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  1. I attended court for this today and had the case withdrawn by the prosecutor. Detailed story: -Turned up slightly late (10:05) due to Redditch being the worst place in the world, therefore didn't have a chance to discuss the case with the prosecutor. -Called into the courtroom, gave name and correct address. Pleaded 'not guilty' but asked for a short adjournment while I discussed my documents with the prosecutor. -Prosecutor was very reasonable but seemed slightly intimidated. I pointed out the false witness statement and generally questioned the manner in which the DVL
  2. I realise this was a VERY long time ago, and I'm now well and truly graduated and a few years into my career, but thought I should post the outcome of this for completeness. It may be utterly irrelevant now though. I did go into my local branch and had the charges dropped; the reason was, the terms and conditions of the student account vaguely stated that fees weren't chargeable. The manageress I spoke to said (In response to me querying this) "these look to me like an overdraft renewal fee" (they clearly weren't) "And aren't chargeable on your account". Thanks for your reply freaky
  3. I would like to ask for advice relating to a DVLA requisition to appear at magistrates' court that I have just received. I should start by stating that I've researched extensively so far, read everything I could find, and require further direction to my circumstances that seem to be quite different. Pretty much all queries on the failure to notify disposal/transfer offences seem to end up involving Section 7 of the Interpretations Act, which unfortunately doesn't apply to my situation. It's become a bit of a long story, so I'll break it down into dates & events: -28th
  4. I have a student account. HSBC charged me £100 for going over my overdraft limit when my student loan was late. I haven't started any court case yet but have gone down the financial hardship route. I'm borderline-screwed until my next student loan installment in the new year unless I take out a £100 hardship loan from the Uni. I've got a response to my second complaint letter telling me to fill in an income & expenditure form and ring them. Would this achieve anything, or should I just write back again and demand it a final time before putting in a claim? Letter histo
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