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Found 18 results

  1. I took a telephone contract out in 2015 and had issues with the provider from the onset and entered into a dispute which lasted several years before finally taking my case to the ombudsman which I won and the provider was deemed to have mis-sold the contract. All adverse on my credit file was wiped clean. The provider also accused me of face to face category six fraud and entered my details onto the National Fraud Database which has caused me untold grief and countless sleepless nights amongst other hardships. This is not dealt with by the Ombudsman services and was made clear by the Ombudsman that this is a criminal offence/accusation outside their jurisdiction. I believe that I can now take legal action for false accusations of fraud as this has not been included in the Ombudsman rulings and the contract that I was accused of fraudulent activity on has now been deemed mis-sold and void. Does anyone have any views or experience on this type of case and is it the type of case that should take the small claims court route or maybe high court. Constructive comments would be most appreciated.
  2. Hi, one and all! On 4th August 2018 my husband was shopping in your [local] store. He hadbeen a regular and loyal customer for many years. He was approached by a security guard who we were actually quite friendly with when he was about to pay for 4 items, and handed a “letter”. Security guard then simply stated “you're excluded from this store, it's all explained in the letter”. It was NOT explained in the letter and no explanation was given. All that was written was an incident number and a date. As I have said, he has been a loyal customer. As a qualified St. JAmbulance member and also Community First Responder, he even savedthe life of a customer whilst shopping in the store, which hereceived an award for in 2016 and it was covered by the local press. We were both shocked and disgusted – having no explanation. I, myself, continued to occasionally enter the store – to collect myfather's prescription and whilst there buy one or two items. The security for G* witnessed me enter the store on numerous times, asdid many other members of staff. On December 8th2018 I entered the store to purchase three items. It wasn't busy. I purchased the items and left the store. When I was in the carpark I looked behind me as I heard voices and sawthat the same security guard (always the same man) and (personel manager) were following me. I looked at them but they didn't make eyecontact. I got into my car where my husband and my little boy were waiting and(security guard) knocked on the window. I wound down the window andhe said “*my name*, this is a notice of exclusion from this store”.I asked why and he just said “It's explained in the letter” andwalked off with *personel*. I called to them but they very quicklyhurried off. Now. I have the receipt from the alleged “incident”. I remember that day well. A week before hand I complained to the head office about a product (a bottle of wine being hard to open because the cuff was sealed) and Inamed a member of staff in that store who was very unwilling to help.Who also happens to be my ex husband's friend. My husband also has dark skin and I am very unsure as to whether thiswasn't a racial discrimination. We're in Mid Wales. By the way – we live in a very small community and everyone knows everyone – the security guard in question even once gave us someseedlings from his garden. But the “letter” didn't even have ournames and address on them – just our “known as” *(for example,if your name is Margaret but you're known as Peggy”). As my husband is a first responder and regularly gets calls to this establishment, this exact location, is he to say - “No, I can'tattend, I'm not allowed” - and potentially let someone die? Now the incident in question. On that day - we were having a gathering to celebrate a friend's baby being born. We bought some drinks and it amounted to about 8 bottles. We are frugaland don't buy bags so we always use boxes as we were also having abonfire that evening. We put the box on the self servicecheckout, and a checkout assistant was present, watching. As we put bottles in the box on the self service till, the bottles randown towards the edge and tipped the box so I remember my husbandpropping the box up with another box. This triggered the self serviceto alert a member of staff to come and check the items - You know howit goes - "Unexpected item in bagging area" She checked it. She also had the security guard witness it. Yes, the SAME security guard. I double checked it was all OK. The security guard said "See ya, guys, have a good evening" as we left. About three days later I went into the store todo my shopping with my kids and the same security guard said helloand chatted to me. Where do we stand? I realise that stores have the right to ban anyone without reason - I think there is more to it than this. Anyone remember the Chocolateraisin incident? I sued them and won.
  3. Hello everyone I’m looking to get some help if possible please my partner recently applied to open a new HSBC bank account for the cash incentive via the online system. The account she applied for some reason was declined but then instantly offered a standard basic account instead which she accepted and the card and pin arrived a few days later. The following week another letter arrived in a large envelope again from hsbc this time stating they had now closed the account without warning or notice due to not meeting the banks criteria. Strange but ok fair enough she’s not wanted as a customer until she noticed it was hand signed by someone from the fraud analyst department Becoming very worried she contacted the bank who refused to tell her anything and was then advised to send a SAR request to HSBC bank and also CIFAS. Friday she received a letter from CIFAS with a Single CIFAS FRAUD listing from HSBC BANK under the heading APPLICATION FRAUD that she did not list a previous address with adverse history APPLICATION GRANTED This is absolutely disgusting she’s done nothing wrong currently been living in the same house since June 2014 so we’ll over 4 years now. HSBC application page clearly asks for 3 years address history which she’s obviously listed her current address so nothing makes sense at all. She’s sent the HSBC ceo a email who’s replied today with this ( I can understand your frustration in that we ask for any addresses in the last three years and you moved four years ago, so shouldn't have to supply another address. However, we had information there was adverse credit data accrued in your name at a different address within the last three years. I'm very sorry for any confusion caused but we have correctly followed our process. We also correctly reported the instance to CIFAS, as we have an obligation to do. I'm understand this may not be the outcome you were looking for but I hope this has helped to explain our position. If you feel the information we had was incorrect, you may want to check with the Credit Reference Agencies. We use three agencies, Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. ) We are both extremely upset and worried about this issue as she’s done absolutely nothing wrong and is now obviously petrified that all her other financial dealings with other banks etc will see this and close everything down. What do you suggest we now do and has anyone else had issues like this previously that could advise we would be very grateful
  4. Hi Guys Despite my constant attempts to get APS Overdraft to 1. Supply me with evidence of the debt and 2. Mark it as default or in dispute They are constantly updating the report with a 6 marker but no default. The account shows no payment since March 2016 and hit 6 in Sept 2016. The message on the credit reports states; "agreed repayments are more than 3 months behind but you have agreed new repayments with the lender" which is total BS as I have never acknowledged the debt as it is not mine. My last letter to Equifax stated; Dear sirs This account is a pre-paid credit card account that has been in dispute since discovery in April 2016. To date there has never been any debt acknowledgement made and based on this fact, taking into consideration the I.C.O. Technical Guidance on Issuance of Default Markers & Notices, the account should not be generating recurring [6] markers but should in fact be defaulted (within 6 months of the first default (missed payment) occurring on the account) which means the record should be changed to a Default status with a default date around October/November 2016. Please rectify this error as the creditor is ignorant to my repeated requests. Failure to correct the incorrect data will result in a formal complaint being raised with the Information Commissioner who, as I'm sure you appreciate, take a dim view of deliberate breaches of data processing. Kind Regards xxxx Credit Report Ref No : 5xxxxxxxxx Name : xxxxxxxxxxxx Company Name : APS - CASHPLUS Account Number : 0000 Current Balance £ : 433 House Name or Number : xxx Post Code : xxxx xxx Start Date : 03032016 End Date : 31072018 Equifax replied (after 4 weeks) Dear xxxxxxx, Thanks for getting in touch on 20/05/2018 about the information on your Equifax Credit Report. APS Overdraft has investigated your query and have told Equifax that the account information is correct and should remain unchanged. This information is supplied by the company and we can't change it without their permission. You should get in touch with the company directly if you need more information. The note that we added, stating that your information was in dispute will be removed within 24 hours. ============== Any ideas what to do next guys as it looks as though it will be ever present on my CS :-x Thanks guys
  5. Hello, Bought a TV from Very.co.uk 06/01/18, statement shows £559 for TV and £6.99 for Delivery Account starts with 1p in credit (from last order) Statement produced 03/02/18 says £5 due 23/02/18 With estimated interest of £0.41 based on payment balance of £6.98 Payment made 21/02/18 of £56.60 by card on the website towards the TV Statement produced 03/03/18 says £7.43 overdue Payment due by 23/03/18 actual interest £0.45 Estimated interest for next time £0.00 Standing order of £56.60 paid 05/03/18 Statement produced 31/03/18 says £0.00 due Shows payment made 05/03/18 of £56.60 Shows £49.17 has been allocated to your BNPL items on 05/03/18. Leaving £7.43 to be allocated to the postage. Sometime in March I called Very to query why there is a payment due as I had selected BNPL for 12 Months at the time of order and I had made a payment of £56.60 on 21/02/18 before it was due. I was told the payment is for the postage, there was a discussion about recent payments where they said, because I had made the payment online 21/02/18 and allocated it to the TV they couldn't allocate it to the postage, so I asked for the most recent standing order 05/03/18 to be used to pay the late postage, thus clearing the late payment. Move on to today 15th May, my credit file shows a late payment for the delivery costs. It appears they have one credit order from me which includes delivery, but they have then taken a payment towards the TV but have split the delivery costs out. My understanding the whole way through the order was the TV was on credit, not the delivery, so how can this be marked as late if the payments were up to date? What do you think?
  6. Hi, I have read quite a few stories on here which has helped me in writing a formal complaint letter to the CEO Les Matheson and also CC'd to Customer Complaints but i have a funny feeling I am going to have to take my case to court. My story is below.. (I can email my letter that i have already sent to the bank to anyone who is willing to give me some advice or post the contents on the board if needed.) Story: In 2014 3 different cheques of £4,000 odd were paid into my NatWest account. They all was sent back to me at my home address where the bank had let me know that the cheques had bounced and were fraudulent. At the time i received the letters i immediately called the bank and let them know i didn't pay these into my account and that they should check the CCTV at the branch the cheques were paid into my account. As per usual, NatWest wasn't any help and closed my account and put a 1st party fraud marker against my name. I have tried on several occasions to contact the bank explain i am a victim of fraud but there has been no success i have been sent automated responses about how they won't be providing me banking facilities when the subject has always been about the CIFAS marker i how i would never want to bank with such a bank again!!! I contacted the FOS which was a long hefty process they upheld the fact that NatWest was right in filing the CIFAS marker what does confuse me is the lack of evidence to show that i was compliant with the fraud on my account. I then took it to the MET Police who couldn't get the CCTV from NatWest as it had magically gone missing . The FOS had made me aware that there was standing orders set up on my account for the money to go into other accounts that weren't mine when investigated by the police, they wrote an official letter stating that they have investigated haven't found any connections between me and the IP address i thought this would be helpful - it turns out the FOS think they're a higher authority then the police!! I have filed a complaint to the CIFAS in regards to the fact that there no evidence that would be upheld within a court of law against me for these cheques being paid into my account as NatWest didn't make sufficient checks. CIFAS has upheld the listing and have told me that there was enough checks for the listing to withstand which really does confused me as there is no way in hell they have any incriminating evidence that shows I have agreed to these cheques being paid into my account neither have I physically gone into the bank myself. What advice i am asking for is after my final formal complaint letter i have sent, would you suggest i wait for a response? I did say that I will wait 10 working days before taking further legal action against the bank. How would i go about the county court process and do you think my complaint will be dismissed within court or is there grounds for me to win this case? I'm so stressed out i have been dealing with this for years upon years and I haven't had any luck and after coming across this board via a google search I was given a sense of hope! I look forward to hearing from someone!
  7. My Clearscore report has updated today and I have noticed that a marker is placed if a minimum payment is made on one of my credit cards. Is this information given to banks etc if they perform a credit search and does it have a negative effect on how I am scored?
  8. I have contacted the credit reference agency Noddle (CallCredit) twice about credit card lenders incorrectly placing a Minimum Payment Marker on my credit report with them. The lenders are Co-op Bank and Aqua. I have made payments that were marginally above (e.g. £1) the minimum payment with both lenders. I filed a dispute with Noddle. Both lenders have refused to correct the data. When contacting both, they both deny responsibility and say that they have no control over how Noddle displays the data. Co-op Bank even said that this means that I didn't make a full payment but made at least the minimum, which I know is untrue. I have since paid off Aqua in full so there's no longer a problem, but with Co-op Bank, it still displays. This could affect my credit rating, which they also deny. It appears that lenders are abusing the Minimum Payment Marker in breach of the Data Protection Act and punishing those who pay £1 or less over the minimum payment. Some MoneySavingExpert (MSE) users recommend paying £1 or even 1p above the minimum payment to avoid this marker. Other websites also recommend this. However, in my experience, this does not work. One user on MSE did mention paying 1% more to avoid this, but how do lenders get away with this? Under the Data Protection Act, the data that lenders give to the credit reference agencies has to be accurate. If a minimum payment is £10 and a payment of £11 is made on or before the due date, then it shouldn't be marked as the minimum payment made. I have searched for guidance on when lenders can place the Minimum Payment Marker but couldn't find anything. Credit Card Lenders that currently report the Minimum Payment Marker (that I am aware of) are: Co-op Bank Aqua Capital One Lloyds Bank Barclaycard MBNA GE Money HBOS This measure was announced on 24 November 2008 on the APACS website. The link has now been removed. Originally, five lenders agreed to share this information with the Credit Reference Agencies and has since increased. I have also had problems with other card issuers in the past (e.g. Capital One and Lloyds Bank) who also place a Minimum Payment marker if I paid £1 above the minimum payment, and not just with Noddle. Experian and Equifax are also reporting this.
  9. Good Morning CAG Been good of late trying to rebuild my file when out of the woodwork , boom someone has the idea to trip you up and back down goes your score. Back around 2006, had an account of cheqeue cashing with a PB, i had a few financial issues and blah blah. I was mentally unwell at the time and I am fairly certain I was issued with a default in around 2008 but not entirely sure, the period of my metal instability. No payments made since then , no contact. On having something turned down I was certain I would get, I checked my file this week and a late payment entry has been made with a marker of 6, Ie no payment made in 6 months. So 2 scenarios, If they did originally default I dont believe they can again, and if hey didnt, can they really place a marker stating no payment in 6 months when its actually been around 8 years? Your advise always greatly received and may ned further on Lowells issues after this
  10. Hi All, Need some advice, I'm contesting a Cat 6 CIFAS marker on my file by NatWest History In 2012, i was the victim of fraud, which involved fraudulent cheques being paid into my account, then cashed out. I contested this fraud to Natwest, however they rejected my appeal; I escalated this to the Financial Ombudsman, however they sided with Natwest. Now I tried apply for a credit card with my bank (Barclays) but was turned down; this prompted me to investigate (currently have a Credit Expert score of 991 and earn £50k+) as I should have met the criteria. Upon investigating, I found out that NatWest have placed a Cat 6 - Third Party Fraud marker on my file. I've contested this with Natwest, however they believe this marker 'is a true reflection of my credit file'. I'm currently in discussions with the Obudsman regarding this; I either want this marker removed or changed to 'Facility Takeover'. I would love any tips or advice from anyone on how I can deal with this or how I can get the FO to side with me. (p.s. I'm not contesting the fraud as I can't contest this again, this matter wasn't in my original complaint in 2012 as I wasn't aware of it) This marker is casuing me major issues as I'm unable to apply for credit or open new accounts, so the mortgage I wanted to apply for this year is offer the table. Thank you in advance for your help
  11. Hi I have recently noticed that there is a late payment marker on my credit file from EE/Tmobile, dated September 2011. The account is still open, as I am still a customer of theirs. Does this mean that the late payment will continue to show, until I close the account + 6 years after? Or will the late payment disappear in September 2017, despite the account remaining open? Will this have a negative impact of my credit files / application for a mortgage when I am in a position to apply for a mortgage? Thank you for reading, Abby
  12. hi guys this is quite long winded so please bear with me ,thanks myself and my partner have been orange mobile contract customer for 15 years we had great service up to now my partner changed jobs in august 2014 and was paid diffrent time monthly ,so he phone orange up to change payments dates when our direct debit comes out the orange advicer said we couldnt do that but advised us to cancel direct debit and pay using our debit card for couple months then set up new direct debit with new payment date which we did now im aware our new month on our mobile contracts start on 8th of each month so bills must be paid by 4th each month ( we used pay on 20th each month before direct debit was canceled ,so 2 wks early ) on 1st dec 2014 we paid lastest bill by debit card and adviser set up new direct debit for 1st jan ( and 1st for every month after that ) on 3rd dec2014 orange sent out new direct debit confirmion that payment will come out on 1st jan 2015 and 1st every month after that in the post last week i noticed when i was checking my online banking that orange hadnt took there money on 1st jan yet ,i spoke to bank and they said direct debit was restained and was set back up and not to worry as it was matter time they take payment yesterday i checked my orange account online and said payment was over due ?so called orange up as thought this was strange ,the advicer said no direct debit was set up etc ,i said it was i had letter ,so i paid the overdue account on the spot as i dont like being late etc ,plus strange thing the advicer gave me £15 pounds off my monthly bill for next 2 months for hassel now its not hassel we worried about its our credit files ,im worried we get a late marker due to this ,even though a direct debit was set up they never took payment ,that means bill was 12 days late (we worried and furious as our credit file was been in fab nick for a year now due to fighting a 3 year dispute with welcome fiance over missed payments which we won and markers were removeed with your help) any advive would be great thanks
  13. Hey guys, I bought an item from Very.co.uk a few months back on 0% interest for 12 months. Everything was fine until i checked my credit score the other day and realised i had a late marker against my name. it turns out i owed them £3.95 for the postage on the item i had ordered. I would have just paid it at checkout as £3.95 isnt a big deal and i generally just use Very for larger purchase and to spread the cost (I always have enough money in my bank to cover the full amount if needs be) it was really unclear on my online statement that the £3.95 was due and im about to write to them but i have one question. The credit agreement i have with them covers the item on 0% finance so can they apply a late marker on my credit score for something like the postage? What do you think are my chances of having it removed? I've bought a few things from them before and always pay large lump sums monthly. Thank you in advance. J
  14. Good Morning, I am just after some advise in regards to late payment markers which my previous mobile phone provider Orange/EE placed upon my credit report. I have had numerous late payment marks placed due to me refusing to set up a direct debit with them as they on 3 occasions took incorrect payments from my account which then took them 2 weeks after being informed to refund to my account, they also cut me off on numerous occasions even though the full amount had been paid on the bill. On a few occasions I missed the payment date by 7-14 days due to being away on business etc... I was in the understanding that the providers were unable to place late payment marks on your credit file if the payment was less than 30 days late, is this not right or am I right? I look forward to receiving your guy's answers on this. Thanks.
  15. kmiah786

    CIFAS Marker

    Hi, Few months ago I was a victim of fraud, nothing was taken but a fake application was made to Vanquis for a credit card. Now I have a CIFAS marker: Type: ID Fraud (pers credit card) Please can someone let me know how I can get this removed
  16. My partner had a loan with Barclays years ago. It went into default in March 2008 (after we tried and failed to negotiate a payment plan with them). Default balance was just over £2000, and we agreed and paid a full and final settlement amount of £1000 in August 2008. This was on the grounds that they marked the loan as fully satisfied against her credit records, which it appears to have been. But the default marker from March 2008 still remains on there. It hasn't been an issue, until now - we are starting to apply for mortgages and rechecking her credit history flags this default as a serious issue. It's due to hit the 6 year expiry next March, so presumably it'll be irrelevant after then, but is there anything we can do about it in the meantime?
  17. Hi All, Back in 2008 my Natwest account was overdrawn by about £5 unarranged and the payment was returned I was slapped with a £28 fee which I disputed and stopped making any payment into the said account , for the next 12 months Natwest tried to take the £28 payment from my account each month and seeing as there is no money there, another charge of £28 was being added each month until about the 5th month when the account was about £ 336 in debit. in between I made 2 payments of about £120 before I eventually gave em a call and told them I will pay the money provided the charges was stopped while I bring the account up to date but I was intending to pay it bits (intention then was to spite them, foolish I know now). I said I ll make the payment in 3 go which I did, and I have been using the account till date, What I did not realise back then was an AP had been entered on my credit file without any letter to that effect as the agreement was made over the phone. Knowing what I know now and the damage to my file, I wonder if I can ask Natwest to take this off my file. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  18. Hi I was wondering if someone could advise me on an issue i'm having with Barclays bank Recently I got a copy of my credit file due to trying to get a mortgage, the first company I used was Equifax and everything seemed fine Then someone recommended checking it with Experian which I did and discovered that Barclays had recently given me a late payment marker on my account which had been dormant for since September 2009 I went to Barclays to enquire about this as was unsure where it had come from as the account had previously been dormant for over 3 years. They have advised me that the last time I used my account was in September 2009 and my account was left with a balance of -£150 (I had a £200 overdraft) Since then it had not been used but the account has been gaining interest charges of £2.50 a month ever since so 3 years worth sending me overdrawn for nearly 2 years with a balance of -£250 (£50 over my overdraft) When I asked the bank why they had only just added this late payment marker and not done so when I first became overdrawn they couldn’t give me an answer. Also they had never been in touch with me in regards to this or anything else to do with that account. I appreciate I was in the wrong for not paying back the £150 earlier but I didn’t really use the account and in-between moving house, getting broken into and having some family issues I completely forgot I even had the account until I seen it on my report As soon as I knew about it I paid the whole amount off so everything was in credit I have asked Barclays to remove the marker but they are refusing as they say it doesn’t show a true reflection of my account but surly this is incorrect. The account had been overdrawn for 2 years before they put the mark on and I think this is really unfair as iv never paid anything late in my life and they could see this though my barleys card payment which have always been totally up to date. Also are they even allowed to do this as technically I never paid late as no agreement was in place in order to “Pay Late” I don’t really know what I expect from this but was hoping someone could possibly give me some advice Thanks
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