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  1. Well done for standing your ground, but for me personally; it sounds like you're being too lenient with him considering you have active judgments against him. Make the next letter detail potential bailiff action should he fail to make payment as ajudged. You've given him plenty of opportunity to pay what he was ordered to pay, he hasnt, take the next logical step or he will continue to evade payment.
  2. Hi Sequenci, Couldnt agree more and in the latest correspondence from the FSCS, they did agree that there was no outstanding liability to WFS. They instructed WFS to make payment of the refund direct to myself; however WFS refused to accept this and passed it back to the FSCS to review again. This was in May IIRC and its been with them since. If i'm completely honest, I'm confused as to why the reclaim is with the legal team at the FSCS. They instructed WFS to make payment direct, WFS refused to do so. I'm starting to suspect that it may be the case that WFS a
  3. Well over two weeks and still no update, even with assurances from the Head of Legal that he would provide one. Can anybody advise if it would be beneficial serving a SAR on the FSCS for an update on my claim? Or would it be pointless? Cheers
  4. Slight update, have had a response from an email I sent to the head of legal at the FSCS advising he will investigate and respond shortly. I guess there is some light at the end of the tunnel finally Will update with any further progress. Thanks
  5. Was the first thing I thought of tbh, but all emails have been sent to an @fscs.org.uk address and letters sent to: Financial Services Compensation Scheme 10th Floor Beaufort House 15 St Botolph Street London EC3A 7QU
  6. As far as I was aware, with WFS being in Default it would be the FSCS who would make the payment (?) suspect they issued the funds to WFS to settle and in turn they then passed it to MKDP. At this stage, i'm afraid you know as much as I do as trying to get more information from either the FSCS / WFS is like getting blood from a stone unfortunately. I've threatened WFS with court action via a LBA at the end of August this year, they simply responded by saying that as it was with the FSCS I couldnt take legal action against them.. . is this bs? Thanks dx
  7. Hi all, Looking for some advice with my PPI reclaim and Welcome Finance. Quite a long winded background story to it so i'll keep it brief. In August last year, having checked my CallCredit record, I became aware of an outstanding account with WFS for a HP agreement taken out in 2006. I voluntarily terminated after half way through the contract and was advised that I had no outstanding liability at the time. They sent no correspondence to me to advise there was an overdue amount and I heard nothing from them since. I contacted the company who had bought the account,
  8. Oh believe me i've tried. Going back to the end of last year I had confirmation from the original creditor that there was no account on their system with my details when I served a SAR on them. All very suspect indeed, but so far MMF are just blatently refusing to investigate it. Had several letters from MMF at the start of this year when I was requesting further information, but nothing proving liability and as soon as I requested that, all went silent on their part. Have never banked with Santander too but I suppose its impossible to prove a negative I've sent several letters over
  9. Hi Brig, Currently at work atm, but will collate all letters I've had and send them over. There aren't many as MMF refuse to send anything via post and ignore all emails / letters I send. I am tempted to agree with you regarding the SAR and data only available is what was given; however they are the one's who've placed data within my credit file, not the company they're apparently collecting on behalf of. They've also informed Equifax / Experian that they have original contracts signed and dated and apparently proof of monies being deposited into my account with Santander (who'm i've
  10. Hi, Just wanted to offer some information regarding MMF in relation to the ongoing saga i'm going through. In December 2012 I served upon them a S7 SAR which they blatently ignored. Had all proof that they received my request and cashed the cheque but non-compliance. In January 2013 a formal complaint was sent to MMF; which again they ignored. At the end of January 2013 a LBA was issued; again blatently ignored even though they signed for it. February 2013 a complaint was raised to the ICO for their non-compliance who investigated. Originally MMF claimed to the ICO they had
  11. To be perfectly honest, you could show them proof in black and white that they are responsible. They'd still swear blind that you made the changes yourself. I think from this aspect the next logical step would be to provide the police with your IP address. That way they will see that it is clearly different to what they are claiming the changes originated from. The only problem I can see with this is that at the end of the day; the recording of the IP address from which it did originate is reported via their systems. Should they wish to be dishonest, it wouldnt be much effort at all to ch
  12. I'd also like to make a point on here also; if the company are insinuating that an 'individual' accessed their systems from an address in manchester. They're blatently lying. The IP address assigned to an individual PPP session when a router connects to the internet, (apart from checking their ISP's INTERNAL DHCP logs) cannot be traced back to an address or even geographical location. The IP when checked via who.is will purely show the registrants address, or the address of the ISP for that persons connection. The geographical location of that 'user' is completely hidden. (I've worked tel
  13. Sorry, further enforcement such as an Attachment of Earnings order etc. I doubt entirely they made applicaton to adjourn via N244, more than likely they just sent a letter to the court manager? And as for claiming costs only if you won, even if you dont you should still be able to argue that the claimant provided no notice of intent to adjourn and as such, regardless of the outcome of the hearing, you had expenses for the unnecessary visit. That is dependant on the judge tho
  14. I'd also be inclined to write a letter to the court requesting a copy of this fax that they sent, feels very much like stalling tactics to draw out the process even further. At the end of the day they've known for at least a month of the hearing date and had every opportunity to reschedule, yet they chose to submit this to the court on the morning of the hearing.... when you eventually get to a hearing i'd also ask the judge to consider wasted costs for the vacated hearing (absence from work, travel costs etc) Have you checked with the court to see if they've applied for further enforceme
  15. I do agree huggy, I did come out guns blazing but never had the intention of taking them for every penny... i had goal of getting the judgment set-aside and wiped off my file, fair enough it cost me £80 for the court app, but in comparison to 6 years of bad credit history I'm content. It's not the end of the story though, once I have confirmation from the court that the case has been abandoned and confirmation that they've removed the defaults i'll be raising another complaint to the OFT for their conduct. Doing what they did, and just waving the white flag when its challenged shows that
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