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  1. response from the Council Dear tenmencount, Thank you for your enquiry regarding the tree to the side of your property. Unfortunately the land in question is not owned by Northumberland County Council. I am afraid i am not sure who does own the land. There is land in the area owned by ISOS Housing, so it may be possible that they could own the piece of land in question. It may be worth while asking them. They can be reached on 0300 3001505. Sincerely,
  2. I am trying to get the address of a plot of land which is outside the house I live in. The council say they do not own it I don't know how to get the address for the land or get a copy of its deeds Hope you understand tenmencount
  3. Unless they have a warrant. Are we really going to take on parliament?
  4. Been discharged onto a CTO last week
  5. How can my Mother cancel a 12 month contract when it comes to an end without telephoning? Tenmencount
  6. I was trying not to get anxious on here myself. (Hope I was not showing any anxiety) There is at least 2 links on the DVLA website that state indirectly, that certain types of anxiety can prevent obtaining a licence. The previous post was helpful. any further tips? Tenmencount
  7. I am wondering if any one has had a problem with anxiety and driving lessons? Tenmencount
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