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  1. Hello guys, apologies for the delayed update, I work over the weekends . I did indeed receive that phone number, Thank you! I contacted them on Friday and they were very helpful, she managed to find out all the information for my case from the little that Collectica gave me. With that I then contacted the court my case was held and as your wonderful people suggested, they recommended the statutory declaration, it's been booked for this Thursday at my local magistrates happy days. Do I need to be suited and booted to sign this form or is it quite informal? Also I assume the next step will be me getting a new summons, will this revert the fee back to the original or is that something I am just going to have to wait and see? Thanks for all your help guys, I feel alot better about all this Take care.
  2. Hey guys, sorry to be a nuisance. But I emailed them asking for all the information I needed and received an automated email asking to allow for 7-10 days for a response. If it takes them 10 days to respond then that'll be the day bailiffs are due at my door . What do I do?
  3. Ahh right okay, Brilliant. I won't phone them again as, surprise surprise, it's a premium rate number to call them. I think I'll email them chasing up and ask for all the information I need so at least then it will all be documented. I will post again when I find out anything else. I am sure I will have a lot more questions . Thanks so much for all the help, if I manage to save this £400 I will make a contribution to this wonderful forum. Thanks again.
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but how do I find out which court was concerned? I have googled and found my local magistrates' court, would contacting them with the details I have be sufficient or will it have to be the court that I was supposed to attend. Thanks for all your help
  5. Hello guys, I am looking for a bit of advice. I have read quite a few threads here and my problem seems to be quite a frequent one, however I think I have a unique circumstance which may change the outcome so I felt I needed to make my own thread. today I received a letter in the post from a company called 'Collectica enforcement services' stating that they have been instructed by 'South East London' to execute the warrant with immediate effect, the amount due is almost £400 for the offence of 'Vehicle - Fail to Notify of alteration to particul' (I assume it means particular and was cut off). There is no other information on this letter, no registration number, no date of the offence, nothing. I have contacted the company and they informed me that it was the DVLA for the reason stated. I asked for more information on this matter such as time and registration number and she told me that she would email the client and get back to me at some point today. (I assume it was my last vehicle which was a motorbike and sold over 7 months ago) I was living with my parents at Address A, I had the bike at this point, then they split and I moved to my Mums address B and lived there with the bike for about 6 months, then moved to my girlfriends house at address C and was there for around another 8 months but I sold the bike around 6 months into living there. I am now at address D with my father. I completely forgot to tell the DVLA my new address and its still set as Address A (all my insurance for the bike etc was changed over). this is where all of the fine letters have gone to and obviously I have not seen them. Apparently it was taken to court on the 2nd Sept and I was found guilty obviously because I didn't attend. When I sold the bike it was put into my friends name by myself and then he sold it for me. He definitely sent off all of the log books because I was with him when he did it. do I have a leg to stand on at all guys? I know I'm in the wrong for not changing my address is there anything I can do. As a student this £400 is going to kill me. Thanks for any help guys I really appreciate it. Any more information you need please let me know.
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