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  1. Hello all. First of all thank you very much for supporting this website. It has given me some hope in what to me appears to be a very dishonest situation. Summary PCN received after stopping for 12 mins at the entrance to a P&D car park in which ALL 4 Spaces were blocked by a wooden pallet each with a notice saying the road was too narrow for parking and emergency access. Details Broadwater Street West in Worthing, West Sussex is a short, narrow L-shaped side street running along the side of Starbucks and to the left behind it and other buildings, giving access to lock-
  2. Hi Everyone Im new to the forum so firstly I would like to say Hello. I have attached a photo of a car park sign next to our yard. This is a company that allowed us to park in their car park and has since gone into liquidation. The director who is managing the liquidation has erected the attached sign. The problem is we currently have no alternative to park. Is there any issues with the attached sign? flash signs.pdf
  3. Well i just do not get it. Maybe i am getting older but i have now had enough of cold rainy,snowy dark days. The dark and the gloom. Maybe as i am not working as hard as i did winters seem to be lasting longer Having said that today despite a little frost to start with the sun is beating down. I am ready for a little warmth,are you. So who has seen a sign of change coming. I heard a Woodpecker the other day and Magpies and Herons sat on their nests. Plus one huge Bumblebee yesterday. And a few buds appearing on trees. What have you seen lately. Here is a article Our
  4. Public Health England urges vigilance about spotting signs of scarlet fever READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/public-health-england-urges-vigilance-about-spotting-signs-of-scarlet-fever
  5. Hi, just returned from Calpe in Spain and we were burgled in our Holiday Villa which was booked through a UK company. On our last but one day we locked all doors, windows and shutters and went out for 45 minutes, returned and all was OK outside, unlocked and went in and after about an hour noticed an iPad, watch, some jewellery was missing, our mobile phones were out on the sofa still there and nothing else was missing, all inside locks were still locked. Phoned the rep, whist waiting spoke to the one neighbour who said same thing happened last summer to a dutch family who had 600 Euro and a
  6. Hi I received a parking ticket mid December because I parked in a council car park with out a ticket. The reason why I parked without a ticket was there was signs on the road saying free parking today it was a free day of parking due to Christmas shopping. (I have photographic evidence of the sign advising this) I appealed the charge and sent the council a copy of my photo of the sign, they rejected this and said I have to wait for a notice to owner letter to come out before I can appeal which could take up to 28 days, (this is now nearly three weeks over the 28 days period). My
  7. Hello everybody, I am after some advice with regards to appealing a Penalty Charge Notice. I was doing some work for a client at one of their rental properties in Battersea (Cupar Road). I turned into Cupar Road from Battersea Park Road and drove to the end where I saw a parking space on the left (and coincidently right by the house I was working on). As I got out of the car I saw the sign saying “Permit Holders or Pay at machine”. Underneath there was an arrow directing you to the nearest ticket machine. In that direction, was another sign stating the
  8. We live in a road, that is made up of privately owned houses and flats and which also contains around 15 social housing flats. These properties were built 5 years ago. This morning, a man from UKPC put up a load of parking notices, with various rules about parking in designated bays, displaying parking permits, time limits on parking in visitor bays and non return to visitor bays within 48 hours ETC. Charges are £100, reduced to £60, if paid within 14 days. None of the residents have been given prior notice that this company was going to be doing this! The road is a private roa
  9. Ryanair has signed a deal with Ombudsman Services that will see the organisation operate as the airline’s approved alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body. Approval to the scheme means that passengers of Ryanair who have disputes relating to issues such as denied boarding, lost baggage, delays or cancellations will be able to escalate their complaint to Ombudsman Services if a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached with the airline. The scheme operated by Ombudsman services will be free of charge to consumers. Up until now, you have to take your case to the Civil
  10. Hi guys, So this case was a bit awkward. Actually it happened today (Saturday) around 8:30am when I was unloading my van between 2 signs with different restrictions which makes me a bit confused. 1 Sign had written "No loading Mon - Fri Xam - Xpm" and the other one had written "No loading Saturday 8am - 10pm" and throughout the footpath I had the single yellow line with the vertical single yellow line. Do I have any ground to appeal in this case? As I was in the middle (between) of this 2 different signs Thanks in advance!
  11. Is there an offical minimum size for speed camera road signs please? My local authority, Preston, have started replacing them round here and they are almost half the size of the old ones and much more difficult to see!
  12. read the lastest post on the parking prankster's blogspot about planning consent for parking signs, it is something I have beaten PE on before so not an isolated example. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/ So, if you get a Court Claim than one of the documents you should ask for from the parking co is the planning consent for the advertising display board. Check with your local council as consent is needed for any sign big enough to be acceptable under the CoP covering the signs that form contracts. Generally the parking co's do not apply for PP an
  13. recently caught doing 38 in a 30 zone, having just come out of a 40. the 30 sign was at the side of the road facing the other side, rather than directly towards the oncoming driver so not very clear. I cant find anything on the legislation pages which says how signs should be positioned, only the dimensions of the sign any advice would be welcome.
  14. Just wondering if I have any chance of appealing this parking ticket. I was parking on Charlotte Street in Birmingham today. I used to park there regularly as my wife worked on Charlotte Street and it was always pay and display both sides. On driving down the road I saw the pay and display signs on the right hand side (road is one way single lane with parking bays on both sides) There was an empty bay on the left side so I pulled into this and paid for 3 hours parking from the pay and display machine on the right hand side of the road. On returning to my car I discovered a parking
  15. [ATTACH=CONFIG]52265[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]52266[/ATTACH] Spotted today! some companies just don't get it do they (Penalty mentioned on both signs) guess I'll be overstaying and parking in the wrong place there soon
  16. How is failure to comply with the above mentioned sign penalised outside London. I know in London it's by a PCN issued by a local authority but what about outside London. Is it a motoring offence dealt with through penalty points and a FPN issued by the police?
  17. Hello All, Great forum, I've searched for similar threads but did not find anything, hence the question. I got a PCN for not displaying a valid ticket - overstayed by 8 minutes (observed from 08:04, time of contravention 08:08. - parked in a parking bay - Manchester, Lana street, next to Premier Inn hotel. - Arrived late in the evening (after 9pm), did not see any signs, parked in a parking bay. asked hotel staff if ok to park, they confirmed that ok to park till 8am. - got genuinely delayed during checkout by people demanding money back for the lack of internet connect
  18. My wife has received a PCN for a Code 34: Being in a Bus Lane, which cannot be denied as she did indeed drive in the said Bus Lane. However, I believe that the Road Signs for this Bus Lane as seen from the road that she entered the Bus Lane are incorrect and therefore illegal. My wife was photographed turning left from a side road onto the Bus Lane which is on a 2 vehicle width road, the lane next to the Bus Lane is for travelling in the opposite direction to which the Bus Lane goes, which in effect means that anyone turning left from this side road MUST go in the Bus Lane.
  19. Got a ticket for parking in Threadneedle Street EC, the kerb markings were there and not very visible, couldn't see the restriction sign on a post, when I got the ticket the sign was planted on a wall quite high up, do I have any grounds to appeal and is it worth it. Do the council have the obligation to ensure kerb markings are clear and precise rather than broken and not very visible, I also notice the vehicle in front of me didn't get a ticket as I asked the driver
  20. Please does anyone know if there is a legal height for parking signs? I recently cut my head open on a parking sign in a local authority car park. I dropped something and as i straightened up I hit my head very hard on this metal parking sign which I am sure should not be at head height but much higher. I now look at all signs and they all seem much higher. High enough to easily walk under. I wrote to my local council but their reply was " the signs are of a standard height and size and not regarded as dangerous for anyone taking due care and attention" I am sure these si
  21. Hi, My car has been parked outside my house for days. I saw it being ticketed and ran downstairs to be told that this single sign had been up for 3 weeks. I had seriously never seen it, but how do I prove that it wasn't there? Is it even legal? Is is so small and only says no loading. Not no parkling. This is the third time I have had a parking ticket from the same warden. The last two times were slightly different, I appealed and won each time, but with NO explanation as to why the mistakes were being made. It is so maddening. Also during those days, nothing happened at a
  22. Hi Have searched but have an unclear understanding of the signs in parking restriction areas. If a designated parking area is marked with a rectangle box, parallel to the pavement: Môn-sat 9.30 -4pm 30 min parking no return 30 min My question is, what are requirements for the local authority to place signs in that area? The marked area in question can fit approx 20 cars. Currently there is a sign at the beginning of the bay and another ¾ down the marked area. I parked my vehicle at the end of the bay and just exceeded the 30 min parking time and was issued with a pcn. I wanted to cha
  23. I got a PCN from Westminster and I have already filed an informal appeal. There were 2 signs one above the other right beside where I parked (photo attached). One said "Disabled badge holders only. At any time". The one below said "Mon-Fri 8:30am - 6.30pm. Maximum stay 4 hours, no return within 1 hour". I figured that the top one applied to the bay in front, which was clearly marked disabled and the other applied to the bay in which I was parked (photo attached). It was raining really heavily that day so I couldn't get pictures but I used google maps streetview to get photos and used
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