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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I've received a claim form from a non-resident UK individual trading in the EU providing project management services. I did not pay their entire bill due to them breaking the verbal contract we had by not performing the service with reasonable skill and care i.e. substandard work and failing to act on instruction that then cost me money. Each deduction has been referenced to specific failures rather than generic claims for damages. Do I need to tick the box saying I dispute the claim or that I contest the jurisdiction of the court given that this was all agreed and conducted in an EU country that is not the UK?
  2. Hi I have posted previously re a debt my son has in Dubai He was self employed while out there for 5 months. We have now come to do his tax return and I would like to know if we can show this debt as a loss on the return. ? Thanks in advance. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?480103-dubai-debt-and-CWD
  3. I am a Canadian studying in the UK and am looking to purchase a car in late August when I return for university. I had already attended for one year and entered the country September 2nd, 2015. According to the DVLA information, my Canadian licence will only be valid for 12 months from my date of arrival (September 2nd, 2016). Unfortunately, I've made a commitment to have a car ready and be prepared to drive from August 30 to September 1st. I believe this is a problem because in order to exchange my Canadian licence for a UK licence I am required to send in my original passport and BRP (in addition to my Canadian licence, but there is no issue with providing this). I'm not sure that my application would be provided in time for my August 24th flight from Toronto to Edinburgh, nor do I believe that they would even be returned to my Canadian address since there is no mailing address option on the form. Essentially, my questions are as follows: 1. What happens if I were to potentially drive in the UK on my Canadian licence for a few days past my 12 month expiry date? 2. Is it possible to purchase a car, insure it, etc. with a licence that would only be accepted for just over a week? 3. If I were to apply right now while still in Canada, could my important travel documents be returned to my Canadian address? 4. Are there any exceptions where the DVLA would permit non-original (ie. photocopied) documents to be submitted with an application? I realise that I completely messed up by not applying to exchange my licence while I was in school last semester, however exceptional circumstance prompted that poor decision making. Any information for any of my questions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Sorry if this isn't the place but I couldn't find an appropriate sub-forum. I have a very frustrating problem at the moment and I wonder if anyone can help. My father recently died and my brother and I are joint executors of his Will, together with being the main beneficiaries. In 2006-2008 my father went to Cuba on holiday on a few occasions and on one of his trips married a Cuban. She never moved to the UK and he never moved to Cuba – it was more a marriage of convenience for my father to be able to visit without problems with immigration out there. My father has not seen her since 2008 and has never provided for her financially. He has left her a small token in his Will also, plus she will be entitled to a monthly income from his pension. Anyway, we are now starting the gruelling process of sorting his affairs and we cannot find a marriage certificate for them anywhere. For all we know the marriage may not have been legal, but we have to assume it was. We have tried to contact the spouse without success, the number seems to have been changed (the one in his address book) and she hasn’t answered any emails from us, and we are not even sure she is getting those. I have also written to her via normal post asking for the marriage certificate. On top of this, I have also written to the Cuban Consulate to see if they can help me. Unfortunately we have no idea of the date or place of marriage, only that it was around 2007 or 2008 and apparently dealing with Latin countries is a very arduous process. Unfortunately we are at a standstill and I wonder if anyone can advise what we can do to progress probate. I have been advised we will need the marriage certificate but if we get no response and no-one can get hold of her and we can’t find any details or proof of the marriage, where does that leave us? The property still has a mortgage and we have opted to continue to pay this until sale, but obviously that won’t be possible unless we get probate. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Kxx
  5. I have an insurance issue I haven't been able to resolve to date. The incident occurred just over 3 years ago. My vehicle was sideswiped in England by a Turkish driver / Turkish registered HGV. My vehicle was being driven by a US resident named driver on my policy. At the time the incident was reported to my Irish insurer for information only and an attempt to pursue losses set in motion using my ULR (uninsured loss recovery) insurance. Liability has not been settled. The only offer so far from the TP's UK handling agents is a 50/50. On the other hand, to date, no counter claim has been presented to my insurers. The claim has no personal injury element. The claim amounts to vehicle damage and consequential losses (car hire, taxis, accommodation), total estimate c. £5k Panel solicitor says to move this claim forward it needs court proceedings issued. Ultimate outcome could be anything (0/100, 100/0, 50/50), or TP may fold beforehand on the prospect. My ULR insurer doesn't want to pay for this avenue and suggest taking the 50/50. Panel solicitor says if ULR aren't paying, to take the 50/50. Now my feeling is that this ULR insurance is a waste of time: If the case is easy, then they'll do it. If it's hard, they don't want to know. I've handled two easy cases myself recently, so what is the point this insurance? I don't want to take 50/50 for three reasons: 1) It's not my/my named driver's fault 2) NCD would be affected and steps back 2 years 3) TP has not put in a counter-claim. In short, I think it would leave me more out of pocket than I already am. Doing nothing doesn't appear to be an option, as despite being zero, a claim is still open on my insurance which is affecting my ability to shop around. My NCD however is presently unaffected. What's the best way to conclude this issue? I would like to be put back in a pre-accident position, but accept this might not be possible or practical.
  6. Saw this story on the news this morning - http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/17947/online-news/dcas-in-crackdown-on-foreign-driver-parking-fines But the news piece didn't really give much of an explanation and nor does the above story. So currently, councils cant access foreign car data (unlike our UK DVLA system), but they are going to employ DCAs (who we all know have zero powers even in the UK) to track down these foreign car owners (how ??), and ask them nicely to pay ? I cant see the success rate being very how, surely it will only end up costing councils ?
  7. Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel to Tunisia The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has today changed its travel advice to Tunisia to advise against all but essential travel for the time being. FCO travel advice has highlighted for some time the high threat from terrorism in Tunisia, but the evolving security situation since the attack almost two weeks ago means the decision has been taken to advise against all but essential travel to Tunisia. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/foreign-office-advises-against-all-but-essential-travel-to-tunisia
  8. Hi, 3 days ago I were detained for "an offence of theft". I left the store (a Debenhams) with a small perfume bottle + watch in my pocket. I'know that i have done a big mistake in my life I can't deny. 2 men along with a security officer was outside and brought me inside a small room .They took the products back and they threatened me of calling police and finally they asked my ID (I'm not english, I'm from another country in EU), asked me for proof of identification ,I gave my DL and they took my EU address and asked me to sign the papers.I said them a correct address . They didn't call the police and they told me that i am banned from the entire shopping mall as well as they gave me a banned letter along with a RLP copy. Finally they told me that i wil be receiving a letter from RLP within a week. I have no excuses for what I did but I'm worried and I don't want to destroy my life in UK. So, I have many questions: 1) Will they give my details to police? 2) Will be leaving to my country,next week --> Will there be any detention in airport ? 3) Since i am for a short visit to UK,Would I have any problems to return in UK in the future(Related to VISA and UK on arrival verification)? 4) could I have any problems with a job? 5) the value was around £108 thats what they had mentioned, how much could be the fine? if it isn't too much I could pay and close the case (so I punish myself for what I did) Please help me on this, Since I am really tensed and Please let me know about RLP(Since they have taken the product back,Will they impose a hefty fine and will they put me in jail ??)
  9. Hi, 4 days ago I were detained for "an offence of theft". I left the store (a TKMAXX NOT in London) with a small object in my pocket. I'm a ********, I know, but I did it, I can't deny. 2 mans was outside and brought me inside a small room. They asked my ID (I'm not english, I'm from another country in EU), compiled any papers, and asked my address. I said them a wrong address (same street but another number). They didn't call the police. I have no excuses for what I did but I'm worried and I don't want to destroy my life in UK. So, I have any questions: 1) is better to go back and said them my right address? (police could find me reading my back account) 2) will they give my details to police? 3) could I have any problems to return in UK in the future? 4) could I have any problems with a job? 5) the value was £10, how much could be? if it isn't too much I could pay and close the case (so I punish myself for what I did) Thanks and sorry for my english
  10. Visited a retail store today used toilet facilties. See pictures. When you got to go you got to go. Spend 90 minutes in store getting accident form recorded as 'water and foreign body has fallen from hole in ceiling hit him on head'. Action taken toilet closed. Environmental officer was phoned and has closed the toilet until tiles repaired stores retail risk and complience team have been in touch. No first aider was offered. While complaining manager threatened to phone police for harrasment until I phoned head office. Accident happened at midday, environment officer has confirmed fault with tiles was reported three hours later. When he arrive the sanitary bin had been removed and also the company were unable to provide water test logs. Stores defence we checked the toilets an hour before the tiles must have been stolen by customer. Where do I stand???
  11. Hello, Three years ago I changed my polish driving licence to UK one. I was wondering if it's now possible to change it back to polish? For example if I would be moving back to Poland.
  12. Hi Guys I have just received a letter (redirected from an old UK address of mine) from EOS debt collection agency stating they are chasing a debt on behalf of a Swiss client of theirs. My questions are 1. Should I ignore it? 2. Can I be pursued in the UK by a UK debt collection agency for a foriegn (Swiss) debt? Cheers
  13. I'd welcome the thoughts about this, please. We have a massive Great Dane dog, who consumes vast quantities of food. This includes canned meat and we buy Butcher's Food from Costco or Makro. One can was found to contain a very sharp cube of plastic. I returned to Makro but the Duty Manager wasn't interested, refused a refund and offered a replacement can of food. Who, in their right mind, would want more hazardous meat? I contacted Butcher's, who merely offered £10 in vouchers to buy more of their food. They admit it was a production fault. It's an oesophagus clip. I asked for cash and this was refused. I went to a law centre who said I should issue county court proceedings, which I did. Butcher's employed a major law firm and the response threatened me with £2000 costs if they had to attend court. It seems my petrol costs and phone calls are not allowable expenses, but my time spent researching and suchlike are allowed under CPR 46.5 I want 4 hours at £18 per hour. Both Butcher's and Makro have now offered me £10 cash plus £25 to cover the court fee. There is a preliminary hearing shortly. What should I do, please?
  14. Back in November 2012, a Romanian HGV collided with my car. Basically, as I finished a left hand bend, I was faced with the third party driving in contraflow, and I took evasive action, steering to the right, at which point the other driver was moving to the correct lane, hitting my car on left hand side, leaving it with severe suspension and body damage. Given that they didn't speak any English, I called the police that arrived 30 minutes later, and managed to get their details and of their insurance. Since my policy is only Third Party without legal protection, the onus of recovering uninsured losses rests with me. So on the same day I got in contact with the representatives of the third party's insurers in the UK with supporting evidence of the third party's liability. To this day, I've only had confirmation of third party cover, car inspected on behalf of the third party's representatives and it was deemed a write off and a valuation supplied. It has now been more than 90 days since the accident and there has been no statement of the third party's liability, and my patience is running out. Should I take them to court, and if so how do I do that. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi, As i moved here back in 2000 from the Netherlands, I have a clear and well distinguished record of serving the 'landmacht' (which is the army in NL), I've tried to join the Air Force here in UK but was turned down due to my Dutch nationality. I initially joined the LM (army) to get a gateway to the airforce but I can't use it here. Are there any pointers you guys can give me? My police and criminal record is squeaky clean, the Netherlands remains a neutral country so doesn't interfere with UK's affairs and I'm as fit as a fiddle as I still wake up at 5 AM and gym daily. On some occasions, tke days off of work to go down the gym for a second bout Can someone advise me as to how I can approach this? Cheers, Adriaan *edit* just to add, I've got 1500 hours on a pilot license which I've scrounged and paid for as much as i could...
  16. to say i am mad at barclays is an understatement i have got myself a cashplus prepaid credit card that is used for the USA in dollars. it is a dollar card from cash plus and not to be confused with the normal gold mastercard issued also i went into barclays and ordered £3000 in dollars to be collected and paid for this friday while at the counter i realised i needed it in sterling as i could not top up the pre paid card in dollars and asked to cancel the transaction and have sterling ready. they point blank refused saying the request has allready been sent. they then stated they will be able to buy them back at their own buy back rate. that will cost me £300 which is the difference from the sell and buy back rates. all in the space of 10 minutes phoned customer service who were no help also this is all about some torag getting his commission and stuff customer service comments please on how to get even with barclays and whats more important is that i will be travelling accross the USA with about $5000 in cash
  17. Just a word of warning for anyone who may be about to buy foreign currency with their debit card. Last year, I bought Euros at the Post Office using my cahoot debit card. The following day, I had a transaction decline and was suprised as I thought I had plenty of cash in the account. On checking the account, I worked out as well as seeing the Post Office transaction on my statement, there was an equal amount pending. I contacted cahoot who at first said it the Post Office's fault. The Post Office said it wasn't. I was then sent from pillar to post before it actually dawned on me that if I had only entered my PIN once, I have effectively only given permission once, so what was cahoot doing taking it twice and telling me that I had to wait until it dropped off. When I approached them with this fact, they went away and came back saying sometimes on currency transactions, the amount is duplicated to cover for currency fluctuations and this is what happened. They extended my overdraft to cover for the amount and I thought nothing of it. Until this week, when after buying currency last week again using my cahoot debit card, exactly the same thing happened. Except that it completely cleaned out our account when the systems updated on Saturday evening leaving us with no money over the weekend. To say I was spitting feathers is an understatement and a strongly worded email to them elicited an apology, a further extension of our overdraft and a further payment of £150 to say sorry. They gave exactly the same reasons as they did last year which would give me the impression last year wasn't a one off and that this is the norm. They have told me to double check my account the next time I do any transactions like this and if the same happens again, they will make the funds available so I am not out of pocket. I will be getting back to them to make sure that they don't charge me interest on the additional overdraft that I didn't ask for and will still write to the FOS as this seems bang out of order but thought I would flag this up to other CAGgers so that you don't find yourselves in the same situation as I did this week. I don't know if buying with a credit card gives you the same problems but buying currency with a credit card is effectively the same as taking cash out on it so you will probably be hammered with cash withdrawal charges as well as currency conversions. I suppose that this another way that the banks a making profits! Be warned!! Bel
  18. I am looking for advice, I am going toMalta at the end of august for 3 weeks, my question is this, with Greece just aboutto fall out of the euro what is the best way to take spending money? We do not use credit cards/debit cards whenoverseas, so do we take travellers checks in euro’s/or euro’s/or sterlingtravellers checks, or just sterling. Idon’t know if I am on the right part of the forum to put this as a thread.
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