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  1. Considering they are offering you a two year repayment plan is very generous and I don't think it's unreasonable for them to increase the amount if they're willing to offer this long term plan. They are fundamentally a business and there are admin costs for maintaining a client's payment plan which is sometimes reflected in a settlement offer. Having to pay an extra £100 over two years is nothing if it means it will make things easier/more convenient for you.
  2. It is a pitty you can't take up their offer of £400 over 5 months for £80 a month. As I mentioned before this seems a reasonable settlement offer regardless of your roll overs and the original due amount of £375. I assume the extra £25 is the default fee. Is there no way you can find £30 so you can pay £80 each month? I agree you shouldn't pay back £600.
  3. Ultimately it is the person's choice if they want to keep rolling over their loan so as Bombay said to keep the pay day people off your back for at least a month. It's perfectly understandable as to why the roll over interest isn't partly deducted from the original amount and thus I can appreciate why any DCA wouldn't consider any roll over payments to be deemed as contributing to the original amount due. If you can bring them down by £25 on their offer to £375 then you would be paying what you legally owe. If they are awaiting your offer you could always try your luck to make an offer of say
  4. I think it's irrelevant to a debt collection agency if you rolled over a loan numerous times with the original pay day loan company. I would say you should still be required to pay back the original loan and one months interest (£375) so their offer of £400 can surely be reduced by £375 if you made them this offer which I'm guessing they would accept?
  5. Are you able to pay Pduk before Friday or is that when your wages go in? Wonga will take whatever they can and shouldn't put you overdrawn. I'm guessing you don't use Internet banking because that would be one way of moving funds immediately.
  6. Firstly make sure that you clear your account of any available money by Fri because they will try and take whatever they can from the amount due. Your offer of £200 per month and eagerness to pay it back asap will help you and they should happily oblige to set this up for you. With Wonga I think it's a good idea to call them because they are normally very reasonable with setting up a repayment plan. It might be a good idea to call them before Friday to let them know that you anticipate facing financial difficulty and wish to set up a monthly repayment plan. They may tell you that you will have
  7. Sorry if I'm being dumb what do you been by an AE?
  8. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mini Credit and Opos have not added any default to my credit file nor was there any record of the numerous loans I took out with them.
  9. I messaged him three weeks ago and he said he had been temporarily suspended due to some advice he gave out. He did sign up with a new username shortly after but had all of his new posts immediately removed. I haven't seen him back since - a shame really because he was a massive contributor on here.
  10. Bumping this thread because I've just made my final payment to Wonga! I've been on a repayment plan with them since April for a £1000 loan - such a relief to be finally rid! I also have a loan from a family friend which will be paid off by Friday so I am absolutely thrilled to finally be in this position. The only pay day loan now outstanding is with Minicredit/Opos which will be paid off at the latest by March and they've agreed on wiping all the extra charges.
  11. If you have to enter a monthly payment plan there is no way you need to repay the full balance. My account was passed over at a simillar amount and I disputed the extra charges which they agreed to wipe once I could enter into a higher monthly repayment. OPOS offered me 50% off my total balance as a payment settlement plan. This worked out as the original loan, one months interest and the two default fees. In total, I will be on a nine month repayment plan with OPOS.
  12. Anyone else having difficulty with the posts not showing the correct time now that the clocks have gone back? I have gone into the User Control Panel and selected Auto Detect DST but it hasn't worked. I'm posting this message at 9pm but it displays it as being made at 10pm. Edit: Fixed it by selecting Turn Off Auto Detect - oops! Mods feel free to delete this thread.
  13. Congratulations Blossom and I understand you wanting to share this fantastic news on here. I intend on doing the same when my time comes and these kinds of threads give hope amongst all the stories told on here. I was going to say I hope you stick around too to give people advice where you feel you can. Start to enjoy your money more now and appreciate it's value again. I've gone from recklessly spending it without a thought on gambling to being so anal whereby I check my bank account multiple times a day to reassure myself how much I have got. Give yourself a treat this weekend to celebrate t
  14. Most important thing you should do right now is MOVE your money somewhere because they will try and take whatever they can. If you have internet banking and a savings account then do this immediately!
  15. I had the same email from OFT a few weeks ago and replied saying that I would be interested in speaking on the phone to them and possibly providing a witness statement but I've never heard back from them. Let us know how you get on next week when you chat with them.
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