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  1. The ex partner is not coming back and as much as I don't like blaming other people he is a big reason why I got into a mess!! Along with all the insurance premiums added on and fingers crossed the charges removed should make the balance a lot more healthy looking!! Feeling very positive thanks for your help again!!
  2. Thank you both!!! Now the ex is never coming back to abuse me both mentally and financially I will be able to do this!!!! And I will definitely be going to the FOS over Acendens extortionate charges.
  3. Just home from court!! Suspended again at the same rate as previously plus some towards rent arrears!! The HA didn't even send a representative. Now I can get in and claim all those ridiculous charges back which will bring down the outstanding balance significantly!! Thanks for all your help again (I didn't require help in terms of figures just filling the form in which is why I didn't post them up)
  4. The N244 has been filed hearing on Monday. I've done all I can now and thank everyone for their guidance. I did put a request to be able to stay in the property for a reasonable time should the arrangement be refused but not even sure this is an option
  5. Yes this is what I worked out with CAB have the budget sheet that they did to file with the N244. My main concern is that I have the correct form as it's totally different to the ones shown on here and other websites. I got it directly from the court. I will be speaking to the personal support unit based in the court before filing just to make sure.
  6. When I attended the suspended possession hearing the solicitors wrote approximately a month after to advise they had not added the HA onto the order, the mortgagee also told me that they were both on this order so they've given me incorrect info somewhere. I currently pay and extra amount agreed by the court and is it worth adding extra?? As per Norgan there is 22 years left and at the rate of arrears I'd be looking at an extra 57 per month. I already pay 100 and haven't missed this since the suspension order. The mortgage arrears currently stand at just over 600 and that was conf
  7. The suspended order is a joint one between the mortgage and housing association. Although at the time of the hearing the solicitors failed to add the HA and had to get the order amended.
  8. I was confused initially as when I first called the mortgage co upon receipt of rhe notice they told me they did not know that this had been issued and that the incorrect form had been sent by the solicitor and should have been for an owner/occupier and not tenant/occupier. I have now found out that it is indeed the mortgage company seeking possession based on rent arrears which they have consolidated. What I am concerned about is the amount of interest and charges that have been added onto my account since the suspension in November. Seems like all is lost then
  9. Brilliant thank you so much, I know it's not related to the rent arrears but is the whole reason for the suspended possession order!! I've photocopied the last 2 years statements to include also
  10. Which appears is what they've done as it has already increased by 4k since November and I've been paying!! Would you note this on the N244??
  11. I'm waiting for a callback from them now!! But since the suspended order it is now showing 19k in my account and all payments have been made as per the order.
  12. I've check a mortgage statement for the year 13/14 and the outstanding balance has doubled
  13. Sorry the 15k stated on the suspended order is for mortgage but according to them I'm only £600 in actual arrears
  14. The legal costs are just shy of 1000. I've had some personal issues with my now ex partner which I don't want to go into on here.
  15. I've just spoken to the mortgage co. The current arrears on the mortgage are just over £600 and rent just over 2k (includes more legal fees) but the suspended possession order from November 14 states 15k! I have asked for a break down of this which she will callback once found out and I want it in writing. Not sure if this is correct but I seem to have read somewhere that they cannot include their highly inflated charges in a repossession? Does anyone know..
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