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  1. Hi all, Please forgive me if this post is in the wrong place: Having used a number of doorstep loan companies over the past 10 - 15 years mainly KDS Finance & Provident Personal Credit to name a few I wondered if they had been fair with both myself & my partner. The first question I have is if I took out a new loan that re-payed an existing loan should I/we have received any interest back due to paying the first loan off early? My 2nd question is at the time I thought that they were helping us out by offering the loans to us as they never checked our finances correctly for affordability they just picked figures out of the air to ensure that the loan would be approved. We inevitably ended up with more debt than we could afford and had numerous occasions of ignoring the collector when they knocked or arguing with them as they were very angry that we could not pay the full amounts on the loan agreements and we would end up arguing with them when they came to collect. I remember one company though there name evades me who did start to send a repayment of interest to us when we renewed a loan early though the amounts were very small in comparison to the amounts that were being payed off. I am now thankfully free from all of these lenders but I would love to be able to submit a claim for unfair treatment along with a claim for interest refunds etc. Does / has anyone had any experiences of this nature and have there been any successful claims made against the companies involved? Thanks Nic
  2. My daughter told of this site and how it had helped her over the years reclaim unfair charges and it has been extremely helpful to her over the years, I know she donated several times and so I decided to register myself. My daughter has suffered severe trauma over the last 12 months and I am very pleased to say that she is in a much better place now. I am trying to sort her finances out, she is unable to work presently and unsure at this time when she will be capable of working. I was considering writing to the companies she owed money to explain what's happened to her and ask if they would consider wiping the debt in her circumstances, especially at the moment as we have no idea when she is going to be able to return to work, its not likely to be any time soon as she is in therapy 3 days a week for at least the next 6 months. The debts are roughly as follows: Vanquis £650 (paying £1 a month) Three Mobile £121 Lowell Financial £1200 Welcome Finance (Secured) £18K (paying £10 a month) Santander Loan (Unsecured) £9K (no payments made since 2010) HSBC £1500 Robinson Way (Barclaycard) £950 Creditlink account recovery solutions £94.76 My husband and I are old age pensioners and we cannot afford to pay these debts but I know all these letters that come through only add to her stress and depression as they do! We would love to be able to pay this off but we are financially just not able to. She has a mortgage which she is in arrears with although I am dealing with and they are understanding, there is no equity in the house but the mortagge payment is so low at £429 a month (interest only) we want her to keep this as renting would be of more cost to her. I am not sure if it is possible for anyone to advise us if it is worth writing to these debters with her situation and seeing if they might consider wiping these debts. Many thanks A worried GrannyMargaret.
  3. I am needing to apply for a mortgage asap. Im a LTD company self employed contractor. There is a wrong default on my Equifax and Callcredit reports. Experian is absolutely fine. I have only been contracting for 16 months and so the likes of Halifax wont touch me. I have written to the FOS to get the details corrected but this may take time. Can you tell me what lenders only use Experian or suggest who i could check with. The brokers dont have this information. There is an article on MSE but its incorrect, it says Nationwide only use Experian, i called them and they said they use all 3 companies for credit checks. Many thanks
  4. Hi all, Having read through many threads on this excellent site, I decided to raise formal complaints with a number of payday loan lenders. Between around 2012 and 2014 I took out around 60 payday loans. After the first few loans, I quickly found myself short of money after paying off the loans, and having to take out new ones again. Eventually I threw the towel in and started a DMP around the start of this year. My complaints were based on the loans being un-affordable, and that they should have been for short-term lending only. Complaints were raised in early October to the lenders. Here are the results so far: Pounds to Pocket - did not agree that the loans were unaffordable. However, they have cleared my outstanding loan in full. £996 written off as a goodwill gesture! : ) Lending Stream - didnt agree loan was unaffordable, but they reduced £105 from outstanding balance - refund of interest charged after i informed them of DMP - which i accepted. QuickQuid - did not agree that the loans were unaffordable. They offered me a £150 goodwill payment which I did not accept. Complaint with FOS. I am aware of recent redress ruling, but no contact from that. Peachy - This lender did not agree that the loans were unaffordable. Complaint with FOS 4Finance / Vivus.co.uk - This lender has not responded to my complaint. I dont think they operate in UK any more but they do have brands all over Europe. Does anybody know how I can contact them as they are ignoring my emails? Complaint also with FOS DifferentMoney (My Mate) - did not agree that the loans were unaffordable - with FOS Wonga - acknowledged my complaint, but not provided a response yet (still within 8 week window) Mr Lender - did not agree that the loan was unaffordable - with FOS Ladder Loans - acknowledged my complaint, but has not provided a response yet (still within 8 week window). I am aware of Dollar Financial redress scheme, no contact from that either. So... not a bad result on my complaints so far with around £1150 written off. I'll keep you all posted as the other complaints develop. My advice to anybody in similar situation to me, get those complaints in! pjb
  5. I have contacted the credit reference agency Noddle (CallCredit) twice about credit card lenders incorrectly placing a Minimum Payment Marker on my credit report with them. The lenders are Co-op Bank and Aqua. I have made payments that were marginally above (e.g. £1) the minimum payment with both lenders. I filed a dispute with Noddle. Both lenders have refused to correct the data. When contacting both, they both deny responsibility and say that they have no control over how Noddle displays the data. Co-op Bank even said that this means that I didn't make a full payment but made at least the minimum, which I know is untrue. I have since paid off Aqua in full so there's no longer a problem, but with Co-op Bank, it still displays. This could affect my credit rating, which they also deny. It appears that lenders are abusing the Minimum Payment Marker in breach of the Data Protection Act and punishing those who pay £1 or less over the minimum payment. Some MoneySavingExpert (MSE) users recommend paying £1 or even 1p above the minimum payment to avoid this marker. Other websites also recommend this. However, in my experience, this does not work. One user on MSE did mention paying 1% more to avoid this, but how do lenders get away with this? Under the Data Protection Act, the data that lenders give to the credit reference agencies has to be accurate. If a minimum payment is £10 and a payment of £11 is made on or before the due date, then it shouldn't be marked as the minimum payment made. I have searched for guidance on when lenders can place the Minimum Payment Marker but couldn't find anything. Credit Card Lenders that currently report the Minimum Payment Marker (that I am aware of) are: Co-op Bank Aqua Capital One Lloyds Bank Barclaycard MBNA GE Money HBOS This measure was announced on 24 November 2008 on the APACS website. The link has now been removed. Originally, five lenders agreed to share this information with the Credit Reference Agencies and has since increased. I have also had problems with other card issuers in the past (e.g. Capital One and Lloyds Bank) who also place a Minimum Payment marker if I paid £1 above the minimum payment, and not just with Noddle. Experian and Equifax are also reporting this.
  6. News From Credit Strategy The above case shows that PDL firms are still failing. The firm, who is believed to be "Safety Net Credit TA/ Indigo Michael" The FCAs rules have helped but more must be done.
  7. I got myself into trouble with a Halifax student overdraft many many years ago and the fees racked up so much I couldn't afford to pay it back before the debt was sold off. I moved away and sort of lost track of it. The debt became statue barred and fell off my credit file around 2011. Am I as good as dead to Halifax for any future business or will I be long forgotten by now, or in the near future? I'm looking for a mortgage and Halifax look promising but it seems like a bad idea to approach them or any of their group companies. What happens to people who do this with a few lenders? If you mess about with a few you could wipe out the majority of the high street lenders because they all seem to be owned by each other to various degrees.
  8. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/high-street-banks-charging-customers-8381277 Got to get back some of that money they have been fined over the past couple of years !!
  9. Hi all I am needing some help. I am looking to claim back all possible charges for payday loans I took out in the past. In some instances I had numerous roll-overs, re-lending etc so I want to raise a dispute with all of the past lenders and try and claim back some or all of the charges. So would like some letter templates from those who have had success. By the way all of these have been settled and none are chasing me for anything. Cheers
  10. Could anyone advise if doorstep lenders (i.e. Shopacheck, Provident ) can be included in a claim for unaffordable lending? I had 13 payday loans when I applied for a doorstep loan, but unsure if I can claim with this?
  11. Is this all legit and above board? This is the sort of thing I mean; http://www.ombudsman-decisions.org.uk/viewPDF.aspx?FileID=84262 I have a similar issue with quickquid in which they sold a debt and all rights to a third party, but I think they have now bought it back and want to offset the balance against a refund I'm owed. I have noted that the debt is full of charges which would need to be removed. It seems unfair that they can do this as when they sold the account they broke the chain and their right to set it off against any future refund. And they probably sold it for a fraction of what they are now saying it is worth. Any thoughts?
  12. This may be helpful if you are looking for contact details. http://www.equifax.co.uk/Products/learning-centre/lender-list.html#lettera
  13. Don't know how these were missed. http://www.fca.org.uk/news/tougher-rules-for-payday-lenders-take-effect
  14. The payday industry is beginning to take a more customer-focused approach to its business, but a review of the first twelve months of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) regulation of the sector has shown that too many firms have been failing to meet the requirements to treat customers in arrears fairly. http://www.fca.org.uk/news/payday-lenders-failing-customers-in-arrears-says-fca
  15. Have there been any recent changes in what cca request we send ie Credit card cca and loan cca? Mr W
  16. Hi Im missing 5 payday lenders from all 3 credit reference agencies. I have cca'd them all. Thanks
  17. Citizens Advice warns that without a change in the law, more and more innocent second-hand car buyers could have their vehicle taken from them because of an outstanding logbook loan from the previous owner. New research with 874 used car buyers, released by the national charity today, finds: 63% of used car buyers did not check if the car they were buying had an outstanding loan attached; 2 in 5 drivers have never heard of a log book loan; 44% did not know they could have their car taken away by a log book lender, even if they are not the original borrower. Logbook loans, officially called bills of sale, are often taken out against a car. If a borrower fails to repay the loan, the car can be seized by the lender. But if the car is sold on while the loan is still outstanding and payments are not being made the logbook lender is legally entitled to take away the vehicle from the new owner. Evidence from Citizens Advice, released earlier this year, found one in five people who reported a problem to Citizens Advice about logbook loans had had their car repossessed despite not being the original borrower. Analysis from the charity also found the number of logbook loans taken out this year could reach 60,000; a rise of 61% on 2011. An increase in loans means an increase in risk for used car buyers. One man came to Citizens Advice after he had spent £1,100 on a second-hand car but a few weeks later he received a letter from a logbook loans company saying he owed £637. Despite contacting the loan firm to explain the car had be sold to him and providing the loan firm with the seller’s address, someone still turned up to take the car away. Worried he would lose his car and not have a way to get to work, he borrowed money in order to pay off the other person’s loan. Drivers can carry out checks to see if there is a loan attached to a car before they buy it. But not all loans will show up and often there is a cost for searches to look for loans. Citizens Advice wants the law to be changed so that logbook lenders cannot repossess someone’s car if they are not the original borrower. People who take out logbook loans also need better protections to make lenders treat them fairly. http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/index/pressoffice/press_index/press_210140623.htm
  18. For full report - http://www.expressandstar.com/news/uk-news/2014/08/14/repossessions-at-lowest-since-2006/
  19. hi there could anyone help me i'm having a problem with getting a phone number for GR FINANCE LTD and my agent will not give me it the problem is that, i was wanting to take out another loan with the company but now my agent is saying that he wants my bank details instead of collecting the money at my door as usual I do not know much about this company as my agent will not tell me anything but say its safe and everytime i search for it i can not find a phone number anywhere.
  20. 2005 Loan made to purchase a leased flat and the loan was secured by a first mortgage on the property (the principal charge). In 2006 the loan was sold or transferred including all of its interests to another company who then recorded their interest by way a charge using the original mortgage deed which was created in 2005. A few months later with out any knowledge being given to us the borrowers, the so called loan in equity only part was sold and put in a pool of mortgages then sold to investors using the Irish stock exchange. We now jump to 2013 when after repeated written requests of why do I have to now include an unknown party on my buildings insurance and who are the unknown party, I am informed that the party concerned in fact own our loan and have done so since 2006. (Nice to know! Thank you Arseden for informing us 7 years after the event ) A few weeks later I receive a written request to make all my future monthly mortgage payments the Euro shipping company instead(joke). I can,t and nor can any one else just sit back and let this happen any longer, I have had enough and wont stand for it any more. I have decided stand up to them. Do you realize what we all have done, We have put our homes at serious risk and been subject to a big time con, the banksters have without our permission mortgaged our property or home to someone else who is then trading it on the Irish stock exchange. In other words they have mortgaged your mortgage ,so what stops them from mortgaging the mortgage of the mortgage and so on! This is down right abuse! Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes I am dyslexic, help is need if I am to fight them using the law any way I can. Have lots of documents which may help other people who feel the same way as I do don’t mind sharing them and would look forward to hearing from any one in the same boat.
  21. Do lenders do this, I'd hate to think everytime I make an application they are discussing it with my bosses!?
  22. I have just been reading through 'the credit reference agency explained' section on the experian website and noticed that under the section 'what is credit reference information?' and the sub section 'credit account information' it explains that lenders can only share your information with your permission and that you would normally give this permission when you sign the initial agreement when excepting the terms and conditions etc. This has lead me to wonder, if I have an account which is now marked as defaulted 8 (agreement ended) would this not mean that the permission I gave ended when the agreement was ended? I have nothing from the bank that says the agreement has ended, I am just going on what is stated on my experian credit report. Hopefully this all makes sense, any thoughts from somebody more qualified than myself would be much appreciated. Many thanks, from a first time poster.
  23. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?421564-I.C.O.-inform-us-what-we-knew-already-lenders-rank-highest-for-DSAR-complaints
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