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Found 28 results

  1. I know Chris very well and have done for many years. Sadly it seems I'm another one of his victims. I paid Chris £600 upfront in January this year to repaint my mk 4 golf anniversary. He stated that as the body shop side of his business was quiet over winter he could do mine between other jobs and it would be done in 3-4 weeks from then. Nearly 6 months later and I'm still waiting. The car is sat in the same place I parked it back in January. Last month (April) I had a talk with him and told him I wanted the car and cash back and that i would get the work done elsewhere. He promised to crack on with it and days later the bumpers, lights etc were removed, now we are back to square one with my car sat rotting away. It's been there that long there's 3mm of tree sap caked on the car. Chris avoids replying to my texts. I've been told by a very good friend of Chris's that he has over 40 cars waiting for extensive restoration work the majority of customers having paid upfront all to lavish Chris's lifestyle. His friend admitted he doubted any of the cars would ever get done and that it was only a matter of time before he 'Did a flit' back to his belovied Cornwall. His working week consists of 3 days now. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday evening he travels down to Cornwall returning Tuesday. He's well aware of the comments on this forum and reckons most is liable and that he's tried several times to get it taken down but to no avail. Posts claiming people have served court papers on him are also false according to him with most of the negative comments coming from a disgruntled ex member of staff that was sacked - the guy lives in fairy land. I don't know how the guy has the brass neck to continue taking money off people.
  2. I hadn't paid April instalment of council tax and this month (May) they sent me a reminder for both April and May (as one). Should I have not received a reminder firstly for April (which I had not) rather then one reminder for the two months together ? Many thanks..
  3. I hope somebody on the forum can help and/or advise me please?. I have received several letters from Lowell regarding a debt with JD Williams which is in dispute, I have sent Lowell several e-mails advising them that the debt is in dispute (I sent several items back to JD Williams which was faulty but JD Williams never acknowledged the return neither did they credit my account, this lead to charges being applied to my account which caused my account to go over limit and even more charges being applied) Lowell never responded to my e-mails and have kept on calling both my landline and mobile despite me asking them to remove my numbers and requesting all communication in writing. Today I received yet another letter from Lowell but one of the paragraphs has me somewhat worried and angry: 'What happens next' We have a copy of your credit file and are in the process of obtaining your employment details. Once we have this information, we will be in a position to decide what next steps to take which may include instructing an external agency who specialise in legal proceedings. So apart from them supposedly having my credit file they intend to carry on harassing me by obtaining my employment details? surely this is illegal and is a form of harassment?. I have sent another e-mail off to them today and have had a automated response from them so I will wait and see what they come back with, I have also started the ball rolling with the FCA as I have all of the e-mails sent to both JD Williams and Lowell as well as the previous letters from them. Also, as this debt is in dispute with JD Williams should my account been forwarded to a DCA?, JD Williams never acknowledged my dispute and everything went quiet until I received a letter confirming that my account had been passed to Lowell in August (I received this letter in October of last year). Any help/advise will be appreciated.
  4. Many regular posters might be interested in reading up on the latest benefit fraud and error reports issued (11/15) for the years 2014/15 by type and date you can follow this here >> https://tinyurl.com/j36owu3 or here https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/fraud-and-error-in-the-benefit-system-financial-year-201415-estimates Final estimates of total overpayments and underpayments across the benefit system in financial year 2014/15. This report provides estimates of fraud and error levels in the benefit system in Great Britain for the financial year 2014/15. The main points from the report are: 1.8% of total benefit expenditure was overpaid due to fraud and error (the lowest recorded rate of overpayments) the estimated value of overpayments is £3.0 billion (a fall from the 2013/14 estimated value of £3.4 billion) the net government loss, after recoveries, is £2.1 billion, or 1.2% of benefit expenditure 0.9% of total benefit expenditure (or £1.5bn) was underpaid due to fraud and error, both unchanged from 2013/14 Next release: May 2016. Also it may be worth reading up on the other links within this page its full of useful statics and information.. Like the methodology report from here >> https://tinyurl.com/h5ramaq I hope you find it useful..
  5. Wholesale gas and electricity prices in the UK hit a five-year low at the end of 2015, energy market analysts have said. A mild winter and lower global commodity prices were behind the fall, according to market information provider ICIS. Pressure is mounting on the UK's big six energy suppliers to cut their prices in line with falling costs. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-35309741
  6. Robert Cooper & John Cooper T/A Cooper Brothers - Wishaw Reason for withdrawl - Administrative Shortcomings Period of withdrawl - 5 Years Effective from 16/10/2015
  7. Latest WCA Handbook for Health Professionals, Version 7, 9th Feb 2015 This guidance is for healthcare professionals who undertake Work Capability Assessments on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions. This document tells you how health professionals are supposed to assess you. It can be downloaded at this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/work-capability-assessment-handbook-for-healthcare-professionals
  8. read the lastest post on the parking prankster's blogspot about planning consent for parking signs, it is something I have beaten PE on before so not an isolated example. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/ So, if you get a Court Claim than one of the documents you should ask for from the parking co is the planning consent for the advertising display board. Check with your local council as consent is needed for any sign big enough to be acceptable under the CoP covering the signs that form contracts. Generally the parking co's do not apply for PP and rely upon existing consent from the stores. However, in the case when I beat PE, the car park had a separate address to the store as a building was demolished to make way for it and no planning applied for so not only were the signs illegal, the car park was separate and thus would have attracted business rates of its own. I know that PE applied for PP and had to erect new signage as a resulot of my action so it is always worth checking.
  9. My son is applying for his provisional HGV for work, new system. We are not getting any help from the DVLA, no surprises there then. A couple of questions 1/ They want his full car license, do they want both paper and plastic. 2/ They ask if he has any offenses, he has a couple from 8 years ago, does he have to declare these or are they SB even though they still show on his paper license. The so called 'guide' is not clear. Many thanks if you can help Lex
  10. The regulator appears to be nudging the industry to move away from using some customers to pay for others The City regulator is to investigate overdrafts amid a suggestion that it will no longer accept the convention that high charges and interest from those in the red are needed to pay for free banking for all. A history of the bank charges battle The relationship between banks and customers over overdrafts has long been fractious and ended in the High Court. A decade ago, fees had been ratcheted higher and customers were beginning to notice; anger was rising. By 2006, some banks were charging £40 for each misdemeanour, such as breaching an overdraft limit or a bounced payment. £750 for a £2 overdraft At the time, I encountered some incredible cases. In one instance, a reader went £2 overdrawn, was charged £28 for doing so, £35 for the letter telling them so, and then hit for £5 each day they were in the red. The bill ended up at £750. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/banking/10758760/What-the-FCAs-latest-investigation-means-for-free-banking.html
  11. Read on http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10747122/Benefit-cheats-face-higher-fines-and-losing-their-homes.html And what about all those firms like google, multi-millionaires and so on, who love to avoid paying there fare share of Tax in the UK http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/poll/2012/apr/10/george-osborne-shock-multi-millionaires http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17661011 Personal I think it's a lot more than 34 billion lost through non-payment of tax and tax avoidance schemes http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/oct/11/uk-tax-gap-rises-hmrc-avoidance-nonpayment http://www.politics.co.uk/news/2013/12/19/let-off-the-hook-corporations-allowed-to-avoid-billions-in-t Come on IDS and George Osborne go after them as well !
  12. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/289342/tribunal-stats-oct-dec-2013.pdf For those of you who are interested! Quite sad to see a 79% drop in claims compared to 2012, and it certainly makes for interesting statistical reading. In summary, there are only now around 1,700 claims issued per month - down from 5,000 per month.
  13. Hi, The Consumer Wiki article was last updated in 2007. Before the OFT test case. This article from This is Money was written in 2012, after the OFT test case, but a cagger commented on the article and said that even it was out-of-date. Could somebody point me in the right direction? I know cases of hardship can help. I lost my job on 20th May. Can I reclaim charges for the last few years, even though I was only just made unemployed? Mainly I'm looking to reclaim fees for failed direct debits.
  14. Customers unable to withdraw cash, pay for goods or do telephone or online banking NatWest is facing a growing backlash from angry customers who claim they will shut their accounts after another IT problem at the bank left millions without access to their money on Wednesday night. Customers were unable to withdraw cash, pay for goods and services, or carry out telephone and online banking on Wednesday 6 March and into the early hours of Thursday 7 March after an apparent IT error caused the bank's systems to crash.NatWest said in a statement it was "disappointed" with the disruption but that the problem, which it declined to elaborate on, had been resolved. However, some of its customers were still reporting problems this morning. At 9am on Thursday Daniel Adkins tweeted: "Still can't access my online banking. #Natwest statement says everything was fixed at 1am." Another customer, stigbeater, tweeted Natwest to ask: "When will online banking be back on? Try to login = ssl connection error!" It is not the first time the bank has been hit by IT problems. In June 2012 a botched software upgrade at the Royal Bank of Scotland group meant millions of NatWest, RBS and Ulster bank customers were left without access to their money for more than a week in some cases. It now appears the latest technical problem has proved the tipping point for many RBS customers, who took to Twitter on Thursday to say this time they would shut their accounts. Phil, who tweets as @wheatear9 said: "Why oh why have I stayed with #naffwest I should know better and will depart." Andrew Bissett, meanwhile, tweeted: "Disgraceful service. Am moving my banking to Santander! You cannot be trusted with our money!!!" Anthony Gray said: "No money on my Oyster card last night. No way of getting money out. Had to walk home. Will now spend today changing banks." Following the previous NatWest computer meltdown, and other banking problems including Barclays Libor-rigging scandal, millions of people switched their accounts to co-ops, building societies and credit unions. The Co-op saw applications for its accounts increase by 25% in the week following the last NatWest IT debacle; Charity Bank, which lends its savers' money to charities, saw a 200% increase in depositors; the Ecology Bank had a 266% jump in applications; and Triodos, a Bristol-based "sustainable bank", a 51% increase. Speaking about NatWest's latest problems, Laura Willoughby of the campaign group Move your Money said: "This is like groundhog day. Could RBS make things any worse for their already battered and bruised customers? "What is for certain is that RBS customers already seething from news of Libor fines, bonuses and last years meltdown will not be as forgiving a second time around." A spokeswoman for RBS was unable to say what caused the latest problems and whether or not affected customers would be compensated. However, the bank does not appear to be offering any additional assistance to customers. Those who are tweeting it to complain of fees incurred because of failed direct debits are being told by the bank to "speak to the charges team". Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/mar/07/furious-natwest-customers-leave-bank-it-crash
  15. Tesco's have announced that there are traces of Zebra in some of their bar codes.
  16. Swiss bank prepares to pay a fine of around £630m for rigging Libor, a fresh embarrassment after the Kweku Adoboli trading scandal. Banks face another big hit to their reputation as UBS of Switzerland prepares to pay a fine of around £630m for rigging Libor – more than twice the amount Barclays paid for attempting to manipulate the key interest rate. Details of the settlement with the Financial Services Authority and a number of US and Swiss regulators are expected to be released next week. The news will be a fresh embarrassment for the Swiss bank after Kweku Adoboli, a former employee, was jailed for fraudulent trading last month. The potential scale of the fine emerged during a week in which the Serious Fraud Office made its first arrests in the Libor scandal and two British banks – Standard Chartered and HSBC – paid out a total of more than £1.6bn to settle damaging allegations of money laundering and sanctions busting from the US authorities. A former trader from UBS was among three men arrested on Tuesday by City of London police and the SFO in the Libor investigation, which was sparked by Barclays' £290m fine in June. Tom Hayes, who has worked for Citigroup as well as UBS, and two men who worked for City-based inter-dealer broker RP Martin – Terry Farr and Jim Gilmour – were named as those arrested. UBS is not the only bank braced for the fallout from the Libor scandal; bailed-out Royal Bank of Scotland has prepared the ground for a huge fine – also possibly bigger than Barclays' – in the coming weeks. Allegations about RBS's role in the scandal have emerged from Singapore where court filings alleged its traders described the benchmark rate as a "cartel". More: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/dec/13/ubs-bank-libor-fine
  17. Their latest mailshot seeking to tempt users of prepay meters to switch include a "Gift Voucher" worth £55.00 with the offer ending 15th.December 2012. The £55 includes any dual fuel discount. The £55 is broken down as follows; £40 of free Gas/Electricity for those signing up by December 15th,with a further £15 discount every year if switching dual fuels. The small print; The £40 is only credited 6 months after signing up.discount applies only to meters using a key operated meter The £15 discount applies only to meters using a key operated meter. But hold on there is more. They have introduced a means for prepayment meters to top up online.Those switching will be sent a free connector for the purpose. In principle this is a very good idea and will mean customers will no longer have to go to local paypoints to top up the keys. But there is a catch in the small print. Users must satisfy PC operating specs to use the service. Payment via the online connector will be done by debit card £10 may be charged for non use of the device or if not returned within 30 days. Customers will not be entitled to the £40 discount unless the device has been registered and use to top up up meter keys 3 times within a 6 month period.
  18. a quarter of uk's home owners fear repossession, is there something in the water? or are the banks trying to steal houses with equity?
  19. Lloyds Banking Group has become the latest British lender to be drawn into the Libor-rigging investigations by state prosecutors in the US. The bailed-out lender is one of nine banks to receive subpoenas from New York attorney-general Eric Schneiderman and his Connecticut counterpart George Jepsen. Several other European banks have also received the requests for information, including Credit Suisse and Societe Generale, as well Bank of America and Japanese lenders Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and The Norinchukin Bank. The subpoenas were originally issued in August, according to The Wall Street Journal, and are part of the same investigation that saw Barclays, HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland, as well as Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan being served with requests for information. Barclays is the only bank to have admitted attempting to rig the key inter-bank lending rate which influences the price of trillions of pounds of assets. In June it paid £290m to the US and British authorities to close their investigations into its role in the scandal. Investigators across the world are continuing to examine the extent of Libor manipulation and further settlements are expected. Criminal charges could be brought against any bank staff found to be involved. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/libor-scandal/9637309/Lloyds-latest-UK-bank-to-face-Libor-rigging-inquiry.html
  20. http://news.sky.com/story/1004485/ubs-cuts-thousands-of-uk-jobs-amid-restructuring
  21. This is their second increase this year. Other increases are also announced.Customers unhappy and wanting to switch have 30 days after receiving notice to do so. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills/article-2222478/TalkTalk-hikes-line-rental-3-1-SECOND-rise-months.html
  22. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/tax/9550139/Tax-crackdown-aims-to-recover-millions-from-Londons-lawyers.html
  23. Hi, Is this the most recent account in dispute template recommended to send to DCA? A long running Littlewoods account has been passe to yet another DCA who is now chasing despite a CCA request not having been complied with by the OC/first DCA. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?426-A-letter-when-the-account-has-been-passed-to-another-debt-collection-agency Many thanks,
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