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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I arranged £10 a month by contacting them. I sent them emails. I'm not obliged to phone them at extortionate phone rates, I'm not obliged to give them my phone number, I'm not obliged to do jack in fact. I KINDLY decided I would ALLOW them to have some pennies. First off stated I'm on benefits, they asked for proof, so I sent it, again via email. Their precise response line to that was: "It would appear your incomings are lower than your outgoings, as this is impossible we can not accept your offer of £10/month and set it to £46" (or something similar to that amount). That's right, b
  3. It's pretty well known people can and have been sent to prison for non payment of council tax.
  4. Ok so if the bill for CT is £250 yet they want an extra £235 every other week and it just keeps climbing, and I keep a note of when the £250 is paid off from my £10 monthly, they're gonna say ah no the CT isn't paid you've only been paying our fees/charges etc right? You can go to prison for not paying council tax that's the part I'm worried about...
  5. Continuing to get letters stating they'll be sending bailiffs every week at a charge of £235. hello what can I do???? Surely this is harassment?
  6. Rossendales hassling me for a £250 approx CT debt. I supplied them, through email docs, proof I'm on benefits and can only afford £10 a month. I set a standing order up and it's been paying a short while. They wrote to say according to my income I have to pay out more than I'm receiving which isn't possible therefore I must pay £50 a month LMAO!!!! Loving the logic there. I found a hand delivered letter today which state I now owe £450 (WHAT??!?!) and that they wanna take goods blah blah. I've been paying £10 so will I still HAVE TO pay the extra they've slapped
  7. So when my tenancy started mid 2011 it was through an agent, TDS was all legit etc. But around 14 months later LL quit the agent and private contracts were exchanged between us. Agent sent my deposit to LL in the form of a cheque written out to the TDS/DPS whatever it's called. Upon giving my notice recently LL has informed me cheque hasn't been paid into TDS, all I said was get it in there then. So I'm not sure if it's gonna be in there come leaving date or what. What should I do? Think I'm reading there's some sort of claim in it for simply not having it deposited within 14 days of con
  8. Can I get an advice on this? Another thing has arisen having re-read the contract once again. What it is is a 12 month fixed term but with a get out clause from anywhere beyond 6 months, only the wording states TWO months notice need be given by the tenant. Now we know the law states tenants only need to give one month, but as this is a weird sort of contract, will I need to give two months by law?
  9. Ah, in actual fact contract doesn't end til end of August so am ok But while I'm here, I was told by my neighbour that the previous tenants never got their deposit back. I'm assuming there wasn't a TDS in place for them as I think their tenancy started a few years ago when most people knew nothing of those schemes. So am hoping with a TDS in place for me I won't get tucked up. However I just know they'll try it on so would it be advisable to say get my own closing inventory drawn up privately? Contract is not through an agent. There's an inventory from the original agent when I fir
  10. I am back in this situation again now. This time around there is a fixed ONE YEAR AST but with a clause to move out after 6 months. That 6 month period is up at the end of July however I am moving out and it's 7 days into the month now so can I still give notice for the last 3 weeks?
  11. ok well my question was more about if a person within the law ie real court bailiff has the right to enter someone else's private property to take your goods, but by the sounds of it that wouldn't even happen if they are still chasing repayments from the original owner surely? As for repo man, you're obv within your rights to immediately phone the police and if he tows the car in the time it takes them to get here then they would obviously chase him down to wherever the compound is, find he has no credentials and demand the car is returned surely not???
  12. 1) Is the court order that they apparently bring along with them enough to repossession from property that DOESN'T BELONG TO THE CURRENT CAR OWNER...ie if car owner stored the car elsewhere on private land other than his own? 2)IF so, whhat can they do if they had no idea where the car was? 3) Can the financing co. repossesss the vehicle after it's been sold on AND ALSO claim the original debt owed by original owner? eg, I still have Black Horse claiming I owe them money on a vehicle I bought way back in 2003....SURELY it's been reposssessed by now from the person I sold it on to, a
  13. Just watched a program on C4 about UK's APPRENTLY most notorious car repo guy (and what a massive tool he is) and was just wondering about some things on the subject. First of all, the fact they can take a vehicle back after it's been sold on because the original owner owes the company money is utterly disgusting as it is, but regardless; 1) Is the court order that they apparently bring along with them enough to repossess from property that DOESN'T BELONG TO THE CURRENT CAR OWNER...ie if car owner stored the car elsewhere on private land other than his own? 2) Can the financi
  14. Nothing is renewed hence the OP. So is it 6 month fixed or monthly? You write to technical for me, a yes or no will do. and thanks alot
  15. The original contract is fixed term 6 month, it states £500 is payable 1st of each month. However I have paid the whole 6 months up front for 3 FT's now, but as the writing states I can pay monthly then I have reverted to doing so, paid in first month yesterday. So is this contract now 6 month fixed or monthly?
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