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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Everyone Im new to the forum so firstly I would like to say Hello. I have attached a photo of a car park sign next to our yard. This is a company that allowed us to park in their car park and has since gone into liquidation. The director who is managing the liquidation has erected the attached sign. The problem is we currently have no alternative to park. Is there any issues with the attached sign? flash signs.pdf
  2. Friend parked at Wilco (Mexborough) on 22 Mar 17 at 8ish in the morning. This was closely followed up with a PCN from FlashPark (Vehicle Control solutions) dated the 24th March. AFAIK, there was no NTD, they have gone straight after the keeper? He has just received the ''Final Notice'' with their invoice escalated to £85 I have copies of the two letters he's received so far, along with three photographs he's taken, of where he was parked, the DYL's that were obscured by leaves, not that it matters, and the side of the Wilco's he was shopping in that has a plastic FlashPark sign attached to it. I'm sure their missives fall foul of any PoFA guidelines, their 'alleged' contravention is ''Permitted parking only''. Told him NOT to ignore them, but am hoping that this can be easily dealt with with one letter, any pointers please, TIA. BB
  3. According to Mozilla Firefox, the latest Adobe Flashplayer is not secure, so they have blocked it. Flashplayer has apparently always been a security issue.
  4. Hi guys, My mother in law has parked on a private car park near where she lives, which is owned by a small accountancy firm. There is a sign saying no parking and flash parking will fine you £85 or something of that ilk . . . we have been flashed many times and ignored all correspondence as per CAGs recommendations, however, they are elderly and stressing about it, please could you put their minds at ease about this issue as they were due to pay £115 today until I discouraged them . . . I now want to offer them some plain facts from here as it's worked fantastically for me in the past . . . thanks in advance . . .
  5. Hello all, Thanks for any help. A bit of a weird one, I was up in the Brentwood area on Friday driving along in my 20yr old 2 tonne Land Rover, saw the traffic lights change to amber, so braked as hard and as I could safely, but sadly stopped beyond the white line (front wheels only). And saw the camera behind flash, it was a dual speed/traffic light camera. So I wasn't speeding and I didn't run a red light. Why the flash? I only saw one, though may of been more as I wasn't looking behind me. So I have 14 days of wait now. Can anyone throw any light on this please, we don't have or I haven't seen any of these cameras in the area I live, how do they work? Thanks for any help, great forum. ps. I did a search but couldn't find anything conclusive.
  6. Have there been any recent changes in what cca request we send ie Credit card cca and loan cca? Mr W
  7. To celebrate 40 years of the 16-25 Railcard. National Rail are giving you a whopping 40% discount when you buy a 1 year 16-25 Railcard online. That means you'll pay just £18 instead of the usual cost of £30. More info on this link: http://www.16-25railcard.co.uk/40years/
  8. Both my wife and I took an online flash deal (limited time) on 2 smart phone upgrades on O2 but through The Carphone Warehouse, for £17/month each with no upfront cost. When phones arrived on Friday, they charged us each £99 upfront (taken from our accounts). When asked, they said we were "not awarded" the deal even though we entered into the agreement within their timescale. They were happy though to "award" us a higher cost deal and take money that we have not agreed to. At no point did they made it clear to us that they were changing the agreement. Nor did they make it clear in the advertising that we somehow have to compete for the offer and may be charged a higher amount. When our bank details were asked, it was clearly stated that this was for verification purposes only and that no money would be taken from our accounts. We are each out of pocket and could not accept the phones on those terms. The very helpful assistant in the shop where we were supposed to pick up the phones (they were actually there) tried to sort this with retail and customer service as she could clearly see that a mistake has been made. Even she was astounded at what she was quite bluntly told on the phone. No idea how long we will have to wait for the money to be refunded. I want to emphasise: At no point did we give permission for the deal to be changed or money to be taken from our accounts other than the £17/month agreed. My advice is stay as far away from this terrible company as you can.
  9. Motorists are being warned about a new insurance [problem] where criminals flash their lights to let other drivers out of a junction, then crash into them on purpose. Anti-fraud experts are calling it "flash-for-cash". The gangs tend to target new, smarter vehicles or vulnerable road users, including older people and women with children in the car. The [problem] is costing insurers hundreds of millions of pounds every year. It is a new tactic for an already well established crime, called "crash for cash", where criminals slam on the brakes for no reason so that the victim drives into the back of their car. More...
  10. Please advise. 3 years ago several cars were photographed by a Flash Park camera and each of us received the "Parking Ticket" £85, none of us responded. We all continue to receive regular notices and bailiff notices but none of us have ever engaged or paid fines. In the last 2 months I have had to resort to Job seekers allowance, and this week I have had a letter from them advising me that from 27th July they will be deducting £5 per week for a fine, on further discussion with the processing team, they had no more information other than a note on the computer to quote South Wales Magistrates and a ref number. When I spoke to South Wales Magistrates they had no record of me nor the ref No.? in further investigation the request has come from london north east hmcts which when Google is bailiffadviceonline. How legal is it that this company has from my Vehicle Licence number plate to now have my National insurance number and have the right to have my benefits deducted? what do I need to put in my Appeal to the benefits office. Many thanks Val183
  11. Please google "flashpark" and take a look at "Legal". What's going to happen on the 1st October 2012?? I get the distinct odor of bull sh#t! Sorry, can't post the link, system won't let me. Two posts in 5 1/2 years!!!
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