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  1. Hello there, I purchased a shared ownership property (75% of) earlier in the year and completed my snagging list. When I contacted the useless housing association I purchased the property through, they told me on three separate occasions that they would ring me back and nobody did. On the fourth occasion they told me that they could not help me as I owned my house and they only deal with residents who rent from them. They told me I must deal with the builder directly. I have now been chasing the builder four times and after the fourth and final chase, the builder has told me that as they
  2. Hi, Sorry for the details but its been a long stressful journey that never seems to get better. We started the process of buying a new build property using the shared ownership scheme in early July. We used the builders recommended mortgage brokers and conveyancing firm. This is where the problems started. The mortgage broker messed up our income calculations and we ended up with a hard credit search from a lender that would not have lent to us. They then could only find 1 more lender who deals with shared ownership but needed 5% more deposit. We managed to
  3. My tribunal is being held over four days at the beginning of July. I have just discovered that the owners (who were franchisees) have sold their company to the franchise. They were bringing five witnesses including both of the original directors. My questions are, can I expect to see the original directors turn up as witnesses? I know there's no requirement on their part to do so and any response you give will just be opinion. My other question is I have had little contact with Peninsula about this case. We've exchanged bundles and witness statements. They went through their usual
  4. Hi I wonder if I can get some advice please? I part own a property 30% me 70% estranged father in law It’s been a messy business but I just want done with it now and need to figure out the best way to end all ties Can anyone tell me how I go about getting my share of the property and my name removed from anything to do with this vile man? Thanks so much for your time
  5. Hello For 10 years I had a quarter share in a HA flat. I always paid my occupancy charge (rent on the three quarters owned by the HA) on time. When I moved in the HA actively had a list of people suited. I got the impression that several people looked at the flat and it was sold quickly however by the time I gave up the tenancy in December last year I was told (this is not in my terms and conditions) that I must sell my share on the open market. Hopefully the contract will be complete any day now but in addition to the mortgage on my house I was told I must continue to
  6. I am trying to get the address of a plot of land which is outside the house I live in. The council say they do not own it I don't know how to get the address for the land or get a copy of its deeds Hope you understand tenmencount
  7. Hello all. I am currently trying to help my ex wife (we are still friends and have children together) with an issue she is having with council tax arrears. A week ago the council obtained a liability order and obviously their next step is enforcement (which they have stated will be bailiffs in a recent letter). She has nothing of value and will be refusing entry to the bailiff as she is currently getting the paperwork together to apply for a debt relief order. The only issue she is having is the threat to the car she uses. The car is registered in her name but last
  8. I collected a used car 10 days ago. I did not even make it home from the dealer! I had to be recovered from the roadside due to breakdown (no gear selection or drive possible on S-Tronic gearbox). Car went into main dealer who subsequently diagnosed gearbox failure due to a previously incorrectly fitted gear oil cap that resulted in loss of fluid and then catastrophic failure of the gearbox. £10.5k is quoted for the repair. (gearbox had been recently serviced prior to sale by a main dealer). I am not able to use the car until it is repaired. So my response y
  9. Hi all, Can someone please help. Around a month ago I completed a purchase for a £195,000 shared ownership property for which I purcahse 40% shares in at £78,000. Over a month after completing I have recieved an email from my solictiors claiming that HM Revnue and Customs have notified them that "Stamp Duty of £222 falls due on the rent aspect of the new lease. Unfortunately this was not taken into account on your completion statement and is therefore due and owing to them." A few queries on this. Do I have to pay stamp duty being that my share falls below the threshold? Is st
  10. Friend of mine bought a second hand car from a dealer about 2 weeks ago. Today the clutch has failed and the RAC have said a new clutch is required. Dealer has been contacted and said it is nothing to do with him. Car is 10 yrs old with 95,000 on the clock. The price paid was about right for the car with that mileage. Are there any rights under SOGA or CPA. thanks
  11. This week yet another person has been found guilty in court of cutting off a vehicle clamp and unfortunately this case is yet another one where the 'ownership' of the vehicle is highly questionable. In brief, the individual attempted to justify his action on the basis that he claimed to be the 'owner' of the vehicle that had been clamped. He stated that he had not received any documentation in relation to the contravention. On this point he would have been telling the truth given that all statutory notices are by law sent to the 'registered keeper' (this is the person whose name appear
  12. Hi little advice needed as slightly complicated matter and having difficulty seeking advice as no one seems to know what I'm talking about (eg CAB and Shelter) I have a 50% shared property mortgage and housing association leasehold. I have received an eviction notice due to rent arrears. There a suspended possession order in place that included both the mortgage and rent aspects. Due to large legal fees on both accounts I was in discussions with the housing association and they have now obtained an eviction warrant for 9th July. I have already made an appointment to file the N2
  13. Hi Guys We recently purchased a new car for my girlfriend to the sum of almost £4000. The car was bought from a trader. Service history was good and the car drove well, and we negotiated in a fresh MOT which came back with only minor advisories. TDi car on 54K. We also forked out for a 'Silver' warranty package from Warranty Wise (more on them in a minute). After 11 days, the turbo has gone back and looks like complete failure. Warrantywise want me to take it into a VAT registered garage, pay for diagnosis & have the turbo stripped & sent to them for assessm
  14. My OH purchased a 40% share in a flat in 2008 the flat was valued at 175k. Soon after due to the crash of the Icelandic banks the company he worked for made his position redundant. The company lost money. He was out of work for around 4 months. It was a struggle to keep up with the mortgage payments and the rent (60%) rent (40%mortgage). My partner was self employed. A one bed flat was costing us £1800 a month inc rent/bills and mortgage. . He had remortgaged 3 times by now and my other half has been in and out off work ever since. We just kept on playing catch
  15. Wondering if anybody can help, our house was bought in my wifes and her mothers names, it is fully paid off, (no mortgage etc) but my wifes mother recently passed away and we dont know how to change the ownership, we were told to just use land registry but cant find anything on there that fits the bill any help appreciated
  16. Apologies if this is in the wrong section as i couldn't find one more suitable. If this is the case could you please point me in the right direction. Ive been recently talking to a friend who has a shared ownership flat wherby they pay mortgage and rent. We discussed a number of repairs that she had paid out for herself which i thought maybe the landlord (radian housing) could possibly have been responsible for and had maybe misinformed her. If this is the relevant forum section then id like to ask for advice and or experience on the matter from those more in the know. Many than
  17. hi I am new here but would like some help. i bought a cheap car from a dealer and it had a few problems. They tried to fix them and then found that the water pump also needed fixing. As I needed the car they offered to just exchange for another.....Thinking about it I decided that it was maybe best to just take the other car. I was issued no exchange receipt, no new invoice.....nothing.. anyway - I was not too happy - but happy enough to just have the other car and go. it seemed reasonable. I was told that the car had MOT til Oct. I was given a reference number to do the onli
  18. Hello I have a friend who has used this advice forum a lot and it comes highly recommended This is my first posting and use of this forum Over the last 6 months I've found myself in a really tricky situation. I lost quite a high powered job, high income and so on, had no savings, high outgoings etc and stopped paying cards, mortgage and so on. I've recently been re-employed and look well back on track. But long story short, I've been declared personally bankrupt in court in the last few days. I took a long look at the options, took advice, it was the right thing to do. Whilst no
  19. I hope someone can help me, as I'm in a pickle over what to do, here is the situation: I own a vehicle (50/50) with a family member, worth approx. £1800. We are both registered disabled (mobility) but this is not a mobility/leased vehicle (hence low value) From the offset, we agreed the insurance premium would be cheaper if I register as the legal/registered keeper and my relative is stated as additional driver, premium approx. £350 per year. If we reversed this (relative as legal owner/registered keeper), the premium would be approx. £1900 but I realise the ba
  20. Hi I don't know if anyone is aware of the case law of Phoenix Recoveries (UK) Limited v Kotchea, Court of Appeal 26.1.11. A summary of this case is that a discrepancy as to interest rates was different. K had a strong prima facia case that the interest rate charged in 1998 which would have been specified in the document that he has signed were not those that appeared in the terms and conditions that were in evidence. The interest rate under a consumer credit agreement was a term of central importance. Section 78 required the creditor to supply a document which sets out the original terms
  21. I found out today by finding it in the local press that I've been taken to court over not notifying the dvla for change of ownership... This was on 12/5/14 ..but this was in my old married name (changed by deed poll in nov/11) and to my old address which I moved from in nov/12... I've sold all vehicles in my name by part exchange to reputable main dealers.... I don't know what's going on but am extremely upset that the local press and the court have demeaned my good character...anyone got any ideas?
  22. Hi all, Last year I had sold my car privately on 01/07/2013. This was due to the fact that my father had died and my mother had sold me his car. Therefore I had to sell my car. I sold it on this date and sent the v5c form within a two week period of it being sold. I knew it was within two weeks as I was back at work at the end of July and I had also met with the new owners of the car 3 weeks later when they found some CDs under the seat. They asked me if I had sent it and of course I said that yes I had. That was that. (Again unfortunate that I did not h
  23. I have recently given the keys back to the bank for my house as I couldn't pay the mortgage and the house hadn't sold after being on the market for a while. The house was a 50/50 shared ownership with a housing association. The house was valued at 90k prior to the v.repossession. I only owed 17k on the mortgage so if it had sold it would have given me 28k (50%) after paying the bank. The house is now being marketed for sale for 70k. if it sells for 70k,will I get half of the remaining cash or will the housing association be eligible for half of the the original valuation of the hous
  24. Hi, ive been looking through a lot of info but its just confusing me to be honest can someone give me a dummies guide to these schemes! lol say for instance there is a three bed property the price range is 80'000 and you need a minimum of 45% share in it so from that information how do you go about it. My general figuring is, you get a deposit of the 45%? then you pay the monthly rent? in relation this also, whats the deal with the credit score process. Surely not everyone on these schemes are required to have a perfect credit score? but at least not in the red?
  25. Hi All In July 2002 I could not get a mortgage and my father took out a mortgage on a property i have lived in, in his name for which I have paid ever since. A verbal agreement was made that the property was mine, however the deeds are in his name. In the last month he has decided that the property is his and is trying to sell it and keep all the equity. He is also now claiming he was a landlord for the past 12 years although he has done zero maintenance etc. I can evidence the payments for the house every month to his bank account. This puts me in a difficult postion, p
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