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Found 13 results

  1. Probably a daft question, but can a debt be registered duplicate d as seperate debts/defaults on my credit file... .I have two in question. ..an old lloyds tsb loan which is registered as a lloyds tsb default and elsewhere on my file as a lowells default.... .The second one is barclaycard default which has seperate entries as a barclaycard default and a hoist portfolio default... ..The reason I ask is that it's making my credit file look worse than it actually is (it's still bad though!)
  2. Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read this, hopefully someone will able to advise… To cut a long story short, in 2009 I took out a car finance agreement with Santander, the monthly payments were £179. Unfortunately the vehicle was stolen during a burglary in 2011 and was not recovered. The cars insurers paid their amount to Santander but for reasons beyond me the gap insurers didn’t make their payment. Last year this came to light and the gap insurers made their payment (3 years late) this caused there to be an outstanding amount left on the agreement.
  3. Dear friends, I have checked my Equifax and Callcredit report’s in the last few days as I know I have some pretty bad looking marks relating to a Barclaycard I had a good number of years ago, I have learnt from the error of my past and have had a clean credit file for the past 5 or so years. The Barclaycard was not managed well by me (I moved address in 2008 after graduating, got a new job and got married all simultaneously and did not inform Barclaycard during this busy period until 2010), although I never defaulted just had a large number of late payments,
  4. Hi, On my credit file, Halifax have continually registered "late payment" on an overdraft facility over a 17 month period before selling the debt and registering it as "partially settled". This means the effective time for the debt to "fall off" my credit report has been extended by over a year. This is not a true reflection of the account, since no payments were made by myself during this time. At some point (after 6 months??) they should surely have registered a default. Can they even sell the debt on without officially defaulting the debt first? Does anyone kn
  5. I recently got a copy of my Experian file and am concerned by the entries for my smile credit card. There are 4 separate items on my file, all showing the same start date in 2003, and 3 are showing as settled. The dates on the entries appear to cover different periods, and I know I had a couple of replacement cards, possibly with different numbers, so think this probably explains the different entries. I have 2 questions. 1. If an account is showing as settled (with a settlement date), does that make it clear to anyone viewing my file that the credit limit shown is no
  6. Hi, I am cleaning up my partners credit file and it is showing defaults for the same accounts twice. Once for the OC and then again for the DCA. I have read threads on the forum that say that the OC should remove their entry on with the CRA so I am looking to get this done. I am looking for a letter template and wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction. I had a look in the Library but could not see one. Many thanks as always
  7. Hi there, just looking for advice before I try to take on the delightful virgin media, I have heard they are tricky! Last week i checked my credit report with experian and equifax before I apply for a mortgage. I was surprised to see virgin media on there for my internet contract, I didn't realise they could record data with CRAs for your internet service but I suppose it makes some sense as I had 12month fixed contract. In any event, I was concerned they have recorded 3 late payments entries against me earlier this year and have now been told this will hinder my mor
  8. I apologise if this is the wrong subsection, I was a little daunted by the huge amount of information available! I've spent the last 24 months trying to sort my financial life out. I was pretty lucky that both my mortgage company decided not to act upon my huge arrears and the local council took back a massive debt from the bailiffs and allowed me to pay them direct. This month marks the point where the mortgage is up to date and I have 2-3 payments left on the council tax. My gas and electric repayments also end in September. This relative turnaround in my situation has
  9. Hello, I am trying to gather some information for a friend, they have a Wonga loan they cannot pay, for which a repayment plan has been set up. Although he's credit file will not be great, he want's to avoid a default. Do Wonga normally register a default, if a payment arrangement is agreed and stuck to? I have read they won't if it's in a certain time limit, but I am not sure what this time limit is?. Ideally he want's to make sure it's paid off before a default is issued. I have searched the forum for the answer to this but I cannot find anything conclusive, Th
  10. Hi contacted Wonga about 7 months ago with a query regarding the "25" entries it has placed on my Credit File with Experian. I was promised these would be removed. They still haven't. I have just e-mailed this across to them. What are my chances of this being actioned? Opinions please....
  11. Hi How should PDL companies recorded there entries in a credit report. I have multiple entries within my report when my understanding is that i have got one credit limit and it should be shown as a running total, or am i wrong?
  12. hi CAG team, I have four entries in my credit report for two credit card accounts. Two of them show the original company that the credit cards were with and they show the accounts in default, the last time these were updated was roughly two years ago. However the same accounts are shown again with a different company which shows them as settled and these were updated recently. I have not settled these accounts myself. Both these cards were only in my name. Can somebody explain this, any ideas? regards
  13. I have just started to get a grip of a huge debt problem that I buried my head in the sand about a few years back. As part of this process I had signed up with Experian to get a copy of my Credit File. (found it amazing what counts and what doesnt). Anyway. I defaulted on a HBOS Preference Card Account at the start of 2007, with a credit limit of around 10k. (all three have the start date of 18/4/97) so I know they are the same account. looking at my credit file I have three entries for the account, Two are marked as Settled, with the third being in default.
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