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  1. Just to add, if the sale falls through we are out of pocket by at least £2k and with 2 hard credit checks done on our credit file. We have been ready since the start of July, all funds in place, mortgage sorted etc. It is all out of our control.
  2. Our lawyer wont commit to any date. We have asked directly if they can meet this deadline set by the other side but they refuse to answer, we assume so that they don't commit to anything. The problem with that is the other side have given our law firm until 26th Sep to send the contracts/lease for us to sign and 2 weeks from this date to complete or they are withdrawing from the sale/purchase. Our law firm has sent out the documents but we haven't received them yet. This gives us very little time to raise any queries on the documents. The builder has pretty much washed their hands of
  3. Hi, Sorry for the details but its been a long stressful journey that never seems to get better. We started the process of buying a new build property using the shared ownership scheme in early July. We used the builders recommended mortgage brokers and conveyancing firm. This is where the problems started. The mortgage broker messed up our income calculations and we ended up with a hard credit search from a lender that would not have lent to us. They then could only find 1 more lender who deals with shared ownership but needed 5% more deposit. We managed to
  4. Yeah I stopped payments in March 2009 and the account was terminated in June 2009. The tone of the letter from Lucas was just to request payment or arrange payment terms. Thanks
  5. Hi, Its been a long long time since I posted but I now think my debt is SB? I have received a letter from Lucas Credit Services acting on behalf of Lowells asking for payment, nothing else. I have ignored all letters from 2009-2015 but just wanted to make sure the debt is clear and I can still keep ignoring them. How do I proceed. Many Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. Misconception or not this car is not roadworthy, does not park safely and has left my other half with 3 kids stuck in the dark and myself stuck in the bloody petrol station for 15 minutes trying to get the hand brake off etc... We probably would not be insured should anything happen as it is an ongoing fault so I am just covering my arse. Apart from that the dealer has agreed to a replacement but they don't have a suitable car so he said he would 'source' one from a motability list?? What if we dont like it, what if its not a car would would have gone
  7. Ok, dealer took the car and said he would take it to Citroen to get sorted, got it back from Citroen fault code P0562 cleared and a new battery. Got in the car tonight, Faulty Handbrake... I think I have only one way to go here and that's a full refund???
  8. Another update. Car was repaired (replaced ABS Pump) and after 2 weeks of use the faults have returned. I phoned the dealer and said we are rejecting the car and want a refund as we have given them the opportunity to repair the car and have failed. Salesman said he would need to discuss with the boss/owner on what could be arranged but he seems to want to offer a different car rather a refund because the car is in our name, wear and tear etc.. I have spoken to trading standards (Citizens Advice) and they said we should write to formally reject the car. Trading standards want to ta
  9. Just a quick update. The car was sent to Citroen for a full diagnostic and check. I sat 2.5hrs and was again told its the ABS pump. Dealer agreed to repair this. Dealer garage could only fit our car in this week for repair (10 Sep). They have fitted the ABS pump and the car is now with Citroen to be charged and tested overnight. Fingers crossed its fixed but I havent heard anything back yet so hope its ok. If they cannot clear these faults what do you think is my best option? We really dont want to have ongoing issues with braking systems when we have 3 kids in the back let al
  10. Ok, back from garage. Walked away happy that they dealt with it in a professional manner. Codes are showing it is an ABS pump failure. Mechanic said maybe just a loose connection or wiring issue and will contact Citroen for advice. I asked them to cover all costs and they will ring me back with an more info on fault and whether they will accept repair costs. Thanks guys for the help. Will keep you updated.
  11. The hand brake refuses to release when the warning is on. We cannot drive the car because of the handbrake failure so cannot say if the brakes are failing when the error is on. When the errors clear, the handbrake and brakes and the car drive normally. Seems intermittent. Not happy about having braking failures regardless when I had 3 young kids in the back, especially on a car we had less than 3 weeks. Hope that helps.
  12. Thanks for the help so far guys. Where would we stand regarding the part ex value of our car. Would be expect a full refund of the sale. £7500? Will see what the garage says today when they look at the car. Thanks again Dave
  13. Hi, We recently bought an 08 C4 picasso (just over 50k miles) from a local dealer. Paid £7500 (£1000 part ex, £6500 balance). Took no extra warranty (my bad). We recently had a trip to scotland and while in a car park the braking system failed, warnings for braking system failure, handbraking system failure, ESP failure and depolution failure all at the same time. I had to contact a local garage as we were stuck. He said to leave it a while and try switching the engine off/on etc to see if it clears as he couldnt help at all. He advised we should get it to citroen. We only h
  14. Thanks for the reply old_andrew2007, From experience can anyone tell me how hard it will be for me to get the COOP to remove any defaults on my credit file if they do exist? Cheers
  15. Hi, I believe my credit file has been messed up by the COOP. I CCA'd them in Feb and after many letters back and forth i was defaulted (incorrectly) and the account terminated some time later. I still receive statements for the credit card but it doesnt seem to be monthly? Well, after trying to get a zero percent credit card I was immediately refused, which has never happened before. I have (had) a perfect credit record and think the coop have marked my credit file somehow even though the account is in dispute. (no valid CCA). Anyone got any advice and what I can do. I will
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