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Found 7 results

  1. Just so you are aware the Consumer Action Group was approached to offer advice on the making of this episode. http://www.itv.com/tvguide/ Buy Today, Pay Tomorrow? "Households are currently borrowing more than a billion pounds a month in a spending spree that is fuelling a dangerous debt crisis, which could leave many people teetering on the edge of serious money troubles. Adam Shaw investigates whether Britain is heading for a new credit crunch. News " Initially I was invited to advise on debts of a debtor that will feature in this episode. Prioritising all his debts (around 10.5 K and how to deal with the mounting pressure he was being placed under.. Analysing his various debts and what stage he was at in line with who they were owed to and the age of the debts and explaining the Credit Consumer Act legislation etc.. ITV came to my home and interviewed me and was filming for over 2 hours..talking about the debtor and how Consumer Action Group works and the benefits/expertise of our forum over the more traditional methods. Unfortunately I have been informed today that the interview which would have probably been edited down to about 5 mins will not feature on Thursdays episode because of the way the episode has been edited and that there is no real conclusion to the debtors position even though a lot more clearer that our piece did not really fit in with the flow of the programme. However we will get acknowledgement on the titles and we will be linked into " Tonight's " Social Media should people require further details of this forum.....
  2. Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel to Tunisia The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has today changed its travel advice to Tunisia to advise against all but essential travel for the time being. FCO travel advice has highlighted for some time the high threat from terrorism in Tunisia, but the evolving security situation since the attack almost two weeks ago means the decision has been taken to advise against all but essential travel to Tunisia. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/foreign-office-advises-against-all-but-essential-travel-to-tunisia
  3. Hi little advice needed as slightly complicated matter and having difficulty seeking advice as no one seems to know what I'm talking about (eg CAB and Shelter) I have a 50% shared property mortgage and housing association leasehold. I have received an eviction notice due to rent arrears. There a suspended possession order in place that included both the mortgage and rent aspects. Due to large legal fees on both accounts I was in discussions with the housing association and they have now obtained an eviction warrant for 9th July. I have already made an appointment to file the N244 form. The notice of eviction was an LT28 I discussed this with my mortgage company, they were unaware of the proceedings and informed me this was the incorrect form and should be for an owner/occupier. CAB have written to the housing association stating my case and offering a payment plan but they are a little hard nosed and not interested. At a bit of a standstill and unsure what to complete on the N244 as still unsure if the correct form was used (trying to speak to my mortgage company to see what they are now aware of). Any help appreciated and hope this makes sense .
  4. Latest WCA Handbook for Health Professionals, Version 7, 9th Feb 2015 This guidance is for healthcare professionals who undertake Work Capability Assessments on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions. This document tells you how health professionals are supposed to assess you. It can be downloaded at this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/work-capability-assessment-handbook-for-healthcare-professionals
  5. To celebrate 40 years of the 16-25 Railcard. National Rail are giving you a whopping 40% discount when you buy a 1 year 16-25 Railcard online. That means you'll pay just £18 instead of the usual cost of £30. More info on this link: http://www.16-25railcard.co.uk/40years/
  6. Hi we were served eviction back in Juy and paid a company £500 to stop this, it worked we have since been paying NRAM part payments every week and that covered our monthy payments, we paid over the phone due both been self employed and NRAM been dirty and taking twice a month . however on 2 occasions they have processed it later and it not leavng our account on time. they stated we had had not kept condtions.and insisted we done additional income and expentedtures.and increased our payments. we kept obliging and everyime my husband rang to make a payemnt new I&E where compleated . in July the court agreed we pay our monthy of £425 and £75 of arrears we are now jumping through hoops and paying £200 per week and they are ringing every day for futher money and insinuating we cut utility bills, food , and give them more my husband is rOFSTED registered chilminder and needs our home to work and our daughter is 10 yrs FEELING VERY STRESSED
  7. I have spent the day reading all of these threads about MiniCredit and how they have treated people when they've defaulted on their loan. I will owe £589.90 (incl interest) next Sat and do not wish to attempt to roll over the loan again. I have already sent them three emails in the past two days to ask how their partial repayment works and was shocked to discover all of those additional charges they add on a daily basis. I got their usual standard uncohearant reply: Dear xx On the 1st day overdue £25 penalty will be added and on the 3rd day overdue a second penalty of £55 will be added. On 30th overdue day £100 will be added as a debt expense recovery fee. The interest and the overdue charges such as attempt fee\'s will be added daily according to the Loan agreement until full repayment. We accept partly payments You make on Your MiniCredit.co.uk account, but we do not freeze the balance. You have the option to make payments of any amount 24/7 on Your MiniCredit.co.uk online account from third day overdue.The settlement or settlement plan must be discussed only over the phone with customer support agent and after Your account gets overdue." And here are one of my replies so far to them: I am fully aware of your additional charges that you continue to add: 1) £25 on 1st day and £55 on third. 2) Daily ongoing Interest charged at 1% 3) Daily £5 charge for attempting to take funds from account 4) £100 after 30 days for debt management Since I can demonstrate willingness to make frequent reasonable partial payments, I insist that these additional charges are completely waivered at your discretion - especially since I am contacting you in advance about this to show goodwill. I wish to settle my loan as quickly as possible by making these partial payments since this will prove a more efficient repayment method than rolling the loan over. I believe these above charges to be legally unreasonable (especially 2,3 and 4) and by law I'm only required to pay the original loan amount and one month of interest. As a customer who has notified you in advance with a solid plan of repayment, I would like a personal response of how we can proceed with my loan/account with you once it becomes overdue. I want to know if I can do anything proactive before the 9th so to completely prevent them continuing to add daily interest/card attempt charges etc once I'm in arreas. I have written an email to the FSO and understand the importance of communicating at all times in writing. The thought that they could still automatically take money from my account even if I were to cancel my card really panics me and I don't want to have to set up a new bank account. I am trying to show my willingness to pay back the original loan and interest by making contact with them in advance. I am obviously not prepared to pay any of their additional charges that they will continue to apply (no matter how much I partially pay in regular frequency.) I am on benefits due to a long term ongoing related sickness - would this work in my favour in terms of making repayments if passed on to a DCA? I also live with my parents so don't need them potentially accidently opening a demanding letter from Minicredit etc - even worse someone turning up at the door! It seems almost more convinient for them to immediately pass my debt over to perhaps OPAS who may agree to a flexible repayment schedule without anymore additional charges. I know they are linked but is this worthwhile to try approaching them independently by email to explain my debt and suggested repayment plan? Many thanks to those who contribute to this forum - it has helped me to start undertstanding how this PLD company works. I would very much appreciate any help or support that people can offer. Thanks Welshy
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