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  1. Hi, apparently CSW Law and Credit Style Ltd is one and the same, same building, although different names. And they confirmed again the case is closed. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks again for your help "bankfodder". dx100uk; Good question, I paid as advised to an account: Credit Style Ltd". CSW law (Chloe) confirmed payment and that the case was closed. I'd spoken to her on a couple of occasions. Has to be said, very helpful, wether CSW get a cut is not know.
  3. Thanks all. Eventually heard back from CSW Law, stating Centrica require the full amount including interest and costs, basically I said no. I'll the pay inital amount overpaid, and I'll argue the extras. CSW came back and told me Centrica would accept the inital amount as a full and final payment, so I paid that and the case is closed. Still nothing from the SAR's. Thanks again all, stay safe.
  4. No contact from CSW Law, so phoned them again, they said haven't received anything from Centrica yet. Case is still on hold. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Agree, and I think your last paragragh is the way I'll go.
  6. Just saying 1 may/may not have gotten through. But 5 can't go missing.
  7. No idea, I would of sorted before, I have the money.
  8. Many thanks again. Yes the claimant is Centrica and CST are seemingly the correspondence address.
  9. OK I'll phone the law company , many thanks again. And I'll get back ASAP.
  10. Thanks for your help. Yes I looked up estoppel, trying to get my head around it. Yes i did spend it on day to day things as I went self-employed. Yes it makes sense. Thanks.
  11. if they had mentioned it, or it was my fixed salary amount, I would of raised it. But being an ad-hoc amount I didn't think anything of it.
  12. One go. Quarterly bonuses can vary from a few 100 to £1k, depending on hitting certain targets which were always changing.
  13. Hi dx OK, sorry for the late reply, been on/off talking to my bank. Yes it looks like i did recieve 717.10p, we use to get quarterly bonuses, maybe I thought that's what it was at the time. Now what action is best?
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