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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there, I emigrated to SE Asia in 2006, and returned with my family in 2015. Before leaving I had been self employed, and on our return went self employed, notified HMRC and started Self assessment again. I have just received a letter from HMRC stating that I owe nearly 2K in tax and penalties for the years 2006 to 2012, much of which is for non rendering of returns. I can only guess this is a response to my notification that I am back...although this was done nearly two years ago. I did tell HMRC in 2006 I had emigrated and did not receive any returns posted to my
  2. Hi, long time no post. asfaiwa my finances were now in a good place. I got a massive shock when I did a credit check on Experian two days ago to discover that a debt originally defaulted by Monument back in 2006 was now showing as a default to Arrow Global. This case was dealt with by the court around 2006 who agreed a payment of £1 a month to Arrow Global who had purchased the debt from Monument, and I set up a standing order for £1 a month. I was also paying £10 a month to Arrow Global for an RBS debt. In July 2015 the £10 a month payments stopped as the RBS debt was paid o
  3. Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to establish whether my solicitor has acted negligent by not following the pre-action protocol in respect of a Disrepair claim which has now been settled, after 6 years of my local council denying liability under the OLA 1957. I had an accident during the period where liability was being disputed but my solicitor is claiming that he did not have the funds to pursue a PI claim but never advised me on this, and on checking the pre action protocol under Disrepair claim there is reference that would suggest that in any event, a claim for PI aris
  4. Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue – 31/10/2015 What is the claim for – The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balances (set out below) which the Defendant(s) have failed to pay as required under contracts with the following particulars acc no XX9 and acc no XX0, between the Defendant(s) and Halifax dated on or about Jan 30 2006 and Jan 13 2002 respectively. The contracts were assigned to the Claimant on Aug 31 2012 and Aug 31 2012 respectively. PARTICULARS – a/c no XX9 a/c no XX0 DATE ITEM VALUE 01/09/2015 Default Balance 8500
  5. Hi I made a complaint to the financial ombudsman regarding the charges that this company had applied to our mortgage. (we are no longer with this company). The ombudsman have come to a decision that SPML must pay us 1500 pounds by the 28th August. SPML have not complied with the ombudsman when they have requested any paper work connected to our old mortgage. I dont think that they will pay up by this Thursday, so what will happen? will we have to take it to court? Can the ombudsman step in or because they ahve made a final decision is this as far as the ombud
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to thank all caggers for all the advice given previously... It is a big relief knowing that there's people you can run to for advice at times like these. my new questions regarding CCJ on old credit card debt That's been passed around to different DAs over the years is now Been recorded at Northampton Business Centre 2016. The debt was originally More than credit card... in 2007_08 I run into difficulties It is one of many that's been filed on my credit file which I believe ended 2 years ago. (After 6 years)...great thanks from al
  7. Please guys could you help me to try and manage the situation that I have 14 days to sort out or be threatened with alleged Court ACTION. 1st Credit have sent me a threatening letter stating that a debt they bought from Barclaycard in 2006 needs to be paid or Court action pending. I have no recollection when I made a payment towards this debt and am not sure what I should do. ## Please advise what would be the next step as I have only 14 days.
  8. Dear friends, I have checked my Equifax and Callcredit report’s in the last few days as I know I have some pretty bad looking marks relating to a Barclaycard I had a good number of years ago, I have learnt from the error of my past and have had a clean credit file for the past 5 or so years. The Barclaycard was not managed well by me (I moved address in 2008 after graduating, got a new job and got married all simultaneously and did not inform Barclaycard during this busy period until 2010), although I never defaulted just had a large number of late payments,
  9. Hi all I am looking for some advice re GE money and a repo hearing set for 20 December 2013. They are trying to reposess for the below reason 1) A warrant of execution shall not issue without the permission of the court where – (a) six years or more have elapsed since the date of the judgment or order; There was an initial hearing in May 2007 and then another in May 2009, since 2009 all payments as ordered by the judge have been made. GE money have continued to apply a £40 admin charge and additional interest costs each month. Despite them refunding me
  10. For full report - http://www.expressandstar.com/news/uk-news/2014/08/14/repossessions-at-lowest-since-2006/
  11. Hi, hoping someone can help. I was contacted today on the phone by the student loan company telling me I was overpaid £180 in 2006, the last year in which I was a student. First, I told them that they should send me all the information by post as I will take nothing they say over the phone. They claim they have sent me numerous letters since then but I changed address in 2006. They said it was not their responsibility to send any other information and contact student finance. At the same time they said that they had been informed off this overpayment in 2006 but could not explain why
  12. Hi all, I'm about to prepare to submit a claim to Court in respect of Credit Card charges (over limit and late payment fees) incurred between 2001 and 2006. I have all my statements thanks to a Subject Access Request. NatWest have, obviously, refuted my claim thus far. However I'm particular interested in two paragraphs contained within their last letter to me on 3 July, which reads: "Following the publication of the OFT report in April 2006 Royal Bank of Scotland reduced its default charges to £12. Our charges of £12 are in line with the actual and estimated costs of default an
  13. Hi I have written to the Halifax to request validation of credit card debt (£7800) and asked for a certified copy of the original credit agreement. They have sent me a photocopy of the "original signed application form" and a "reconstituted version of the original agreement". The form was dated 7 July 2006. Is this 'agreement' enforceable? Thanks
  14. Hi all, Completely new to this and still unsure if I have posted in correct place even after watching instruction video so apologies if I have done so incorrectly! To begin...I moved from a private rent property in 2007 to the address where I have now lived for over 6 years. Not by choice but letting agency informed me that home owner was selling up and I had 2mths to move out so I did. I moved from one local authority to a new one approx. 20miles away and so life has continued.. ..Until today when I received a letter from Jbw requesting immediate payment of £1,020 in respe
  15. Hi fellow Caggers, Got an issue with a high street bank in relation to an unsecured loan i took out for over 25k back in March 2007, this was done via mail with no interaction with anybody from the bank, they sent me the offer i signed and sent it back. it is my understanding the loan is not covered by the CCA as the upper limit was not changed till April 2008 to cover loans over 25k. The bank, however is saying it is covered. I think they have messed up. Any ideas what to do about this, is the loan voidable? i have asked them to send me a copy of the agreement. Pa
  16. Dear All, I was wondering whether anyone might have a copy of Abbey's Standard Mortgage Conditions booklet edition 2006 (printed December). Thank you
  17. Hello Guys, Does a court fine become SB'd at all? I have just come in to a letter from Greater Manchester Courts saying i have a balance outstanding of £245 for failure to display a tax disc, now i cannot remember even getting this and had moved shortly after the alleged offence, they have traced me to my new address so have said this needs paying, I have no problem in paying it as back then my car could well of not been displaying tax as didnt have a care in the world in and around that time. My question is do fines like this become SB'd at all?
  18. Hi All, This is my first post on this forum, I have been reading it for 1-2 days now and the info here is simply amazing! I have various issues but the most pressing is a Court Case with MBNA and Preston Solicitors. I heard they are the nasty ones! I was living in the UK till January but due to my health and being unemployed, I had to move back to my country of origin, in the middle of Europe (sorry for being secrecy, just do not want people to find me this way) I have a CC debt of 25k from MBNA what I could not pay due to job loss and health issues. I tried to negotia
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