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  1. I have a shared ownership handbook. It says I should contact them and they'll send me a form (they didn't) and then..." once we have received this letter back from you, we will then be able to nominate the applicant from our waiting list in the greatest housing need who will buy your property..." It goes on to say that I'll have to sell my share to them and they will sell it on but I don't recall it being done like that 10 years ago although they were involved.
  2. If he isn't a licenced landlord your council need to know this too. As others have said, keep a diary of everything that happens. And get the police involved. You say you don't want to make the situation worse but you're scared to leave your home. That's already bad.
  3. I already signed the sales contract and the other party will sign once everything's done their end. It's not that I can't sell. More that it took a long while. I moved last December and gave notice with the HA. They told me that I'd to sell it on the open market. I put it into an estate agent, paid for the home report and after a while a buyer viewed. Put in an offer. It should have been settled in May. The HA were happy as he was looking to but a further share. Then he was made redundant. For months no one looked and I began to get panicky. In July my exemption on council tax expired
  4. Hello For 10 years I had a quarter share in a HA flat. I always paid my occupancy charge (rent on the three quarters owned by the HA) on time. When I moved in the HA actively had a list of people suited. I got the impression that several people looked at the flat and it was sold quickly however by the time I gave up the tenancy in December last year I was told (this is not in my terms and conditions) that I must sell my share on the open market. Hopefully the contract will be complete any day now but in addition to the mortgage on my house I was told I must continue to
  5. I'm sure others will be on here soon to advise that it's just a speculative invoice and she shouldn't pay. That's the usual advice and seems to be the best. Good luck to her and I hope her health improves.
  6. Do you have a copy of the original advert? That should show the type of accommodation. Keep a screenshot or print as they may amend it. I've had trouble with them before as a hotel I booked with them in the Netherlands a few years had no record of my booking. Luckily the hotel still had rooms but after their "so what?" response I will never use them again.
  7. Sorry, not been back here. Probably not eligible to defer. Mentioned that Erudio said I should pay them rather than SLC . I have a standing order to pay SLC a token amount of £1 a month which has been paid every month for the last few years. I just hate the idea of sending money to a company who write and tell me I owe them not the original loan company. It may not be a [problem] but I feel that for my security that letter needs to come from SLC not a complete stranger.
  8. It was taken out in 1992 and I've been paying £1 per month for some years. I never actually deferred. Just forgot about it until they traced me about 1996/7 and set up a payment by standing order.
  9. ....and why should I pay them anything? I got a letter from Erudio today. Never heard of them before. They say I should be paying them not the Student Loans Company. Who are they? SLC have never written to me, they could be anyone. I'm not in the habit of sending money to any old company that asks. I have read a little here and there is a company called that but still it could be a [problem]. Anyone can send out a letter.
  10. At first when the review was on I felt that they wanted rid of me as I stand up for a service and I was determined to not go as someone must provide that service (it's a statutory service). I also respect my colleagues and don't want to leave them even shorter than they are. If I left now I would lose the redundancy, possibility in the next few years of an early retirement and a job that I love. I can't do this anywhere else. I'd have to start at the beginning in a new skill and I'm not far from 50 (just not close enough to retire). I also love the work that I do for a professional association
  11. Because I need a job. I had to restart after a similar scenario some years ago. I moved 500 miles to a small town with not much employment but family nearby. I was attracted to this by a qualification and a very interesting job description. It turned out to be something that I really enjoyed doing. At the moment I'm on lunch break. I'm close to tears. We're short staffed and if I get out my colleagues will be in a mess. I'm feeling paralysed and terrified.
  12. Back again. I'm using the old subject as it's linked. The review is over I didn't get that job (I'm relieved to be honest it was not related to the side of the job that I love just management of offices). A colleague took her package and although she was a pay grade lower I was matched into her job. She was told she could have the package if it made way for someone facing redundancy. When I had to make the decision they wanted the decision that same day. I switched off my PC at the end of the day, went home in a daze and had a panic attack. I needed a job and I take pride in what I do.
  13. No, not Visa, Mastercard Debit and if it invites the person who currently has the card to designate a password asking only some of the details on the previous transaction and the sort code (which is on the card) it cannot be secure. I don't have a Visa card. My bank doesn't issue them as far as I'm aware.
  14. I hope this is the right topic. I just used my bank card online. I'm terrible at remembering passwords and my account has recently changed to 3 boxes where you choose random letters/numbers rather than the whole password. I thought I'd got it right but I hadn't so it asked me to choose a new one. So lets get this straight, a thief finds my card. Decides to use it but doesn't know the secure code so is invited to reset it???? Really??? The only thing it asked as a security question that hadn't been included when I put my card details in for the purchase was the sort code. Which
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