my kids about....but she has been allowing her new partner drive my car who is not insured ..and finance company would repo my car as now it is insured at my new property and I do.not have access to the car
  2. The veichle is insured by me at my new address as instructed to do so by finance company...she has her own insurance covering car .....the log book is in my name and the finance is reg to me ...I cnt get veichle as she got documents and keys in her possession ......she was giving it back after police spoke to her I had to arrange by email to get car..which she said I can have sun....she has since sent another one demanding 3500 or it will delay me getting the car bck...I spoke to police and they said it's a civil matter now she demanding money...and then I said it's now theft as she is now wit
  3. The finance company will only go and collect if I default but then going to get blackmail have no car and got to to pay shrtfall.....police were going to help but are now saying it's civil .....but I thought witholding property that is yours is theft and now she demanding money and witholding my property
  4. Have a car which log book in my name insured in my name and on finance in my name .. the ex is holding keys log book and documents in house . ..police spoke to her and said she was handing back and needed to contact her by email to collect .which I did.. was told I could collect in a day so please were happy with that although I wasn't . .she as since sent a email demanding 3500 cash or she witholding car .. .police have now said it's a civil matter and wnt do anything ..I then said well I'll report it as twoc and he said now you are just bein
  5. thanks for all gthe advice on here has been big help got an oppointment on fri again to sort out next course of action i know it is the slow process but write way to go and will be able to get compensation as is ilegal what he has done so will keep you posted
  6. i dont know whether or not this is of use to you but i had a simillar problem about 12 yrs ago with waggon finnance .... i bought a car on hp with a rac warranty breakdown cover. after about 2 wks car broke down needed new alternator which got fixed under warranty no probs .then about another month the water pump went which again warranty paid for. . after having veichle for about 9mths the car develobed a problem they call black death were in tod the head gasket went and all my piston rings were knackered etc .. ,i got a quote to sort it all out which was a
  7. i have been told by a solicitor that it is theft bas he has no proof of ownership or the amount he wanted for the veichle or any set payment terms or an agreed time to ay for the veichle .... i have had the veichle in total for 10mths 4 mths on his insurance and then in jan he handed over the v5 and signed it over as i had paid nearly all the 1000 pounds for the veichle ...as we have finished working together and he has taken a big hit in customers going bang on him he is struggling for money.so he has now come back demanding another 500 pounds without any proof and hasnt shown the police any.
  8. spoke to citizens advice .they have said tools are civil and he cannot hold the veichle for them as it is illegal but the police wont get involved with family and friends so if i didnt no him they would have got it back great hey ..so will have to take him to court to get it back. so in the meantime loss of earnings and not being able to pay morgage and other items will i be able to add to my claim.... b ut will take time..
  9. It is only twoc if you drive it for your own purpose and it is perfectly legal to remove goods as you see fit if you have proof they owe you money and there is no confrontation you Will not get arrested as it is a civil dispute and was told that by a inspector as i was at the police station on Mon and Tue as i have just been a victim of just that and he has no proof but the police are not botherd courts are expensive and do not work
  10. They canceled it and said it was civil law..
  11. thanks for all help and info on here people. more than i have got from the police anyway .
  12. and it was an inspector we seen at the station
  13. the officer in charge said he was fine with how the officers delt with it evn though they thought it was quite amuseing and in his eyes its civil and can file a report to ipcc but the report he was writting thet would just take one look and say it was civil so dnt want to go back and get there backs upcos dnt want them giving me hassle back.. so stuck rely at the mo
  14. yes thank you but not coverd for this or on my motor insurance as i dnt have a crime no for van insurance ...
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