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  1. Strange thing...I rang them again and they now say I've been sent a letter saying it's been declined. Hmm maybe it's worth a appeal.
  2. Barclays own eligibility checker said the same thing though. If they are asking for documents does that mean they are inclined to accepting providing everything is ok?
  3. Yes they are credit applications, I need a couple of root canals and crowns and then braces once they are done. Total bill around £6,000 so I am in need of it that's why I'm so impatient with it.
  4. Haha just wondering whether it's a formality. If they are asking for documents to support my application it seems to me they are likely to accept given proof or they wouldn't bother.
  5. I applied for a Barclaycard Platinum online a few days ago and I didn't get an instant decision. I rang to ask about it and they said I have been sent a letter requesting documents although they didn't know what and why. Any idea what documents they will be requesting and the chances of me being accepted? Noddle and moneysaving expert creditcard eligibility checkers rated me a 70% chance of being accepted and Barclays own said I had a 'good' chance. Only problem is I have a lot of searches on my file which is the thing that could get me rejected.
  6. MBNA and M&S, I've not received anything in the post yet I only applied a few days ago. My credit file is clean, has some low limit credit cards with no missed payments....the only problem is the searches!
  7. Some people out there must have tried this?
  8. Having an application rejected by their computer system but then appealing to their underwriters and having it overturned...
  9. Haas anyone been successful? What information did you give them that changed their decision?
  10. I think I'll just have wait and maybe make one application after 3 months see how that goes and if it fails wait another 3 months.
  11. At this point it's not more searches being made that's the problem it's all the previous ones!
  12. Is it likely to take 6 months with all lenders because one said try again in 3 months but that was just a basic adviser and not an underwriter so she may not be upto speed.
  13. Would they have to make it blatantly clear on the application that they will be contacting them?
  14. Off what I have found it seems they are not allowed to under the data protection act. Having to provide payslips when applying for a mortgage suggests they are not allowed to contact them themselves.
  15. Do lenders do this, I'd hate to think everytime I make an application they are discussing it with my bosses!?
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