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  1. Propsed fees for failure to notify a change of circumstances to a Local Authorities (LA) in regards to Council tax and possibly Housing benefit too! My local LA (Southend on sea Borough Council) SBC)) has recently had a full Council meeting and are propsing charging people for failing to notify a change of circumstances. This could be between £70-£280! (please see my attacments (1) (2). 2 for the quick version and 1 for the full document. Or see section 6 page 67 all... This was previously just £50 now the new rates could cause more financial issues for many people. 2 RECOMMENDAT
  2. I hope I've posted this in the right section. Long story short. Friend had a barny with his misses and cops were called. He was bailed on a condition that he does not speak with her or go near their shared house. He had no key or documents for the car, which was left at the house. Car runs out of tax/insurance and the DVLA take the car away. Car is subject to a finance agreement. He assumes the DVLA would have notified him as the registered keeper but obviously his ex never passed it on. (He never notified the DVLA of a change of address as he was living
  3. Hi folks, On 9th January I received a letter from the DVLA accusing me of failing to notify them that I had sold my motorbike and demanding a £55 out of court settlement. I replied stating that I had notified them on the day of sale and completed the attached statement. I have now received a second letter demanding £35 before 20/02/15 or the cost will go up to £55. If I haven't paid by 27/02/15 they say they will take me to court. I know I am in the right and I'm perfectly happy to argue this in court as the law is on my side. I'm a police officer so gi
  4. I just arrived back from holiday today for over a month and noticed that I received a letter saying that I had failed to notify the dvla about the disposal of my vehicle and that I incurred a fine of £55. I arrived back after their payment date. I am wondering if I will be compelled to court or whether, because of my being away when the letter arrived and for the duration if the payment window, might I be able to pay the original fine? The closure date was yesterday (Friday). I arrived today (Saturday).
  5. Hi, im looking for some advice. Approx 15 years ago I sold my motorbike to a guy through a newspaper advert and sent off the green slip. I hadnt heard anything since then until I received a Failure to Notify letter a month or so ago. I wrote back saying i did return the slip (which I would have done) and that i didnt have the person I sold it to's details but they wrote again saying I had to pay £55 to avoid court action (or £35 if I pay promptly). I filled in the dispute form and wrote a letter explaining I couldnt provide the persons details as i dont keep my
  6. Hiya.....please help. Received a court summons this morning. Part ex'd our car in December at a skoda dealers and was asked to leave signed logbook with them to sort out... ..3 months later received first letter from dvla.. .wrote back saying the above. Heard nothing back until today. ..phoned up dealer to find out what happened and was told they lost the logbook so needed to reapply for a new one.. the dealers have let me down. ...I have 3 weeks until my court date - any advice? Thank you X
  7. Hi All Hoping someone here can help. I sold a van around 6 months ago. Logbook was signed by the new owner and myself etc and it was posted out the next day. Couple months later I receive the normal letter with a fine failing to notify them. I did not respond to the letter but did ring them explaining the logbook was sent out already. 2 Weeks ago I received a "No ASL Required" Requisition from DVLA/Court stating I had to go to the court on the Wednesday. To be completely honest, I misplaced the letter and did not enter a plea and did not show up at court. My stupid fault yes.
  8. Hi to everyone on the forum i am looking for a bit of help with a letter i am writing to the dvla in response to a letter i got for them asking for an out of court settlement for failure to notify disposal of vehicle. Back in December of last year i sold a motorbike and sent of the v5c and never thought anything more of it, then about 3 months ago i got a letter stating that someone else had applied for a log book for the bike and that if i do not respond within 14 days (i think that was the time frame) the log book will be issued. i did nothing and thought that wou
  9. Hi - I wonder if anyone of you could help. I relocated to the UK about two years ago and my brother moved back to Italy from UK leaving me his van and my details on that small green DVLA paper. I did not transfer that van into my name and a year and half later sold it to someone. Now i received summon from DVLA that I failed to notify them of change of name with potential £1000 + £90 fine. What to do?????? please help.
  10. TWO months ago i sold my car and sent off the V5 to DVLA as instructed. After receiving no response i have just telephoned DVLA. They are saying that they still have me as the Registerd keeper and that it is still SORN. They state that they have not received any notification that the vehicle has been sold. The internet is awash with people in similar circumstances as mine and end up receiving an £80 penalty for failure to notify the secretary of state. Talking to the DVLA is like pulling teeth. Their attitude is just send in another letter, great until that gets lost and i still end up wi
  11. My OH has a car which was in the garage for some considerable time (actually about 2 years). Eventually he and the owner got it sorted out at the end of last year. My OH was then critically ill and he was unable to collect the vehicle. The garage owner then attempted to sell the vehicle - first we knew about it was a letter from the DVLA saying that someone else had applied for registration. We called the DVLA and explained and they said that we should involve the police. We didnt because within a few hours it was sorted with the garage. We paid for the vehicle, taxed it and collected it
  12. Hi all, Last year I had sold my car privately on 01/07/2013. This was due to the fact that my father had died and my mother had sold me his car. Therefore I had to sell my car. I sold it on this date and sent the v5c form within a two week period of it being sold. I knew it was within two weeks as I was back at work at the end of July and I had also met with the new owners of the car 3 weeks later when they found some CDs under the seat. They asked me if I had sent it and of course I said that yes I had. That was that. (Again unfortunate that I did not h
  13. Riisk

    Failure To Notify

    Hi all, been reading a lot about these lately as my partner has just received her requestion through the post. I've written 2 letters, one to the court as we are unable to attend due to been out of the country and one to the dvla as they seem to enjoy losing our post as you will see from the information in the letter. Anything you would change or advise? She plans on pleading not guilty. Letter to the DVLA Letter to Court; Going to court is a massive hassle and is going to cost enough in fuel as it's not local (45miles away) and time off work to attend,
  14. Hello! So I sold my motorbike a couple of months back, didn't have the V5 etc. So the new owner contacted the DVLA and asked for one. They then contacted me saying the new owner had requested it and that I need to send off some info (like the green slip) or something (which I didn't have). So anyway, few months later I get a letter through at my dads, whos house I use as a postal address. The letter says I owe them £55! reduced to £35 if I pay by the 22nd March. What the bloody hell? It never said anything about a fine in the previous letter, it literally just said If i ignore it they'll
  15. Like so many others it seems I am getting letters from various agencies requesting my £80 fine. Each time I contact the DC and explain my situation I am told that the matter will be returned to the DVLA, which it is but then is passed to another agency. I sent all the paperwork back as requested when my car as scrapped, but the DVLA "didn't receive it" I must have sent it at least three time. As this was over six years ago, can I send them the statute barred letter?
  16. I would like some advice about a situation my nephew is currently in. This week in our local paper under the Magistrates named & shamed bit my nephews name appeared for the following offence: Failed to deliver notification of transfer of a vehicle to a person who was not a vehicle trader. Fined £200, costs £110. T he address given for my nephew was his mother's address which he left in difficult circumstances 18 months ago. This was the first he had heard of any court proceedings as he obviously hasn't received any letters about it as they would have gone to h
  17. Hi all! I've received a letter today from the DVLA (which the "Enforcement officer" hasn't even bothered to sign) stating that I have failed to notify them of the disposal of a vehicle. But I haven't disposed of it, I sold the vehicle back in 19/10/2013 filled out the V5c, sent it to them 2 days later. The new keeper obviously hasn't received the v5c back and has applied for a new one (I have done this before in a similar situation). So they want to charge me £55 to settle out of court, or £35 if paid early. I don't think I should pay this as I don't think I haven't do
  18. Hi I am yet another unfairly treated by the DVLA regarding change of keepers. I have read up on the subject and am preparing my defence. The purpose of this thread is to ask if anyone who won their case is willing to provide me details that I can submit in defence of my position. I will not bow down. Layla
  19. Hello guys, I am looking for a bit of advice. I have read quite a few threads here and my problem seems to be quite a frequent one, however I think I have a unique circumstance which may change the outcome so I felt I needed to make my own thread. today I received a letter in the post from a company called 'Collectica enforcement services' stating that they have been instructed by 'South East London' to execute the warrant with immediate effect, the amount due is almost £400 for the offence of 'Vehicle - Fail to Notify of alteration to particul' (I assume it means particular a
  20. Hi my daughter had a letter from the bank saying they were going to close all her accounts as there is too much money going through the account. My daughter is worried as the bank have asked for copies of her ebay and paypal accounts so they can see where the money is coming from. My daughter is worried as she hasnt paid tax on any of the items she has sold on ebay and is concerned the bank will contact the inland revenue.
  21. I would like to ask for advice relating to a DVLA requisition to appear at magistrates' court that I have just received. I should start by stating that I've researched extensively so far, read everything I could find, and require further direction to my circumstances that seem to be quite different. Pretty much all queries on the failure to notify disposal/transfer offences seem to end up involving Section 7 of the Interpretations Act, which unfortunately doesn't apply to my situation. It's become a bit of a long story, so I'll break it down into dates & events: -28th
  22. Hi everybody, I'm hoping someone can help me because I'm terrified. I receive DLA. My award ends in Jan 2014. When I was assessed by one of their doctors in March 2012 I was working part time. I started a full time job in November 2012. Not to make excuses, but I was just out of surgery and I had just moved house and broken up with my long term partner all within the same couple of months as starting my job. I thought I phoned to inform the DWP of my change of circumstances. I hadn't. I only realised this about a month ago when I was sorting out some Working Tax Credit stuff an
  23. Hi Guys - first time poster long time reader etc........ Anyway I got the DVLA summons a little while ago, and have sent the DVLA a letter back, which basically reads as follows: REQUISITION TO ATTEND xxxxxxxxxxx MAGISTRATES COURT ON xxxxxxxxx Vehicle registration ******** Dear sir/madam I am writing in regards to the requisition sent to me to attend xxxxxxxxx Magistrates Court on xxxxxxxx to answer the charge of Failing upon the Change of Keeper of the Vehicle, to Notify the Secretary of State forthwith. I will be pleading NOT GUILTY on all charges as I consider I ha
  24. Hi there, I do apologise as i know this has been covered many times, but I have a couple of specific questions also. I've just got home from court, entered a not guilty plea... I was very polite, soft spoken, respectful, and stuck exclusively to the facts. I quoted the human rights act in reference to the "statement of facts" which presumed heavily that I was guilty before even entering into discussion. The magistrate told me it was my responsibility to prove that I have delivered the V5. To which I quoted the vehicle registration and licensing guidelines 2002 where it says a
  25. Hi I have today received a letter to go court , for apparently not sending off v5 change of ownership, which I did and have argued till blue in the face .... Today have received a date for 7th august in Swansea....... Does anybody know if I can change the magistrate court at all to have one closer to home or is there a way for me to do that? As I have stated before in previous posts the DVLA told me in writing that apparently " the govt has given us special powers to act in the way we do" this was a reply to me asking them why they felt they could breach mine and others right to fa
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